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Chapter 1: The Three Words

"Rose, get up! We have to get to Kings Cross on time!" my mum shouted up to my room. I rolled over to look at the clock sitting on my bedside table and groaned. It was six thirty! Six thirty! I made to close my eyes again, then sat bolt upright. Today was… Today was… Today was the first day of the new school year at Hogwarts, which made it the beginning of my sixth year! I jumped out of bed and prodded Lina, who was lying on the floor immobile, her deep sleeping habits not disturbed by my mother's yelling.

"Come on Lina, get up! It's September 1st!" I yelled into my best friend's ear. She sat up and rubbed her weary eyes and grumbled.

"What's so special about September 1st?" she muttered as I ran into the bathroom to take a shower.

"It's the first day of school you dimwit!" I yelled back out to her.

"And your point is?" she grumbled back at me, and I laughed as I heard her head hit the pillow once more. I decided to bribe her with something else.

"If you don't get up right now, you might not catch James before he goes into the Auror office!" I yelled out to her from the shower.

"Nah, James will stay and come with us, I heard him say it to your mum yesterday." Lina said to me, but I could hear her opening her trunk to get an outfit. I smirked to myself, letting the warm water run down my back. I finished my shower and turned the water off, wrapping a towel around my body and opening the door.

"About time!" Lina grumbled, pushing past me and into the bathroom and slamming the door behind her.

"Love you too Lina!" I yelled after her.

"In a completely platonic way I'm sure. Otherwise James would be quite disappointed." Hugo said, walking into my room and smirking at me.

"What's up Hugo?" I asked my little brother.

"Oh, nothing, just wondering what all the yelling was about. Now it seems I know…" Hugo answered, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at me. I smirked and pushed him out of my room.

"Save that for school pretty boy." I said after him, and I heard him laugh as he walked back down the stairs. I shook my head and turned to my trunk to look for a outfit for the day. I chose a fawn colored lacy form fitting top and dark blue skinny jeans, putting on blue and brown plaid flats. I chose to leave my hair down and put a bit of makeup on—just concealer and light blue eye shadow— and I was ready to go.

Lina walked out of the bathroom all ready, we linked arms and skipped downstairs to where my mum was making breakfast.

"Morning mum," I said to her as I took a seat at the long Weasley table that was not really needed anymore except when we had friends over.

"Are you excited to go back?" she asked me cheerfully, waving her wand so the pan tipped a couple of pancakes and sausages onto my plate.

"Very. Can't wait to see Frank again, also Gracie, Abigail, Scorpius, and everyone!" I said excitably, digging into my breakfast, Lina next to me doing the same thing.

"You see enough of Frank as it is!" My dad said from the end of the table, pointing a sausage at me. I knew what he was referring to, of course. During the summer when the Longbottoms had come over to the Burrow, Dad had walked in on me and Frank making out in my room when he was sent to call me to dinner, and had been cold on the subject of him ever since. Lina giggled, I had told her about the event in a letter earlier in the summer, and both me and my dad glared at her. She put on an innocent look and my dad continued giving her the evil eye, which made Hugo and I burst out into silent laughter, which he ignored as he turned back to his sausages.


"Take care of yourselves, and Hugo, behave! I don't want any more letters from school, do I make myself clear? That goes for you too Rose." My mum said sternly to my brother and I, a serious expression on her face. Hugo nodded vigorously, obviously not keen on repeating the last incident. Last year he had managed to get caught in a broom closet with a girl after curfew, and no one believed what he said about playing Hide and Seek. I smirked at my mother's antics, but sobered as she turned her gaze onto me.

"Yes mum." I said obediently, not intending to change my ways at all, with our without my mother's scolding. She, it seemed, was still quite put out that Hugo nor I had been made prefects, having inherited our father's distaste for the position. She attempted to give Hugo a hug, he ducked out of her way, and she settled with just me.

"Did you see where Lina ran off to?" I asked Hugo as we set off across the station, tugging our trunks behind us.

"I have a strong suspicion that wherever she is James is there too. He seems to be doing exactly what he resented in Teddy on our first year." Albus said from behind us, and we both turned to see Scorpius, him, and Lily. I pulled Al into a hug, and then Scorpius, studying them. I hadn't seen either of them in a month, since just yesterday their family had returned from a holiday in the US, Scorpius' from their summer home.

"So, how was America?" I asked Al and Lily.

"Weird. They all had weird voices and they didn't have food like we do here, good stuff." Albus said, and, as if an afterthought, added, "The girls are hot there too though." Lily groaned and pretended to puke.

"Albus hooked up with one of the girls he had over to the house we rented, right in the middle of the living room. It was disgusting." I laughed, and patted Lily's shoulder comforting, having experienced similar things with him.

"Hey, I'm a guy, I can't help myself!" Al defended his actions, putting his hands up in surrender and pretending to look hurt.

"I don't even want to know what kind of conversation led up to that statement." A voice said from behind us. I turned and shrieked as I saw Gracie(the one who spoke) and Abby behind us. I pulled Abby into a hug, and I saw Al embrace Gracie, happy smiles on both of their faces. I exchanged a glance with Scorpius, an unspoken message in our eyes. A few weeks before summer, Al had claimed to be over Gracie, but neither of us had believed that for a second.

"How are you doing, Rosie?" Scorpius asked me.

"Splendidly, you?" I answered with a mock bow.

"Same. I had a great summer." Just then something hit me. I hit myself in the forehead with my hand.

"Oh, I almost forgot! Good job getting Captain!" I congratulated him. He smirked and hit me playfully on the shoulder.

"Well, of course I got Captain. Who else? Miss Disorganized and Mr. I-like-to-eat-hey-i'm-not-fat were kind of out of the question." Instead of being offended, I laughed. Albus turned around indignantly.

"I heard that!" he exclaimed. Scorpius laughed and slapped his best friend on the back.

"I know Al, I know."

"What'd I miss?" Lina ran in, her hair mussed and lips swollen. We all fell silent, looking at each other with amusement, and then all burst out laughing. Lina huffed, crossing her arms over her poorly re-buttoned shirt.

"You making sure he's had enough to tide him over for the whole year, eh, Lina?" Albus winked at her. She smirked at him.

"Why no, Al, that's for the bedroom!" Lina said in mock surprise. Albus looked absolutely horrified at this thought, along with Lily, which made Scorpius and I laugh all the harder, Lina joining us. Al was bumping his head against his hand repeatedly.

"Get that thought out of my head please! It's not RIGHT!" He yelled at Lina, who giggled furiously. Two hands covered my eyes and I gasped.

"Frank!" My vision was returned as my boyfriend took his hands off of my eyes. I turned around to look at him, taking in the fact that he had grown a few inches since I had last seen him, and his hair had been cut shorter. He lifted my chin and gave me a long kiss.

"Do you really have to do that in public?" Al said in disgust, covering his eyes. Scorpius copied him and pretended to retch as he did so. Lily shook her head at the two boys' antics.

"Actually, we kind of do." Frank said in amusement. "That's part of being a couple." Both Al and Scorpius looked horrified at the word 'couple', as if they had never heard of a worse term.

"Well, we really should get onto the train." Lina said, checking her watch. Scorpius smirked and nudged Al in the ribs, muttering to his best friend "In bed." Al laughed and I shook my head in exasperation at the two friends.


I watched as the platform disappeared from our sight then followed Al to our compartment. I turned and motioned for Rose to follow, but she didn't move, only smiled apologetically at me.

"What's up?" I asked her confusedly.

"I kind of promised Frank I'd sit with him this time." Rose said, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"But it's our tradition to sit in our same compartment every year, together." I said, wary of what her answer might be, and sure enough:

"We still have another year for that. This is Frank's last time."

"Sure, whatever." I turned and headed toward the compartment that Al had entered.

"Where's Rose?" Al asked as I entered the compartment.

"With Longbottom." I answered flatly. Al nodded and an awkward silence ensued. "He's changing her." I said suddenly.

"What makes you say that?" Al asked, leaning forward into his seat to look at me.

"Well, for one, she's spending less time with us and more with the girls, planning out dates and that crap. She's also not doing as many pranks and stuff, getting into less detentions, she's more Miss perfect perfect. She's less Rose." I said in a rush, putting my point across to Al as he continued to give me a calculating gaze.

"You're right." Albus' voice was slightly bitter as he recalled all the fun times that had disappeared when Rose had started dating Frank. "She's been different, more girly, giggling and stuff. She's changing for him, and it's not good."

"We have to do something."

"But what? She's happy with him as far as I know, and who are we to doubt that?" Al replied hopelessly. I snorted.

"Her friends." He gave me a look and I shut up.

"But, mate, we're not called the new Marauders without a reason. If we want to do something..." Al said, uncertainty playing across his face. I shook my head.

"No. She's happy, like you said."

"You sure?"


"Why are we acting so serious? Come on, lets have fun!"


I sat down in the illuminated Great Hall, looking up at the carved pumpkins that were already present in preparation for the yearly Halloween dance. The train ride to the castle was somewhat uneventful, mostly Frank and his friends talked and I sat with the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing anyone until Grace Longbottom entered the compartment and decided I looked like I needed someone to talk to. She was a year younger than me along with her twin Alice, but I thought personally that Grace was the interesting twin, not as boy crazy if you ask me. We had an interesting conversation, in which we shared the most random things about us, including our middle names. My father used to be in love with a girl called Luna, you know, Lysander and Lorcan's mother. That's my middle name. I've always thought it was weird, naming your daughter with someone else after your first love. Grace had said. Mine was plain and obvious. Jean was my mother's middle name, along with her mother's first name. I told her that my cousin Molly's middle name, Autumn, was the one that I had always wanted, especially as a child. The whole conversation Grace didn't ask me about me and Frank, but I didn't mind. At the end of the train ride, I decided to go ahead and like Grace Longbottom.

I turned my attention back onto the Sorting, which so far was just a bunch of little Hufflepuffs. As I watched, a minuscule girl with flaming red hair and plenty of freckles(not one of my relatives) called "Cyrton, Sarah" was sorted into Gryffindor, and skipped over to the table to sit next to a girl who I presumed was her older sister. And now for the next round of everyone asking "is she related to you?". I thought disdainfully as some of my cousins sighed as well, obviously following my drift. As if to confirm this thought, Scorpius leaned over across the table to me with his trademark smirk plastered on his face, and opened his mouth.

"So, is she like—" he started, and I held up my hand to interrupt him.

"Don't even finish that sentence." Scorpius leaned back and held up his hands in mock-surrender as he realized that not only me, but all the Weasley/Potters were glaring at him. And, as you know, having the whole Weasley/Potter population glaring at you might be a little like having a horde of ginger rabid monkeys staring at you murderously. Same danger, I assure you.

Anyway, once the sorting was over, Professor McGonagall stood and greeted the hall. The professor was getting old, and soon she would have to retire and let one of the other younger professors take her job. I hoped that she would last until my last year, though. She started with the usual "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts" and continued on to repeat the age-old rules that Filch, the teachers, or the founders had set into place. The three words for this year were game, chat, and bruise. It was weird, the three words always seemed to correspond to what happened to me that year. For example, last year the words were meet, scare, and hitch. I met Nott, he scared me, and Victoire and Teddy got married. And in first year, the words were twit, lingo, and lovesick. A foreign exchange student came to Hogwarts that year, speaking no English, but Bulgarian, leaving me lovesick, looking like a twit when it was revealed that he actually did speak perfect English but was making fun of us all. Oh, and did I mention that the portrait of Dumbledore himself came up with these? Hopefully this year would be fine, though. Maybe I would play in a Quidditch game, get a bruise, and have a chat with the nurse or somebody.

Who knows? Every year is interesting, and I'll be in for a surprise no matter what the three words are. Just then the food appeared onto the sparkling platters, and the Hall erupted into talk as the students dug in to the bounty. I stopped daydreaming and turned my attention to plate, loading it with food. Louis laughed as I dug into my potatoes and poked my belly.

"Slow down, you don't want to get fat, do you?" he joked. I nodded and slowed down, but looked across the table and met Scorpius' eyes, which were filled with concern. To tell him it was okay, I rolled my eyes and pointed to where Louis was now eating like he would never see food again. It was reasonable why Scorpius got tense when someone made a comment like that, but after all, it had been nearly three years. It was because he was the only one who knew about the time in third year when I had had anorexia because of what some dumb boy that I had liked at the time had made a joking comment about my eating habits. He had single-handedly helped me through it, and we had come out closer. Since then, he had been tense when anyone mentioned anything to do with my eating habits or weight to me. It's cute, but I know not to overreact now.

Once the dishes are devoid of food and the glasses empty, the students sleepy and with full bellies, the headmistress stands once again and dismisses us. The prefects of 5th year, Lily and Lorcan, stand and gesture for the first years to follow them. Lorcan laughed as one of them tripped his friend, who fell on his face. Lily flipped Lorcan off un-discreetly and helped the boy up, then turned back to lead the group, Lorcan walking casually at the end of the group. I hid my laughter poorly, a loud snort that Lily apparently heard, and she turned around and flipped me off as well, this time being discreet. You see, Lily and Lorcan had had a long-time rivalry, as their were both the best-looking, most popular, and stubbornest girl and boy of their year. Many people cooed over how perfect a couple they would be, and every time they heard this, Lorcan would give a trademark smirk and Lily would hit, flip off, or give a detention to the bearer of these words. Due to the fact that they were also the two top students of their year, no one doubted the fact that they would be Head Boy and Girl in their seventh year, so they probably would have to figure things out before that inevitability happened.

But I had better things to do than worry about my cousin's love life, I thought as I flopped down onto my comfortable mattress in the girls dormitories. I was back at Hogwarts. I was with my friends. I had a nice boyfriend. What could go wrong now? I thought this as I drifted off to sleep, still dressed, on my bed. Dreams were mysterious things, though. And for some of them you don't need to take Divination to translate. They tell the future well enough...