Love Story: Emmett and Rosalie.


What if Emmett and Rosalie where human? What if all the Cullen's where? Rosalie and her family move to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She meets Emmett, her family say he's a dirty poor beggar but is it true love? I don't own anything xx

Chapter 1.

Rosalie's POV

"I hate moving!" My sister Alice yelled at the top of her lungs. Mom and Daddy sighed when my other sister, Bella agreed. I smiled, I was excited for the move even if it was to a really small village in the middle of nowhere of importance of course I was sad to leave. I ran my fingers along the banister of the grand staircase, I would miss this house, I had lived here for 14 years, since I was 5.

"Rosalie! Come on we need to leave, NOW!" My mom called to me. I grabbed my small carryon bag and ran to the car. It was painfully childish but I actually waved to our home secretly as we passed.

The next day I awoke to a bright light, the sun. We were still in the car though. Alice, Bella and Mom where still snoring softly. I admired the scenery around me. I was beautiful, I saw the huge purple mountains in the distance and trees covered the land.

"Nice, isn't it Rosie?" Daddy asked as we pulled into a gas station. I jumped.

"Yes, it's lovely here." I smiled widely, I was so happy that Daddy is a doctor if not we would never have come here.

He chuckled as he saw the smile on my face.

"What time is it?" I asked, still sleepy.

"Just past noon." He replied.

I wound my window down letting the fresh air inside our cramped car. I immediately heard laughter and squeals of pure delight coming from the field across from the station.

I turned and saw around 9 boys scattered in small groups around the field, some play fighting, some playing catch and some just running around chasing each other. They looked from the ages from 4 – around early 20's. I smiled at the scene. All the smiles. A middle aged woman came out of a nearby cottage she smiled at them all, some were probably her sons.

"Edward! Come here love." She called.

A younger boy came running over, he looked around Alice's age. He had a strange copper tone to his windblown hair and had bright green eyes, His skin was tanned but his cheeks when red from the running he had just done.

"Yes, Momma?" He asked still smiling.

"Go get Ollie, oh and Emmy and Georgie please son they forgot their juice." She said.

"Okay." He ran off to 3 boys, one was really tall and around my age with really dark curls they all had the dark curls. Bu there was one who looked about 10 or 11 and the younger one was 4 0r 5. Edward was talking to them; I so badly wanted them to turn my way so I could see their faces. I really wanted to stay and watch the happy scene a little while longer but we left.

Around 10 minutes later we pulled up to a large modern house. Home. Alice, Bella and Mom where finally awake. I spent the rest of my day organizing my new room the way it should be. I loved it here.

Emmett's POV.

I scooped up Ollie and ran from Georgie. Laughing as we went.

"Em! That's not fair!" Georgie yelled from behind but a smile was still on his face. I laughed and stopped only to see a proper fancy car across the field at the gas station. Georgie caught up to us,

"Who's that?" He asked pointing at the car.

"I have no clue buddy but they sure are rich I'm guessin'" I replied to my favourite brother.

"It's the new doctor." Jasper said his blonde curls blowing in the wind as he came over to the 3 of us.

"New doc in town." I shuddered at the thought.

"Hahaha you're funny when you're scared Emmy." Jasper laughed at me.

"Oh haha I'm not scared, I just hate doctors." I explained, lying.

"Of course." He said still laughing.

"C'mon I'm it then you better run guys!" I said putting Ollie on the grass.

I gave them a 10 second head start and ran after them. We were laughing so much that we all fell to the ground, unable to breath.

Edward ran up to us then explaining that Momma said me, Georgie and Ollie had forgotten our juice inside. I sighed but I was really thirsty so I ran back to the cottage with the other two. The car was gone by then.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast not doing anything important, it was like that all week too. Another boring week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.