The Affair by Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the other characters used in this story, they belong to J. and whoever else owns the rights to the story.

Pairing: Harry/Fleur and partial Harry/Hermione

Notes: This story will mostly follow the cannon track although with differences throughout, the major difference will be Harry and Fleur are in a secret affair that started during the events of the Tri-Wizard Tournament and continue on and off throughout the series. There will also be some romance between Harry and Hermione at certain points, but it is not the main pairing. The cannon pairings of Harry/Ginny and Fleur/Bill will also be used in the scenes located in the future.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry and Fleur can't stay away from one another as lust and love always draw them in, but they know it is only a matter of time before their affair becomes public knowledge and chaos will follow.

Chapter 1

(Potter Manor, the Future)

Harry looked up expectantly as his floo activated. His special guest had finally arrived. He'd been waiting for an hour and a tortures hour it had been. Finally Fleur arrived in the bed room as he quickly locked down the manor to ensure they were not disturbed, he felt his heart beat quicken as he noted she was in a silk silver coloured summer dress that accented her body in ways that instantly made him hard. Their affair had been going on for years, no matter how many times they tried to end it they ended up back in each other's arms.

It had begun all the way back when he was in Hogwarts during his fourth year, during the newly reinstated Tri-Wizard Tournament. Two other schools had come to Hogwarts and it was from one of those schools he had met Fleur Delacour, a goddess like no other. He had quickly built up a friendship with the girl which was solidified by his rescue of her little sister Gabrielle during the second task of the tournament. The tasks had supposed to have been safe, but as usual in his life that was not true. Veela and Merepeople didn't get along although it wasn't wildly known by most people. They had attacked Fleur and ensured she wouldn't rescue Gabrielle, which was part of the task. They intended to sacrifice Gabrielle in some sick kind of ritual. He had interfered and been attacked as he made his way to the surface with Gabrielle and his own target Ron, from that point on he and Fleur were fast friends.

"Hello Harry," Fleur said before she grabbed him and pulled him into a deep probing kiss which he eagerly returned.

He had three hours before his wife Ginny returned with the kids and he intended to make the most of it. He had never intended to cheat on his wife, but her attitude towards him and their marriage made it so easy to give into the love and lust he felt for Fleur. Ginny loved him of that he was sure, but she was far more into the fact she had married the great 'boy who lived'. She wanted the fame and the adulation that went with being the wife of a hero. She pushed him constantly to go to parties and celebrations centered on the end of the war. She ignored his wishes to stay out of the public eye. As for Fleur he knew she never meant to cheat on her husband Bill, but like himself she could not fight the pull between them, plus she was lonely due to Bill's constant absences. He was now a very sought after curse breaker with his own firm. He was away from Fleur and their daughter almost all the time and it drove her spare, hence it made it easier for her to find love and comfort with him.

"Hello Fleur," he replied almost breathlessly as they pulled away from one another and stared into each other's eyes.

Their affair was risky and they both knew it was only a matter of time before it became public knowledge, eventually their luck would run out and their significant others would find out about them. But for now all they cared about was each other. Harry pulled her back to him and quickly captured her lips in another scorching kiss. Fleur deepened the kiss as she felt one of Harry's hands drop from her waist to her arse and give it a quick squeeze. She let out a moan of delight as he began to move her towards the wall near the king size bed of the spare bedroom they used for their trysts. As soon as they were close enough to the wall Harry pushed her against it, before she could do anything he grabbed her legs and pulled her upwards. She locked her legs around his waist as he began to kiss her once again, first on the lips and then down to her exposed neck.

She let out moans of pleasure as he began to slowly dry hump against her, the silk of her summer dress made the experience all the more exciting as did the forbidden nature of their union which she knew was wrong. But as with most people in such situations, the forbidden nature of the act made it all the sweeter to indulge in. Her affair with Harry had taught why temptation was so hard to resist. She knew it was the same with her lover. She suddenly let out a slight hiss of pain as Harry bit her on the neck, something he seemed to love doing as it marked her as his. She would have to make up another lie as to how she got the mark on her neck. Bill was quite easy to fool.

"God I missed you Fleur," Harry whispered as his left hand trailed up her naked leg and right under her dress. Fleur let out a gasp of pleasure as his hand made contact with her center.

"I missed you too Harry," Fleur responded as his fingers begin to trail over her center in foreplay. "It has been too long my love," she added as she closed her eyes and basked in the pleasure he was making her feel.

Harry just nodded his head in agreement as it had indeed been three long months since their last meeting. He went back to kissing her neck and trailed down to her collar bone. He brought his other hand up and began to massage one of her breasts through her dress. She had worn a sexy silk bra under her dress and the effect of the silk on her skin as he massaged her instantly made her nipples hard and sensitive.

"Oh god you make me feel so alive," Fleur told him as his fingers finally slipped under her silk panties and began to enter her now very wet center. She let out a throaty moan of delight as Bill had never been able to make her feel like this, not even on her wedding night. She leaned forward and managed to capture Harry in another long probing kiss. Their tongues wrestled for dominance as they deepened the kiss and kept it going until they needed to come up for air, they stared at one another as they breathed in deeply.

"I love you," Harry whispered and he meant it and Fleur knew that. It made her feel so very needed. She kissed him again before she began to strip him of his t-shirt and began to trail a line of kisses down his chest.

"I love you too Harry," Fleur told him as she stopped kissing him and faced him eye to eye.

Ensuring she had his complete attention she reached for the straps of her dress and let them slide of her shoulders, Harry's eyes drunk in every detail of her body as well as the silk undergarments she wore that made her body look even better than usual. Fleur's breasts covered in a lovely silver silk bra captured Harry's attention and he quickly reached over and began to massage both of them, tweaking her nipples as he did so. This made Fleur lean back against the wall and allow Harry to control things for now, soon Harry quickly wanted to see her breasts fully and he expertly undid her bra clasp and removed it and captured one of her nipples in his mouth.

Fleur gasped and pulled him closer to her chest as he began to suck and nibble on her breasts. She reached down between their entwined bodies and began to undo his jeans. Once she had his jeans undone she reached into them, she quickly got her hand through his boxers and took a hold of his cock.

Harry paused in his assault on her breasts and glanced up at her, he noted the smirk she shot him as she began to rub her hand up and down his cock, making him harder. She used her hold on him to turn them around so he was against the wall before she quickly pulled his jeans and boxers down. He stepped out of them as Fleur removed her knickers leaving her just as naked as him. No matter how many times he saw her naked, it always took his breath away. He watched as she went to the bed, lay down and spread her legs in clear invitation. He quickly moved in between her legs and guided his cock to her entrance and with one last glance at one another he pushed upwards and entered her. Both gasped at the contact and a few moments later Harry began to pump himself against her as hard as he could. Fleur let out moans of pleasure as she felt his cock move inside her. She reached for him and pulled him down on top of herself. With a quick twist she moved them fully onto the bed with her on top of him. She now controlled their love making and quickly took up a quick pattern of thrusting herself down onto him and felt him actually hit up against her womb. She almost wished she was not protected from getting pregnant. One of her secret fantasies was having a child with Harry. But that could never be, she only had one child and Bill refused to give her another.

Harry pulled her down closer to him so he could begin to once again suckle on her nipples and play with her breasts, this increased the pleasure Fleur was feeling. She loved being with Harry and she wondered if things would not be better if they let the truth be known. Granted it would result in a lot of hurt and anger. Hell it would probably tear their extended family apart, but maybe after all that everyone would be happier, bar Ginny and Bill. She didn't care one bit about how hurt Ginny would be as the two of them had never gotten on well. To her the red head was a little bitch with a superiority complex a mile wide. She had no idea how good a man she had in Harry. If she did she would not constantly force him into things he didn't want to do only so that she could bask in the fame of being the wife of the boy who lived. As for Bill... well he had abandoned her a long time ago in favour of his business. He never seemed to have time to spend with her or see to her needs. Thus she was not truly worried about hurting him either. The only thing that did concern her was the affect it might have on their daughter Victoire. She let out a loud moan which blanked her mind as their pace picked up as Harry turned them around so he was on top and placed her legs against his shoulders. This let him have deeper access to her center and made her almost lose control.

"Oh god," she moaned as his trusts became quicker and quicker and she knew he was nearing the end.

Harry let her legs drop back down onto the bed as he neared his climax, Fleur locked her legs around his waist once more so he would not be able to pull out when he did climax. She wanted to feel him cum inside her. A few moments later both let out cries of pleasure as they both erupted into an earth shattering climax only a few seconds apart. Harry collapsed against her side after he had cum inside her and breathed in and out deeply. Fleur curled up against him, but kept him locked inside her.

"No matter how many times we make love I always feel like it is the first time," Harry told her as he brushed his fingers down the side of her face. "I wish I had married you instead of Ginny," he admitted.

"I know Harry," Fleur responded with a soft smile as she took his hand in hers and clasped it tightly. "But we both loved other people even though we loved each other as well. We made a conscious choice not to get involved," she reminded him. "That was a mistake considering we are having an affair behind their backs," she added.

"Maybe, but if Bill had not been ignoring you almost completely for his work and had Ginny not been forcing me into things I didn't want to do in her never ending search for fame, would we be doing this?" Harry inquired.

Fleur thought about it for a few seconds before giving him an honest answer. An answer she knew they both already knew. "Yes we would. We love one another and that has not changed, even though we are married to other people," she pointed out. "We've tried to stop it, we've tried to keep away from one another and we have always failed," she stated.

A silence fell on them then as they lay together, both of their minds began to drift back into the past to their very first meeting. Fleur closed her eyes as the memories surfaced, while Harry just pulled her closer and allowed one of his hands to come to rest on her left breast making her moan a little.


(Hogwarts Great Hall, the past)

Harry stood in between his friends Ron and Hermione as well as the rest of his year mates as the students from Beauxbatons arrived in light blue uniforms. As he watched them pass his table his eyes found themselves centered on an honest to God goddess. It was the only way he could describe her, she had beautiful long silvery-blond hair if that was possible and enticing dark blue eyes. He watched as she passed him and felt as if he was being drawn towards her. Hermione must have noted his distracted state as she elbowed him in the side making him wince. He glanced at her and noted her giving him a slight glare, shrugging his shoulders at her he went back to watching as the rest of the Beauxbatons students passed, but none of them held a candle to the silvery-blond haired goddess he had seen.

A few moments later after they had all been seated at the Ravenclaw table, Dumbledore introduced the students from Durmstrang. There were loud noises as they arrived. They appeared to be banging their sticks into the ground making sparks appear below them. All of them were wearing fur coats and had a mean appearance to them. Harry barely paid them any attention until Ron pointed out Victor Krum was among them. He remembered the name from the Quidditch world cup and so he glanced up and noted it was indeed Krum walking alongside his headmaster. The man gave him the creeps, but he was not as intimidating as the giant woman who led the Beauxbatons students, she looked like she could crush your skull with her bare hands.

After sitting back down while Dumbledore began to inform them about how the tournament would be handled, Harry couldn't stop himself from looking for the girl that had so captured his attention. He found her sitting next to Padma Patil and she was currently looking around the Great Hall and her eyes finally seemed to catch his as he found himself unable to look away in time.

Fleur Delacour was surprised when she realized the boy who was currently staring at her was none other than Harry Potter, even in France she knew the tale of the boy with the lightning shaped scar on his forehead. She cocked her head to the side wondering what he was thinking about. With an inner smile she could guess by his inability to look away what was on his mind. She had to fight to keep herself from smiling at him and possibly embarrassing him. She was used to being looked at, but this was the first time she had gotten the attention of someone famous.

"Fleur are you okay?" her little sister Gabrielle inquired from beside her, having noted her distracted look. She looked away from Harry Potter and glanced down at her sister. She nodded at her sister and went back to listening to Headmaster Dumbledore. However every now and then she would glance back at Harry and note he seemed to have difficulty concentrating on his own Headmaster.

"Harry, will you please pay attention," Hermione whispered to Harry as she noted him once again glace at the girl who had captured his attention since she made her entrance. It was kind of amusing in one sense and yet it also annoyed her, she didn't know why it annoyed her but it did.

"Sorry Hermione," Harry whispered back as he once again pulled his gaze away from the girl in question.

Hermione shook her head at him as he glanced at her before refocusing on Dumbledore. For the rest of Dumbledore's talk he managed to keep himself from looking at the French girl whose name he had yet to learn. Once the welcome feast began Harry listened to the discussions going on around him, there was an air of anticipation in his fellow students he noted. However he didn't share their excitement. This tournament sounded dangerous and if it was one thing he'd had enough of since coming to Hogwarts it was danger.

The appearance of the scarred faced former Auror Mad Eye Moody did little to lift Harry's spirits about the tournament and he wondered what kind of problems Dumbledore might be expecting if he had pulled in a retired Auror with the reputation of Alistor Moody. Finally the feast was over and they were dismissed. Ron beat a hasty retreat, but Hermione waited for Harry who found himself wandering over to the girl who had so captured his attention for most of the night. He wanted to at least get her name.

Fleur when she noted his approach paused in her own movement towards the door. Gabrielle who was behind her quickly halted as well and looked around for what had caused her sister to stop, finally locating the young boy approaching them she wondered who he was. "Hello Harry Potter," Fleur said as soon as he was in range of her, which caused Gabrielle's eyes to open wide as she realized the boy was the famous boy who lived.

"You know who I am?" Harry couldn't help but ask, having not expected people from another country to know him.

Fleur let out a gentle laugh at his honest surprise that she knew who he was. This made her wonder what kind of person he was. She half expected him to be overly confident, loud mouth and a braggart. However so far he had displayed none of that kind of attitude, maybe he had not been spoiled by his celebrity.

"But of course Harry. Your tale has reached all corners of the magical world I'm sure," Fleur assured him and was surprised when he paled at this. Again she wondered what kind of person he was.

Harry didn't want to think of just how many people knew about him, he had enough trouble with his own country always staring at him and treating him as something special. They pointed and whispered about him all the time and it drove him nuts and the idea he would get the same in other countries didn't make him feel any better about it all.

"So Harry, what did you come over for?" Fleur inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Harry fought to control himself so he didn't end up blushing and making a fool of himself. "I was wondering who you were?" Harry managed to say without stuttering. "You seem different than most people I've met and the color of your hair seems strange and unlike anything I've seen before," he added.

Fleur smiled and nodded her head in acceptance of his question. "My name is Fleur Delacour and I'm a quarter Veela, my hair color is a result of that," she explained.

Harry was surprised to say the least when Fleur explained she was quarter Veela. He recalled the full blooded Veela's at the World Cup only a few weeks before. Now he knew what to look for he could actually feel a slight pull from Fleur, it was nowhere near as intense as what he had felt at the World Cup but it was there.

"I can tell from the look in your eyes Harry that you realize what it means for me to be part Veela," Fleur noted as she noted how his eyes widened and then seemed to frown a little.

"I saw some full blooded Veela at the World Cup," Harry told her as he noted Dumbledore watching him and Fleur talk with a slight twinkle in his eyes. "They had quite the effect on me, but now I know what to look for it doesn't seem to bother me," he continued. "Then again maybe it is because you are only quarter Veela that it is not hitting me so hard," he mused with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"Actually it is because I'm controlling the natural allure of the Veela. It doesn't matter if you are full, half or a quarter Veela the allure is always there," Fleur told him with an impish smile. "The only difference is a slight dip in the power of the allure. Gabrielle, my sister, is already starting to show signs of developing the allure and she is only thirteen," she added, indicating her sister who smiled and waved at Harry who returned the gesture.

"Mr. Potter it is time to return to your dormitory and allow Miss Delacour to get settled in," Professor McGonagall interrupted them before either could say anything else.

Harry glanced at his head of house who was watching them from the side with Hermione just behind her. He looked around and noted nearly everyone had gone.

"Of course Professor," Harry finally said with a nod of his head. "It was nice to meet you Fleur and you too Gabrielle," he said turning back to the two girls.

"And it was nice to meet you too Harry," Fleur responded with a small smile as she turned and once again headed out of the hall with Gabrielle following, after she gave Harry another wave.

Harry watched her go before he went and rejoined Hermione who smiled at him, actually impressed he had the nerve to approach the older girl. Dumbledore came up behind McGonagall and watched Harry and Hermione vanish.

"That was a surprise. I didn't expect Harry to embrace the point behind the tournament so quickly," Dumbledore told her.

"Potter usually ends up surprising people Albus, you know that," McGonagall responded with a smile which is rarely displayed. "He may get himself into trouble a lot, but it is usually for a good cause. He has a good heart and is a credit to his friends," she told him.

"Yes he is," Dumbledore agreed with a nod of his head. "But he is also a very private person who is not usually up to opening himself to people, that he did so with a foreign student is perplexing, unless he was caught up by her Veela allure," he speculated aloud.

"I don't think so Albus, if it is one thing I have observed about Harry is that he has a strong will and I doubt he would be tangled up in Veela allures once he knew about them," McGonagall retorted. "Maybe he just wanted to be friendly and welcome them to Hogwarts," she said as she began to leave the hall as well.

"Anything is possible I guess," Dumbledore replied to her retreating back. And yet he couldn't help but feel there was more to it. He would keep an eye on Harry as much as he could for the next week or so and see what happened in regards to Fleur Delacour.


(Potter Manor, the future)

Harry looked down and noted Fleur had drifted off into a light sleep even though every now and then his fingers would pinch her left nipple. He leaned over and placed a small kiss on her forehead. He really wished Fleur was his wife. At the time he had gotten together with Ginny he hadn't seen Fleur for months. It seemed like he had finally found someone beside Fleur and Hermione, who ended up marrying Ron, to finally be with. She seemed to have changed from the shy obsessive young girl he had first met, but it had been a complete lie and she still mostly saw him as the boy who lived first and Harry second.

That had become clear after they had gotten married. He let out a frustrated sigh, wondering just how much more he could take from Ginny's constant attempts to use him to put herself in the limelight. Glancing at the clock on the wall he noted only an hour had passed. He glanced at Fleur again and decided not to bother waking her just yet. He allowed his mind to drift off back to the past, placing his head near Fleur's he closed his eyes and relaxed.


(Hogwarts, Great Hall, a few days later, the past)

Harry scratched his head as he watched Dumbledore prepare for the naming of the champions who would compete in the tournament. The Goblet of Fire burned brightly behind him as he finished explain a few things to the watching students. Ron sat beside him beaming with glazed eyes. Harry shook his head knowing his friend wanted to be a part of the tournament. No matter that no one under sixteen could enter he wanted to have the fame and glory, not to mention the 1000 galleons promised to the winner.

Hermione seemed to share his assessment of the tournament was going to end up being dangerous and found Ron's desire to be a part of it foolish. Of course the red head refused to listen to either of them in that regard. He found his eyes drifting towards the Ravenclaw table and easily found Fleur Delacour watching events transpire. He knew she had placed her name into the Goblet and thus had a desire to compete. He just hoped she wouldn't come to regret that choice in the end. Fleur noted his attention and gave him a slight smile which he returned before he turned back to watch Dumbledore begin the choosing of the champions.

"First the champion for Beauxbatons will be..." Dumbledore told them all, his voice carrying all over the hall, as the Goblet spat out a wad of paper and everyone held their breath as he took hold of the piece of paper and read the name on it. "The champion will be Fleur Delacour" he announced.

There was a loud cheer from the students of all three schools as Fleur smiled as she stood up, accepted a quick hug from her sister before moving forwards to where she was indicated to go by Dumbledore. Harry felt a twinge of worry as Fleur was chosen. He just hoped his fear of how this tournament would go was wrong.

"The champion for Durmstrang," Dumbledore continued as again the Goblet spat out another piece of paper which he quickly caught. "The champion will be Victor Krum," he told the waiting crowd.

The response to this was even louder than the cheer that had gone up for Fleur, but as Krum was a world famous Quidditch star Harry was not surprised he got more of a response. Ron went mad with his applaud and Harry couldn't help but shake his head at his actions. He shared an amused glance with Hermione who was on his other side. They watched as Krum followed the actions of Fleur and vanished from the hall. Harry wondered where they were going.

"And finally the champion for Hogwarts will be..." Dumbledore went on as the final piece of paper came out and Dumbledore again caught it and this time he smiled as he read the name. "The champion will be Cedric Diggory," he stated.

Harry clapped along with the rest of the crowd as Cedric stood up with a wide grin on his face at been chosen. He didn't fault the older boy as he knew Cedric was a good guy. Last year during a Quidditch match he and Cedric had been neck to neck reaching for the Snitch, however thanks to the Dementors attacking him he had fallen off his broom and almost been killed. Cedric, not realizing what had happened, had caught the snitch at that moment and had won the match. When he did realize what had happened he had tried to get the match declared a miss match and restarted at another time. This had showed his good sportsmen ship and since then he and Cedric were on a friendly path.

"Now our champions have been chosen we must prepare them for the first task that will begin in two months' time, but before that will be the weighing of the wands," Dumbledore began to explain after Cedric had vanished, but before he could get any further the Goblet began to act funny, drawing the attention of everyone in the hall.

Harry suddenly felt a wench in his gut at this and a shiver ran down his spine. 'Oh this couldn't be good,' he thought as the Goblet spat out another piece of paper, much to the confusion of Dumbledore. Harry watched as the Headmaster grabbed the piece of paper and read the name on it, before suddenly looking around the room almost in a wild fashion. Harry had a feeling he already knew what name was on it and he put his face in his hands and shook his head in denial.

"Harry Potter," Dumbledore shouted, causing an instant silence to descend on the hall. "Harry Potter," he repeated.

Harry tried to fade into the crowd he was in as well as ignore the almost poisonous look Ron sent his way. However Hermione would not allow him to back away. She gave him a worried look, but also a firm push forward. He tried to protest, but as Dumbledore repeated his name in a more demanding tone he knew he couldn't escape this. Standing up he finally moved towards the Headmaster whose eyes quickly locked onto him, every eye in the hall was locked onto him as he walked forwards and it unnerved him greatly but he kept going. Once he was at Dumbledore's side he looked up, only to see the Headmaster to hand him the piece of pare with a look he did not know how to interpret.

He glanced down and noted his name was indeed on the piece of paper. His legs kept him moving as he followed the path Fleur and the others had taken. Snape gave him a look he couldn't understand as he passed his least favourite Professor. McGonagall looked very worried as did Hagrid. It was the look on Moody's face however that sent chills down his spine. It was blank of all expression, but his eyes were locked on him as he passed. Having the fake magical eye on him gave him the creeps, he was glad to pass into the side room he had been indicated to go to by McGonagall.


(Potter Manor, the Future)

Harry opened his eyes as he realized he had drifted off and he quickly looked at the clock again, but thankfully they still had another hour before Fleur had to leave. Wondering whether to wake Fleur or not, he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened had he married this gorgeous woman who lay in his arms.