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Sleeping On The Job?

Arthur was very tired. He had been on call throughout the night. Then again he should be used to that now, being a policeman and all. Most of the other policemen were away on a drug bust. So Arthur was told to stay behind to watch the station. Oh what fun….There were a few others there but not by the front desk where he was told to stay. Oh god was he tired. Talking very quietly to himself he said "Maybe I should take a quick forty winks, no one else is here to tell me otherwise"

And with that he was asleep.

He awoke about an hour later. Arthur grunted as he went to check his watch, head still resting on his arms on the desk. "You enjoyed your sleep, oui?"

The Brit snapped right out of his daydream and sat bolt upright. His eyes darted around the room to find where the voice came from. And lo and behold there was a man sitting on a bench across from the desk. On further inspection Arthur noticed that the man was handcuffed to it.

"What? H-how long have you been there?" He asked the long haired blond slightly blushing.

"Oooh… half an hour I would say. You know, you look beautiful when you sleep" He said smirking.

Arthur turned ten shades of red. "I-I-I! Wh-Wha. Fuck off!" He growled as he looked away from the mysterious man to the desk. The man on the bench smiled wildly.


"Excuse me?" The Englishman looked up curiously towards the Frenchman.

"Your eyes. They are vert" He said smugly. "I made a bet with myself on what colour they were. I won"

"O-Oh…I see" Arthur said with a light dusting of pink on his cheeks.

"That was quit a sleep you were in. Tired, officer?" His voice grown low and husky.

His face turning crimson Arthur replied "I-I'm fine you git!" He moved his head away to face a wall.

The other man let out a hearty laugh. "Hohonhohonhohonhohon, your way too easy to embarrass mon cher" He rested his head in his hand tilting it slightly.

"Stupid frog. What's your name anyway?"

"Francis Bonnefoy. And mon number is 0753-"

"I only asked your name twat" He said with a sigh.

"Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying. What's your name?" Francis said smiling softly.

"Arthur Kirkland. So, how did you get arrested?" Arthur relaxed a little and leaned forward putting his arms on the desk again.

"Well I was at a club and there was this really pretty girl there so I-"

"So you raped her?" He gloomily said.

"What? Non, non, non! It was nothing like that. I was just trying to get a kiss! Then she called the police and made such a big deal out of it" Francis replied pouting.

"Harassment is a crime Mr Bonnefoy"

"How can amour be a crime?" He cried out dramatically whipping his hair back.

"Pah! That's not love!" Arthur spat back at the Frenchman.

"Oh I think it is. If you don't know what amour truly is maybe I could show you sometime?...Or right now if you like?" Francis said seductively.

"Pervert! In your dreams you wine bastard"

"Hohonhohonhohon~ You like to play hard to get don't you~" He said smirking.

"I'm not 'playing' anything idiot" Arthur retorted.

"Oh I think you are~ You just don't know it yet" He teased back.

"Whatever, keep telling yourself that frog"

The Frenchman whispered to himself with his eyes closed "You are playing hard to get, you are playing hard to get, you are playing-"

"….what are you doing? Arthur hesitantly asked.

"Being a good boy and doing as I was told." He said playfully.

"Oh for god's sake…" The Brit mumbled to himself.

"What's the matter? Do you prefer the bad boys?" Francis's voice turning seductive once more.

Instead of saying something back to Francis he simply glared at him. Francis responded with a little jump.

"Careful mon cher, you could kill someone with that look" He said whilst protecting his face with his hand that wasn't handcuffed to the bench.

"I have and don't you temp me to do it again" He sarcastically said with a devilish smile. At this they both laughed together. Catching their breaths back Arthur said "So, what do you do for a living?"

"I am a chef"

"Hahaha, as expected from a Frenchman"

"Hohonho, a policeman, as expected from an Englishman"


They smiled at each other. There was a silence, but not an uncomfortable one. Arthur took another look at Francis. He actually wasn't that bad looking, he liked his hair. And his eyes, oh his eyesssss, so beautiful. He felt that he could just dive into them. However Arthur's radio went of making both of them jump.

"Ah! Oh, it's just my radio." He looked over to the Frenchman apologetically and turned away. Then started talking into it. Francis let out a sight, what a moment killer. And he just started thinking he was getting somewhere with the stubborn Brit. He watched how his hair moved as he turned away. Francis closed his eyes and just listened to the Englishman's beautiful voice, just like velvet he thought. Arthur turned back to face him.

"Uuuh…sorry but I've got to go…I've just been called out" He said sadly.

"Oh, right. Bye…then." He said looking one last time at his face.

"Yeah…bye" And Arthur left. Once he came back he found that the Frenchman had been moved. To a cell probably. He sighed sorrowfully and blackly thought to himself,

'Will I get to see you again?'