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Summary: Natsu had to find his mate. As fast as possible. But what is he going to do when his mate actually turns out to be the most unexpected person? His best friend.

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His mate by ollussa

Chapter One: His Lonely Soul

"I do," Gajeel answered.

The priest smiled. "In as much as you, Gajeel and Levy, have consented together in the union of matrimony and you have pledged your faith each to the other in the presence of these witnesses, now by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride." He then said.

Gajeel smiled. He lifted Levy's veil, snuck his hand around her tiny waist, and then leaned down to kiss his new wife on the lips. Everyone cheered.

"Ah, this is so romantic!" Mira sighed, clapping her hands. She felt like she was in heaven. Finally. Gajeel and Levy were officially married. Things couldn't be more perfect.

"Ah, love." Erza wiped her tears, her cheeks bright red.

Lisanna and Juvia were squealing of happiness. Elfman was admiring Gajeel's manliness. Wendy, Happy, Charle, Pantherlily, Cana and Gildarts were clapping. Makarov was crying of joy. Jet and Droy were crushed, but they couldn't help but feel happy for their Levy-chan. Gray and Laxus were smirking. The other people were admiring the newlyweds.

"L-levy-chan.." Lucy sobbed, gripping Natsu's arm. "I'm so happy!"

Natsu on the other side, tried to smile but failed miserably. No, he wasn't against this wedding. Actually, he was happy about Gajeel and Levy but there was something that was bothering him.

Gajeel was now married with Levy and had a mate. Laxus was engaged with Mira and apparently had a mate. Cobra and Kinana were married, too. Even the stupid Sting had a girlfriend. And that creepy guy Rogue also had a mate. Wendy was dating Romeo, for heaven's sake.

Guess who was the only Dragon Slayer without a mate? Natsu Dragneel, of course.

He was searching for the right girl for a half year. But luck wasn't on his side this time. It was no longer a want to find a mate. It had become a need.Now, he was nineteen years old and living alone with Happy no longer helped the loneliness in his soul. Natsu had to find a mate. As fast as possible because his patience was slowly leaving him.

"This is so romantic! Gajeel really loves Levy-chan, huh?" Lucy sighed dreamily and squeezed Natsu's hand. The blonde's voice brought him out of his self pitying thoughts. Geez, he was starting to look helpless.

"Of course. He would never marry her if he didn't love her. Because.." the pink-haired boy sighed. Lucy looked at him, wanting him to continue. "Male Dragon Slayers can only have one mate. They are very possessive and dominant over their mate. They'll give their own life protecting that mate without a second's hesitation. The male Dragon Slayers are built to protect their females; they are strong, fast, physically massive, and completely consumed with possessing and defending their precious mates. And they would also never look at another woman once they find their mate. And will kill anyone and anything that comes between them." He explained. Lucy's eyes were wide open.

"Really?" she looked at him questioningly. "Does it count for you, too?"

"Geez, Lucy." Natsu frowned. "Sometimes you act like an idiot. Of course it counts for me. Do I look like a female to you?"

Lucy giggled. She really liked his sense of humor. "No.. But then why don't you have a mate?"

Natsu growled at her, not answering.

"I'm so sorry!" Lucy immediately apologized. She felt guilty for making him feel bad. "I know your soul mate is out there waiting for you. It's just going to take some time. Don't worry, you'll find her."

Natsu looked at her innocent brown eyes for a moment before sighing deeply. "No need to worry, Lucy. I'm just frustrated. I hate feeling so alone. Being here at Gajeel's wedding is reminding me how much I want and need my own mate."

Lucy smiled sweetly and hugged his arm. "But if you don't find a mate, you could always live with me and Happy."

"Gee, thanks. I feel so much better." Natsu said sarcastically. "Could you try to make me feel like a bigger loser?"

Lucy laughed and patted Natsu's head. "I'm kidding, silly. Now, come with me. Let's dance."

On the dance floor, Natsu let out a heavy sigh. "I can't dance. And I'm not in the mood for a party."

"Aw, I'm sure you remember some steps. I showed you how to dance before the Magic Ball, right?"

"Okay, but only one dance." Natsu finally gave up. Lucy smiled, feeling happy to hear that he'll dance with her.

The fire mage held out his hand a little forcibly. His face showed no emotion but Lucy could see in his cold onyx eyes that he was totally annoyed. She took his hand.

The musicians began playing a slow, romantic tune. Natsu moved slowly and hesitantly at first, unsure of himself. But watching Lucy, he quickly picked up the simple pattern, and began to gain more confidence. After some minutes he found he was enjoying himself. Who knew that dancing was actually pleasurable?

"Having fun?" asked the girl, grinning at him. Natsu nodded in agreement. Lucy almost let out a squeal of shock as Natsu's body shifted closer to hers.

She looked at his dark eyes. He smiled at her. Lucy blushed and immediately moved her brown eyes from him. Her gaze fell on Gajeel and Levy. They were also dancing. A little smile found it's way on her pink lips.

In reality, she and Natsu were dancing just for a few minutes. But it felt like eternity to her, like time stopped and they were just the only two people in the hall, holding each other's hands, awkwardly moving with the rhythm of the music.

The rest of the dance passed in a blur. But when the music stopped, Lucy frowned sadly.

"What are you thinking about?" Natsu asked, sensing her strange behavior.

"Just…what a perfect evening this is," Lucy answered. Natsu was sure he could hear her pounding heart. Lucy released his hand hesitantly.

He grinned sheepishly. "It is, isn't it?"

Lucy laughed. Typical Natsu. "Thank you for dancing with me," she said sincerely. "But now I have to go. I want to congratulate Gajeel and Levy-chan."

And with that she left the dance floor. Natsu took a deep breath. Something about Lucy had changed. He was sure of it.

The Dragon Slayer shook his head, pushing those thoughts away. Lucy didn't matter now. He had to find his mate.