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Summary: Natsu had to find his mate. As fast as possible. But what is he going to do when his mate actually turns out to be the most unexpected person? His best friend.

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His mate by ollussa

Chapter Two: Decision

Lucy entered Magnolia's biggest bookstore. "Good morning, Mister Tudor!" she said cheerfully.

"Hello, Lucy," greeted the bookseller. "How did you like the new book you bought two days ago?"

"Oh, I didn't have time to read it. I was on a wedding." Lucy sighed happily. "Levy-chan and Gajeel married yesterday at Cardia Cathedral."

"Really?" Mr. Tudor looked at her, not believing her words.

"Yes. I thought Levy-chan told you." The girl shrugged helplessly. "Anyway, I'm here to find a book."

The bookseller nodded. Lucy immediately went to the romance shelf, her favorite. The blonde girl ran her finger along the spines, but then she paused as a book caught her attention. She pulled it out. "Hmmm… 'Romeo and Juliet'? Is it interesting?"

"Yes. I really like it." said someone. Lucy's eyes widened as she turned around to face the owner of the voice. There was standing a slim young man she knew very well. He had spiky, somewhat messy brownish blond hair and dark eyes.

"Hibiki?" Lucy gasped. "Is it really you?

"It's nice to meet you again, Lucy." he greeted, smiling warmly. Stepping forward, he raised her hand to his lips. "You look amazing as always."

"Thank you," Lucy giggled and her cheeks turned pink. "And I must say, you look very handsome yourself."

"I do, don't I?" Hibiki agreed, admiring his own gorgeousness. The girl laughed.

"What are you doing in Magnolia?" she asked.

"I was here to visit an old friend of mine." The boy answered. "It looks like you love books."

"Oh, I can't imagine my life without books!" Lucy admitted sheepishly. "You like reading too, don't you?"

"Of course. What genre of literature is your favorite?"

"I prefer novels. But my favorites are stories of adventure and romance. I'm even writing a novel myself." she added, a bit shyly.

Hibiki smiled. "It'll be a pleasure to read your work. Anyway, I have to go. But…we can meet tomorrow if you want?" he asked hopefully.

"I'll think about it." Lucy smiled happily.

"All right. I'll be here tomorrow at 6:00. I hope you'll come." Hibiki took her hand and kissed it, with a gentlemanly bow before leaving the bookstore.

"It looks like you are on a date, Lucy." Mr. Tudor said, smiling teasingly. Lucy looked at him, looking embarrassed.

"I don't think It's a good idea to go." she mumbled, staring at the ground. "I mean I like another man."

"Oh, you are talking about that dense dragon boy, aren't you?" the bookseller asked even though he knew the answer already. "That boy is handsome and strong, but he is too reckless and the power he possesses is really dangerous. And you Lucy – you're so bright, so sensitive. You are like a little child. That dragon boy can only bring you trouble. You deserve a brilliant, educated young man who values your intelligence. Someone responsible, a man who can love you truly." Mr. Tudor sighed. "Hibiki can be that man. I know him very well. He is a good guy."

"I know.." Lucy agreed sadly. "I really like Natsu but we are only good friends. Things won't change between us. We're too different. I was so stupid to think that he might like me back." Then she sighed, feeling confused. "Do you think I should forget him and give Hibiki a chance?"

Mr. Tudor smiled. "You are a wise girl, Lucy. I think you should take that decision alone. I know you'll be fine, whatever happens."

"Thank you, Mister." Lucy said. "I'm going home now. Have a nice day!"

"I wish you the best, my dear." The bookseller waved to her as she leaved the bookstore.

"Yo, Lucy!" Natsu greeted his best friend. He sat on the chair next to her. "I have an surprise." The pink-haired man playfully pinched her arm, grinning mischievously. "Do ya wanna know?"

"What is it?" murmured Lucy, staring at the table. "Another job?"

"Oh!" The dragon slayer gasped. "You know me very, very well. And yes, it is a job."

"Yay!" the blonde squealed, trying to look as if she was excited. But she failed.

"Do you wanna come with me and Happy?" Natsu asked, not noticing her strange behavior.

"I..." Lucy turned her head to face him. "Uh.. W-we need to talk." Her expression was serious. When Natsu saw that, his grin disappeared and turned into a frown.

"What's wrong?"

Levy was peacefully lying on the couch in her new house. But she opened her eyes when the door opened.

"Hey, I'm home." Gajeel walked in the room. "What's up?"

"Oh," the script mage sat up. "Nothing much, just relaxing."

"I'm jealous of you." the iron dragon slayer sighed painfully. "I couldn't come home to rest because I had to deal with Salamander. That bastard is such a pain in the ass."

"What happened?" Levy asked, raising a brow.

"I don't know. He was angry about something and Master wanted me and Underwear Prince to deal with him." the black-haired man explained and sat on the couch next to his wife. He kissed her deeply. "It's not like I care anyway."

"I wonder why Natsu was angry." Levy closed her eyes, thinking. "He didn't have a fight with Lu-chan, did he?"

Gajeel blinked twice, trying to remember. "Oh, I heard that Bunny Girl was going on a date with that womanizer from the guild with the psychopaths." he smirked knowingly. "Salamander was probably jealous."

"What? Natsu? Jealous?" Levy threw her head back and laughed. "No way. Probably someone ate his food and he got pissed off." she got off the couch. "Anyway, I'm going to go make something for dinner." Levy gave Gajeel a kiss on the forehead and walked into the kitchen.

"Geez.." the iron dragon slayer smirked. "As much as I love you, Levy, I can't agree with you." he shook his head. "That Salamander.. I hope he'll realize that his mate was right next to him.. What a stupid guy.."

Natsu was lying on the hammock in his house, feeling like his world was crashing down around him. He couldn't believe this was happening.

"I hate Lucy!" he hissed through gritted teeth. He felt confused, and angry, and.. betrayed?

Why was she going on a date with Hibiki?

She couldn't go out with someone like him. He was a womanizer. Exactly like Loke. No! Even worse. He was a womanizer who was seven years older than her. Seven freaking years, damn it. The age difference is way too big. He will certainly break her heart. Natsu gritted his teeth in frustration.

Why did that guy have to show up? Lucy liked him. He liked her. They had something from the moment they met back then, during the Nirvana incident. If they meet tomorrow it was almost certain that they'll become a couple. And perhaps Lucy will leave the Fairy Tail to join Blue Pegasus. Fuck! Natsu won't allow this!

But what could he do? He could beat that pipsqueak easily but that was just going to ruin his friendship with Lucy. Geez. It's so confusing. Natsu was beginning to get a headache from all the thinking. Life was so hard on him. First, Igneel leaves him. Then Lisanna leaves him. And now, his best friend will maybe leave him because of some stupid wreck. And worse, he can't find a mate. Damn it, everything is so unfair!

The dragon slayer scowled. Oh, he won't lose this time. Not to Hibiki. That little weasel wasn't so great. Why was Lucy so interested in him? Yes, he was handsome. Natsu was aware of that fact. Also that womanizer was smart and he loved books, like Lucy. Maybe she liked that about him. But this is just ridiculous. She likes him because he is a dork? Gosh, Lucy is so weird.

Natsu let out a breath of annoyance. He won't let them to be together. Not in a million years. He didn't even know why he was doing all this in the first place but he felt that it was the right thing.

Lucy is special and deserves someone better.