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Harry Potter and the Boy Who Broke Time

Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life. - William Faulkner

Harry Potter was an unusual boy who unusual things had a tendency to happen to. It was summer and he was sat in the living room of his home in number four Privet Drive with his aunt, uncle, cousin and his Headmaster. This was by far the least unusual thing to happen to him, especially since he had long been expecting the arrival of Albus Dumbledore at his home, but no one was expecting the arrival of another, unexpected guest.

Once everyone was as settled as they were going to be Dumbledore spoke; "I would assume that you were going to offer me refreshment," Dumbledore said to Uncle Vernon, "but the evidence so far suggests that that would be optimistic to the point of foolishness."

A twitch of the wand, and a dusty bottle and five glasses appeared in midair. The bottle tipped and poured a generous measure of honey-coloured liquid into each of the glasses, which then floated to each person in the room.

"Madam Rosmerta's finest oak-matured mead," said Dumbledore, raising his glass to Harry, who caught hold of his own and sipped. He had never tasted anything like it before, but enjoyed it immensely. The Dursleys, after quick, scared looks at one another, tried to ignore their glasses completely, a difficult feat, as they were nudging them gently on the sides of their heads. Harry could not suppress a suspicion that Dumbledore was rather enjoying himself.

"Well, Harry," said Dumbledore, turning toward him, "a difficulty has arisen which I hope you will be able to solve for us. By us, I mean the Order of the Phoenix. But first of all I must tell you that Sirius's will was discovered a week ago and that he left you everything he owned."

Over on the sofa, Uncle Vernons head turned, but Harry did not look at him, nor could he think of anything to say except, "Oh. Right."

"This is, in the main, fairly straightforward," Dumbledore went on. "You add a reasonable amount of gold to your account at Gringotts, and you inherit all of Sirius's personal possessions. The slightly problematic part of the legacy-..."

Unfortunately at that precise moment something happened that not even the wise Dumbledore had been expecting. There was a loud pop, as if someone was Apparating, the noise was accompanied by a flash of golden light, Harry found himself flinching and when he had blinked his vision clear he heard cursing and loud coughing.

"Potter! I'm going to fucking kill you, you..." The smoke cleared slowly and Aunt Petunia screamed, Dudley took the opportunity to flee the living room and there was a stunned silence as all eyes became glued to the pile of robes on the living room floor. Harry gaped, unable to help himself while Dumbledore gazed at the apparition with wide, disbelieving eyes. The robes turned out to be a boy of about sixteen, he had shoulder length pitch black hair and a pale face. His eyes, as they scanned his surroundings were as bright silver as knives and his face was handsome. "Alright, what the hell have you done now, Potter?" The boy said furiously, his eyes landing on Harry. After a moment his eyes narrowed and he seemed to take in his surroundings properly, his mouth hung open slightly in shock. "Er...this...this isn't it?" he asked, his head turning to look at the surprised faces of Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. "Where the hell have you brought us?" His eyes moved back to Harry who was unable to speak, the last time he had seen Sirius Black he had been falling through a curtain in the bowels of the Ministry of Magic. Sirius' eyes narrowed even further as he scanned Harry properly. ", y-you're not James...are you?" He said slowly, moving closer to get a good look at Harry. "What happened? Where am I?" He turned. "Dumbledore!" He exclaimed.

"My, my...this is rather...Unexpected." Dumbledore said slowly, seeming to regain his voice. "Sirius Black..."

"Sir, what happened? Where is this place?" Sirius waved his hand vaguely around the living room, eyes alighting on the television in the corner.

"You should not be here." Dumbledore said. "I should be asking you what happened, dear boy."

Sirius tore his eyes from the weird contraptions and blinked slowly. "Well, last thing I remember is being in the common room with James, we were practising and next thing I know there's a bright flash of light and now I' ever the hell here is." He shrugged, eyes being drawn again and again to Harry who was still unable to take it in. "Hey, you look exactly like James...weird, man."

Harry leaned back as this young Sirius moved forward and leaned over him, inspecting him with narrowed eyes. "Er...I-I...uh..." Harry muttered, not comfortable with how close Sirius' face was to his.

"This is Harry Potter...James' son." Dumbledore said softly making Sirius jerk his head around quickly.

"You what? Nah, James is way too young to have a brat and this kid looks like he's the same age as us, Sir." Sirius smirked slightly. "Cool April fools guys, but you got the date wrong."

Harry shook his head, blinking rapidly in an attempt to clear it, but when he reopened his eyes Sirius was still there. "This...this is...stupid." He muttered, gazing suspiciously into his goblet as if Dumbledore had fed him some kind of hallucinogen.

"No, Sirius, I am afraid that this is not a practical joke." Dumbledore said softly, his face was grave as he spoke. "Apparently while playing with powerful magic you have been sent forward in time, the year is 1996 and you are in Surry, England."

Sirius snorted disbelief. "Time Travel? There are so many things wrong with that, man. We didn't have a Time Turner for one thing, and everyone knows you can't travel forward in time."

"Well, all good theories can be disproved." Dumbledore replied.

Slowly Sirius' face changed as he gazed around himself. "I...It's true...?" He muttered, eyes going wide. "Shit, man...that's...that's...just..." He took a shaky breath. "How am I supposed to get back?"

"There has never been any case of such a phenomenon I am afraid, for now, dear boy, you appear to be stuck."

Sirius ran fingers through his long hair, eyes flicking between Harry and Dumbledore. "I need a drink." He muttered.

"H-Here..." Harry handed him his mead, feeling sorry for him. It was all very weird, he had seen Sirius at fifteen, but that had been a memory, and he had never had the opportunity to actually communicate with him. He felt his heart flutter in his chest as he realised that after months of wanting nothing more than to see his Godfather again, it seemed that some God had taken pity on him and sent Sirius to him again.

"Thanks." Sirius smiled weakly and downed the drink. "So, where is this place?" he asked, lowering the goblet. "What's all...this." He pointed to the television where a games console was still plugged into the set.

"You are currently in the home of Petunia and Vernon Dursley." Dumbledore said.

"Right, and these people are what?" Sirius turned to look at the horsey woman and large rotund man. "Muggles?" He asked.

" Aunt and Uncle." Harry said slowly.

"'re James'...son?" Sirius returned his gaze to Harry, dismissing the adults. "You really do look exactly like him except..."

"My eyes." Harry nodded. "I have my mother's eyes."

"And she would be?" Sirius sat himself down on the arm of a sofa, ignoring Aunt Petunia's wordless exclamation. Harry was certain that the only thing keeping them silent was the fact that he had told them that his Godfather was a mass murderer.

"Lily Evans." Dumbledore said, he was frowning and seemed to be thinking the situation through.

"Lily?" Sirius' eyes widened and he nearly fell from his perch. He snorted laughter. "She hates James, last time they were in the same room she threw her bag at his face and told him to go jump in the Lake."

"They get together in your seventh year." Harry said slowly, remembering hearing the story from Sirius' older counterpart.

Sirius' silver eyes darkened and a strange look crossed his face. "Really?" He muttered quietly. "So they get married and have a sprog?" Sirius swept Harry with his eyes and smiled. "A Prongslet."

Harry flushed under Sirius' intense stare. "A...what?"

"Prongs, it's James' nickname and so that makes you a Prongslet. A mini-Prongs." He smiled revealing perfectly white teeth. "Well, where is he then? I'd like to see the James of the future."

Harry looked down at his hands, he couldn't tell him. It was Dumbledore who spoke, his voice grave. "James and Lily Potter were murdered in their own home by Lord Voldemort in 1981." He said softly, his eyes full of sympathy.

Sirius' eyes widened, his mouth fell open. "James is...? No. No I won't believe that." He shook his head in denial. "James is strong! Where was I? Why was he murdered? No...he c-couldn't..." His eyes moved from Dumbledore to Harry and back again, Harry was shocked to see that he was afraid.

"It is the truth, Sirius. Now, we must not tell you anymore, if we are to send you back to your own time you must remain ignorant."

"No!" Sirius snapped angrily. "I have a right to know..."

"Sirius, this is an unprecedented situation and must be treated with the utmost care. I am afraid we cannot tell you anything more..." Dumbledore sipped his drink thoughtfully. "Now...this has created numerous issues, my plans must be put on hold for now. We will take you both to the Burrow where we you will stay and we will try to find a way to return Sirius to his own time. Now, Harry, you must be careful of what he is told. The past cannot be changed anymore than it already has been by Sirius' arrival. Do you understand? Until we know more he must be kept ignorant."

"Y-Yes sir." Harry said, feeling horribly guilty as Sirius glared darkly at him. He looked down at his hands, feeling a whole mixture of overly complicated emotions.

At the Burrow Ron couldn't stop staring, even though Hermione had elbowed him repeatedly. Harry found Sirius' presence both disturbing and pleasant, young Sirius was loud, brash and confident, he was quick to smile and had a wicked sense of humour and apart from a streak of arrogance he was very friendly. He treated Harry like a best friend, asking him questions and getting to know him, he had accepted his situation quickly and adapted with ease, but Harry was having a harder time with it, every time he saw Sirius' eyes he could only see the older version falling through the veil and it made him sick.

The Weasley twins adored Sirius, they loved his stories of his pranks and they listened with awe as he described his adventures with the other Marauders. Things got complicated when they received a visit from Remus.

Harry was sat in the kitchen with Ron and Hermione, Sirius sat with them, looking around the place with interest when someone knocked on the door. Mrs. Weasley opened it and revealed Remus who looked tired, his robes much more patched and worn when they had been and his eyes full of shadows. "Remus! How are you dear?" Molly asked as she let him inside.

"As well as I can be, Molly." He replied softly with a weak smile.

Sirius lifted his head at the familiar name. "Remus?"

Remus' eyes widened when he saw the boy-Sirius. "It's true?" He muttered, brown eyes wide as he took in his best friend. "H-How...? I...Sirius..."

" got old." Sirius said with a smirk. "Love the grey, Remmy. Makes you look...distinguished."

Remus looked stunned, but he seemed to physically pull himself together as he moved closer cautiously. "You look...exactly how I remember you." He breathed softly, eyes full of emotion.

Sirius raised an elegant eyebrow. "You're talking like I'm dead." Silence met his words, an awkward silence that made his eyes darken. "I see..." He sat down heavily. "So, Moony's the last of us?" He spoke to the table, his tongue darting out to wet his dry lips. " do I die?"

Remus shook his head and sat down beside Harry. "We weren't supposed to..."

"Shit on that, Moony." Sirius snapped. "I have a right to know, it's my future."

"But if we tell you, Sirius, you'll change the future when you go back." Hermione said quietly.

"And? Wouldn't it be better that way? I could save so many lives! All I'd have to do is..."

"Dumbledore told us not to tell you." Remus made an odd, jerky movement with his hand as if he was going to touch Sirius but thought better of it and stared at the table instead.

"Dumbledore? Since when have I cared what the old man thinks? Remus, you know me!"

"I knew you." Remus corrected, meeting his old friends gaze. "We knew each other as children, and then...then we were separated and when you came back I hardly knew the man you had become. But I have grown up,'re sixteen, you don't know what happened and I..."

"You can tell me!" Sirius stood, placing his hands on the table and leaning forward eagerly. "Remus, I can stop James from dying if you just tell me what happened."

Remus gazed at Sirius, his mind swirling with all the possibilities of changing the past. He saw James' smile, as it had been when they were all at Hogwarts and he felt a pang of intense grief, he was tempted, so very, very tempted. "I..."

"He can't!" Hermione said with wide eyes. "If you change the past then there's no telling what consequences it would have! You can't seriously be considering..."

Harry stared at his hands, he wanted to change the past, he wanted to have a real family. He wanted to have what he had never known... "Would it work?" he asked softly, his gaze moving to Remus. "Could he go back and stop...stop everything. Could he give me back..."

"Harry!" Hermione looked at him with pity. "You shouldn't be playing with this, it's too big and the ramifications don't even bare thinking about!"

Sirius rolled his eyes and slumped down back into his seat. "You sound like moony." He said with a grimace. "James would always manage to get his way though..."

"I remember." Remus said with a wry smile. "Sometimes I wandered if I was a ghost, I was ignored so often."

"Not a ghost, we listen. We just choose not to follow your advice." Sirius smirked and Remus shook his head. "You know, this is surreal..." Sirius swept hair from his eyes, a gesture Harry had seen so often it sent a pang of sorrow through him, he knew Sirius couldn't stay but he wanted him to...he wanted to have him stay and fill the hole where his older self had been. "I know you...but I don''s very odd." Sirius frowned. "Still, while I'm here I may as well enjoy myself." He grinned lazily. "So, what do you guys do for fun around here?"

"Quidditch." Ron said with a smile. "Harry's got an amazing racing broom."

"Firebolt." Harry said.

Sirius shook his head in confusion. "Don't know what that is, sorry. James has a Nimbus 1001, now that is a racing broom! Maximum speed of 107 Mph...streamlined, beautiful and handles smoothly. Of course, James is the best Chaser ever to hit the Quidditch field...problem is, he knows it." Sirius shrugged. "I'd like to see how well you fly, Harry."

"Merlin, I remember that broom!" Remus said softly with a gentle, nostalgic smile. "James wouldn't shut up about it when he got it, must have cost him a fortune."

"A fortune he can afford." Sirius replied with a smile of his own.

"Do you have a broom?" Ron asked.

Sirius smiled. "I used to...until my parents broke it across my head when I disobeyed them last year. Haven't got another one, not that it matters, I'm not as good as James in the air...but I'm faster in a duel."

Everyone seemed to look uncomfortable at the mention of Sirius' parents, but the boy himself didn't seem to realise he had said anything strange at all, as if it was a perfectly normal thing for a parent to crack a solid wooden broom over their child's head.

Later, as the sun set over the horizon, Sirius stood at the bottom of the Burrows garden. He leaned heavily on the fence, his eyes glued to the setting sun. Harry watched him wandering if he should go and see if he was alright, until he spotted Remus step out of the kitchen and walk purposefully towards his young friend.

Sirius was smoking a battered cigarette, when Remus came to a halt at his side he looked at him out the corner of his eye. "I will never get used to it." He said softly.

"Get used to what?"

"Old Remus. I mean, you've always acted about ten thousand years older than you actually are but..." he sighed. "It's a bit much, man."

Remus smiled. "I can understand, the last time we spoke you were thirty-six."

Sirius chuckled and lifted himself up so he was sitting on the fence, he swung his legs back and forth. "Do I keep my looks?" he asked as he closed his eyes and tipped his back, the wind caught his hair and blew it around his face.

Remus was silent for a moment. "Well..."

"That doesn't sound good." Sirius opened his eyes and gazed at this strange adult Remus. "What happens to me?" He asked quietly, worry tinting his voice as his chest tightened at the impossibly grief stricken look in his friends eyes.

"I may as well tell you..." Remus said softly, he looked at his hands which were clasped as he leaned his elbows on the fence. "When James died you were accused of selling him out to Voldemort." Sirius snorted derisively but said nothing. "No one knew, no one even considered that it was actually Peter who sold them, you hunted him down and tried to kill him for his betrayal but he faked his own death and took twelve muggles with him and you went to Azkaban for as many years for the crime. When I next saw you you had escaped, using your animagus form. Azkaban had transformed were...different."

"Sounds like a bundle of laughs." Sirius said quietly, pushing hair back from his face. "And this is a future I have to go back to? One of death and imprisonment...a world without James..."

"Not for a while..." Remus said quietly, he gazed at the sixteen year old at his side and memories flooded him, choking him until he had to look away.

"How old is he...when he dies?"

"Twenty one."

"Merlin..." Sirius sighed and lowered his head. "I can't do it, Moons. I can't go back and not stop it from happening..."

"I know." Remus lowered his own head and closed his eyes. "I want you to stop it." He said softly.

Sirius almost fell from his perch, his silver eyes wide. "You what? Sensible, practical Moony wants me to change the past?"

Remus' smile was broken, his grief almost palatable. "You two best friends...My life is almost meaningless without you. Damn the consequences! If I can see James smile again I-I..." He stopped and chuckled bitterly. "But it will be impossible, Dumbledore won't allow it."

Sirius smiled, a smile Remus remembered well. "Oh, don't be so sure of that. When have I ever listened to a teacher?"