It was perfect. Just sitting on the soft grass, wind blowing in my hair, looking at the sky. When could anything get better than this? I think that question to myself and thought nothing could. Looking at the sky now was beyond beautiful. It was like a magnificent blue, not a cloud in sight. The sun was just about to set with little clouds near it, some disappearing. When I think about it the more certain I am about my feelings for him. I leaned back to have the back of my head rest lightly on the tree behind me. His face always comes into my mind. His blue eyes that sparkle with warmth when he laughs. His cute pig nose that is always scrunching up when he's confused. His soft looking lips curving ever so slightly in a smile where perfectly straight teeth are. His black raven hair that glows in the sun and messes up always. It is like a disease, the love I have for him is so much I could feel it resting on my chest. Not like in the movies where it's a burden of weight on their shoulders, mine is like a fluttering bird just waiting to soar. I sighed happy and content. The sun is close to setting with its warmth on me, in the distance I could see the bright stars shining through and the glowing crescent moon coming up. I see something in the sky moving closer to me. Anxious I sit up no longer leaning on the tree, eager to see what is to come. I wait and nothing, I wait more and nothing. Then I look and smile. Its him. Warmth rushes through me with his smile blazing and beautiful hair messed up. He sits besides me and says nothing, just simply holds me. His arms were warm and strong and made me feel safe and secure. Our legs were intertwined with mine in the middle and his feet touching mine as if kissing. I could feel his breathe on my neck and it tickles me slightly, I turn my head up and he looks down at me. I smile at him and he smiles back. I put my head back down and he kisses the crown of my head, pleasure of joy sinking from the point of contact to my very toes. I unhook one of his hands from around me and hold his so now that not only are our legs intertwined but our hands too. I think now could anything get better than this. Now I think about the love that I have for him and look up into his eyes. His eyes were smiling as were his lips into a crooked smile.