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"We'll be back in like a couple of hours." Kitty said dragging Rogue out of the house.

"If not sooner ah hope." The Goth muttered.

Ororo Munroe smiled. The two girls were going to see the new Spiderman movie at the Theaters. She also knew that Lance was meeting them up there. The house was somewhat peaceful. The younger kids were in the Danger Room with Mr. McCoy. Jean was on a date with Duncan, while Scott was out with Taryn. Logan was having a meeting with Professor Xavier. Evan and Kurt were at the arcade in the mall. She got to her feet when she heard the doorbell ring and answered it. "Yes?" She asked looking around. No one was there, but when she looked down she saw a young boy about only eighteen months old asleep. "Oh dear."


"That was like so mean." Kitty said.

"Come on pretty-Kitty it was just a movie." Lance told her.

"I like know but still. It should have ended like totally different."

Rogue sighed. The movie has been over for ten minutes now and they were walking back o the Institute. Mostly since Pietro, Fred, Todd, and Tabitha came by and took Lance's jeep. She thought the movie was good, but she'd never admit to it. "How did you like it Roguey?" Lance asked.

"It was okay." She said.

Kitty shook her head. "It was like way better then okay."

"Are you sure it's okay for me to come in too?" Lance asked.

"Yea Rogue like threatened them kind of." Kitty giggled.

Lance raised his eyebrow at Rogue curiously. "Threatened how?"

"Ah said that if they gave Kitty an` ya any trouble had tahke off mah glove."

"Didn't know you cared."

"Ah don` just don` want ta listen ta Kitty complainin` all nahght cause ya couldn` come in without bein` attacked."


"He won't let anyone touch him, Professor." Jean said. Everyone was home at the Institute, but Kitty and Rogue.

The baby had awoken an hour after Ororo had brought him inside. He was terrified of the strange faces and hid. Everyone time someone came near him he started to cry and scream. "I say we find out who left the kid here." Logan said.

"He's cute though." Jubilee said looking at him. "Probably not even two yet and he can walk."

"Not very well, he crawled most of his way into that corner." Scott told her.

"The poor boy is probably hungry." Amara said as she and Rahne were going throw the diaper bag left with him. "There's bottles, toys, blankets, extra clothes, and tons of diapers."

"Man it would figure the kid wasn't potty trained yet." Evan groaned.

"Maybe we can warm up some milk and Jean can use her telekinesis to move the bottle towards him." Rahne suggested.


"The parade was the best part." Kitty insisted.

"No it was the bridge." Lance said.

Rogue opened the door. "Sorry Kitty but ah hafta agree with Lance on that one. It was defiantly tha bridge."

The three stepped into the common room and saw everyone just standing there. "What's like going on?" Kitty asked confused.

"That." Kurt said pointing to the baby who was now looking up at them.

"He's like so cute."


He was afraid. All those strangers around him and all he wanted was his mommy. He heard three new voices enter the room and looked up. He started to crawl out of his hiding place. For some reason he felt as if he could trust one of the girls. He crawled half way towards her and wobbly got to his feet and walked towards her.


"Well, what do you know?" Mr. McCoy said shocked. "Quite fascinating actually."

"He seems to like you Kitty." Evan said chuckling.

Kitty giggled. "Like who wouldn't."

He baby wobbled past Kitty's opened arms and clinged to Rogues legs almost causing her to fall over. Lance grabbed Rogue's arm to steady her. "What's tha deal?"

Everyone watched eyes-wide-open as the eighteen-month-old baby boy clung to Rogue's legs. "Rogue is there something you needed to tell us?" Jean asked curiously.

"Ah have no idea what yer talkin` `bout Jean."

"Why would the baby go to her and not one of us?" Scott asked confused.

"Maybe Rogue reminds him of his real mother." Jamie suggested.

"Never saw any other Goths around school besides Risty." Evan said.

"Well, how `bout one of ya get this kid away from me." Rogue pleaded. "Ah don` want ta go ta jail if this baby touches me an` ah kill him."

"Scott move behind Rogue in case she falls. Jean use your power to try and get the baby off of Rogue's legs." The professor said. He was indeed confused and didn't want to kid to touch Rogue's skin.

"This is kind of weird." Sam said.

"I'll say it is." Bobby added.

Scott stood behind Rogue getting ready to catch her if she fell. "All right Jean."

Jean nodded as she concentrated on the baby. Using her telekinesis she tried to carefully pry his little arms away from Rogue. She did successfully, but the baby wasn't happy.


He started crying being pulled away from the one he wanted to be near. He put his arms out for her to grab him, but she made no move to do so. He cried even louder wanting her arms around him to keep him safe from the evil strangers taking him away from her. The tall lady with the red hair was doing something to him to make him stay in the hair. He just wanted held and his bottle.


"Where do we put him professor?" Jean asked.

Professor Xavier began to think. "I'm not quite sure yet Jean. It's getting late and he'll have to stay here the night."

"Rogue you always wanted a guy to cling to you." Evan teased.

Rogue flashed her green eyes at him. "Don` start with me porcupine."

"There was a yard sale going on when we walked back from the Theater." Lance said speaking up. "I think I saw a crib."

"All right we'll check it out." Ororo said.

"What do we do with him until you return with it?" Jubilee asked trying to ignore the loud crying of the kid. He still had his arms stretched out towards Rogue.

Logan sighed and got out a ski mask where only the only holes is it were for the eyes. He pulled it over Rogue's head. "Keep him quiet Stripes."


"Don` worry Rogue, we're here with you." Scott told her reassuringly as he put his hand on her shoulder.


He didn't like that guy. He was touching her and standing too close. He watched as she moved towards him and his crying began to calm down some. He held his arms out to her as she hesitated slightly and took him into her arms. He wrapped his armed around her neck with his tiny arms and started to coo.


"This isn't goin` ta work." Rogue said.

"I'll go heat him up a bottle." Jean said.

Rogue sighed as everyone had pretty much left her alone in the common room with the baby. He was quiet now and seemed kind of happy. He had his tiny arms around her neck and his head was on her shoulder. She could hear him making soft happy noises and smiled slightly. "Well, ya seem ta be tha only one not afraid of mah powers."


"It'll have to do." Ororo said looking at the crib.

"But why would he go straight to like Rogue?" Kitty asked confused.

"Jealous?" Kurt asked her.

She shook her head. "No, it's just kind of like sad."

"Well, the professor has the police coming in the morning so we can fill out the report on the child."

"I better get back home and make sure my jeep is still in one piece." Lance said giving Kitty a kiss on the cheek. "Call me tomorrow when you hear what the police have to say."

"I like will." Kitty told him.


Rogue sighed and she pulled her pillow over her head. Jean had persuaded the professor that the baby should sleep in Rogue's room since it liked her. She knew it was only cause she was jealous. The baby was whimpering and wasn't planning on stopping. Kitty had actually took her pillow and a blanket into the hallway to sleep. She got out of bed, turned on her lamp and walked towards the crib.


He couldn't stop whimpering. He couldn't see her in the small cage they put him in. He wanted to be near her and in her arms again. He didn't like the hat she wore either since it covered her face. She was pretty, just like his real mommy had been. But his real mommy was gone. He looked up when he saw her looking don at him. He whimpered some more and held his arms out. She pulled the strange hat over her face only showing her eyes. If he didn't know it was her he'd cry. She picked him up and started to cradle him.


"It's all rahght. Ya just close yer eyes an` go ta sleep now." Rogue said in a soft soothing voice. To her surprise the baby had stopped whimpering and was a lot calmer. She lied back on her bed with him against her body. She sighed as she heard quiet snores coming from him. She tried to adjust herself to get comfortable so not to wake him. She wasn't under the covers but she didn't mind that much. She closed her eyes and soon drifted off to sleep as well.


He opened his eyes and saw she was still with him. He was also starting to get hungry and whimpered some. She moaned and turned her head and her body side ways. He crawled towards her and nestled against her bare skin of her stomach, which was showing. He knew she'd feed him when she woke up.


"Keety vake up." Kurt said.

Kitty fluttered her eyes and looked at Kurt. "Where like am I?"

"The hallway."

"Oh that's like right." She said standing up with his help. "That baby like wouldn't stop whimpering and I like moved out here to sleep." She moved back into her room and gasped. "Kurt..."

Kurt bamfed into the room and gasped as well. Rogue was sleeping peacefully on top of her covers with the baby. But that's not why they were shocked. The baby had his body against Rogue's stomach. His face against her skin. "Do you think he's like..."

"Only one vay to find out." Kurt said slowly moving towards Rogue and the baby. He moved his hand to touch the baby.


He senses something wrong. He opened his eyes and saw the blue guy going to touch him. He started crying loudly causing the blue dude to fall backwards. The girl had woke up now.


"Kurt what are ya doin` in here?" She asked holding the baby close to her as he started to calm down again.

"He vas touching your skin."


"It's like true. You were asleep and his head was like against your stomach touching your like skin."

"What happened?" Scott asked running into the room followed by the professor.

"That baby can touch Rogue vithout gettin hurt." Kurt said.

"Is this true Rogue?" Professor Xavier asked.

"Ah don` know. Ah was asleep." She said taking off the ski mask.


She had finally took off that hat. He reached his tiny hand up to touch her face. He saw her close her eyes and then slowly open them. He cooed and snuggled against her chest.


"Ah can touch him." Rogue said trying not to cry.

"This must be why he trusts you the most Rogue. He knew you could touch him." Scott said grinning.

"Well, he's probably like hungry." Kitty said.

"And needs a diaper change." Kurt added holding his nose.