This is it, the ending...


Chapter 10

Renji practically ran home. He wasn't sure why exactly, but the moment he stepped foot out of the Kuchiki estate, he felt a sudden urge to see Shuuhei. Perhaps it was what Byakuya said, or the look on the man's face when he said those words, or the realization of how lucky he was to be able to freely love someone and be lucky enough to have that person love him back. Or all of the above.

He glanced up at the sky. It was late evening, he wasn't sure if Shuuhei would still be in the 9th squad office, but the chances were high that he was, so he went that way. The lights were off, though, when he finally arrived at the office. Feeling puzzled, he flagged down a junior officer.

"Hisagi-fukutaicho left half an hour ago, he doesn't seem well today," the boy said with a shrug.

Alarmed, Renji rushed to Shuuhei's quarters at the 9th squad barracks. That, too, was dark and empty. That left only one place.

Shuuhei ran his hand over his short, spiky black hair. He was sitting up on Renji's bed. His free hand roamed the empty spot next to him, where Renji would normally sleep. The sheets were cold, of course. They haven't slept in Renji's room for a few nights now.

Inside, he was battling unwelcomed emotions. When he realized that Byakuya had feelings for Renji, he began to feel uncomfortable. He wouldn't call it jealousy, since he knew that Renji wouldn't suddenly run off with his captain. Was it insecurity? Perhaps... He was nauseated by the thought because he liked to think that he had more confidence in himself. Still, knowing that one of the most powerful man in all of Soul Society loved his partner made him feel... uneasy. Even worse, he realized that he secretly felt elated that Renji was his, that Byakuya's love interest belonged to him, Hisagi Shuuhei. He wasn't even aware that he was capable of such selfish thoughts! But like it or not, those feelings were there in his heart and refused to go away no matter how much he tried.

His eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. He knew that Renji was at Byakuya's right now. It seemed like he'd been there forever. What are they talking about? He couldn't help wondering. Would Byakuya formally confess? How would Renji react?

Suddenly he felt an irrational fear that he might lose Renji. He was certain that Renji loved him, but...what if! This is the great Kuchiki Byakuya they were talking about here! How could he possibly compete with Byakuya? What if the captain managed to convince Renji to be with him? That's not possible! His mind told him, but his heart fluttered and whispered, "What if?" After all, technically Renji had no obligation to remain with him. He was free to choose whomever he wanted. As his mind raced down that path, he suddenly felt a sharp pain and realized with a start that he had dug his nails into his palm so hard that he'd cut himself.

He jumped when the door swung open suddenly. Renji stood at the door, slightly bent over with both arms on his knees, his breath ragged as if he had just finished a sparring session with Ikkaku.

Before Shuuhei could greet the redhead, he found himself crushed in a pair of strong arms. He fought back the urge to cough from the sudden pressure on his chest and stayed still for a few seconds, then he gently pushed Renji off of him.

"What's wrong?" Shuuhei asked, concerned.

In response, Renji simply pulled Shuuhei close and pressed his forehead against Shuuhei's. Then, without a word, Renji leaned forward and captured Shuuhei's lips in a slow, deep kiss, cutting off any questions the raven-haired man was going to ask.

"What's going on? Talk to me!" Breaking the kiss, Shuuhei wriggled away and grabbed Renji's arms. He shook the arms gently. "Oi!"

Renji pulled away slightly. "I'm," he said, his face unusually serious. "I'm so thankful that I have you, and that I don't have any stupid burdens that would stop me from loving you. I've always taken that for granted, I'm such an idiot..."

Shuuhei relaxed and smiled. He cupped the redhead's face; clearly, his fear of losing Renji was unnecessary.

"I don't need a stupid drug to tell you that I love you," Renji said softly as he wrapped his hand over Shuuhei's.

All the mixed emotions inside Shuuhei's heart melted away at those words and his heart swelled. His hand shot out to grab Renji's collar. Before Renji could react, Shuuhei gave the collar a hard tug and flipped them around so that Renji was now lying on his back on the bed.

"Neither do I," Shuuhei whispered before leaning down to pull Renji into a passionate kiss. He closed his eyes and shuddered when he felt Renji chew on his lower lips urgently. It was as if all of a sudden, both of them felt the need to reaffirm their love for each other, to prove to each other that their love was absolutely real, almost like they needed to make up for what they had witnessed in Byakuya's case.

Renji slowly sat up as he ran his fingers over Shuuhei's raven hair, who lifted himself off of Renji as the redhead switched position. Renji folded both legs under himself and sat on his heels, then pulled Shuuhei onto his lap. Shuuhei instinctively wrapped his legs around his lover's hips to steady himself. Bodies pressed together, they sat there in silence, feeling each other's heartbeats and basking in the warmth of their embrace. Even though they had done it so many times before, this was the first time they were so wholly aware of the preciousness of this act. At this moment, nothing else existed except the two of them; and to both of them, all that mattered now was each other.

Shuuhei closed his eyes and took a deep breath as Renji tucked his head under Shuuhei's chin. The feeling of Renji's hot skin against his own was so raw, so intense, that he shivered. He would die a happy man if he died right then. What had he done to deserve this man?

After a while, Shuuhei slowly let out a breath and began to rock his hips gently, savoring the sensation of their erections brushing against each other. He felt Renji's body tremble as the redhead let out a throaty moan.

"Shuuhei..." Renji held out a hand to slowly trace up and down Shuuhei's thigh, drawing a soft sigh from the man. At the same time, Shuuhei's hand lovingly caressed the tattoos on the redhead's chest. At that moment, their sense of touch seemed to have heightened to the point that even the slightest brush of fingers against their skin sent shivers down their spines.

As Shuuhei continued to move his hips, he lifted Renji's face to meet his own, then began to lick Renji's lips, ever-so-lightly. The redhead moaned, his eyes closed. He parted his lips to let Shuuhei in, who then slowly traced the insides of Renji's lower lip with his tongue. Their kiss was not the deep suffocating ones that they usually enjoy, but rather more tender, almost if they were rediscovering each other.

Renji's breath began to get quicker and more irregular with each passing moment. When he couldn't stand it anymore, he grabbed Shuuhei's thighs and thrust his hips forward and upwards to intensify the friction. The pleasure that shot through his groin was so forceful that he thought he would pass out.

"Shhh..." Shuuhei whispered. He was actually feeling feverish with need, and one look at his lover's flushed face told him that Renji was feeling the same way. He wanted Renji so badly that he could pounce on him and fuck him senseless right now, but he stopped himself with sheer will because he wanted to enjoy this closeness for as long as he could.

"Shuu...!" Renji's voice was husky. He, too, was restraining himself, but he was quickly approaching his limit. If they didn't do anything soon, he was simply going to snap and lose all control.

Shuuhei looked at his red-haired lover through heavy-lidded eyes. "Take me," he said simply, his hand reaching behind Renji's head to untie his hair. Bright red hair immediately cascaded down the broad tattooed shoulders.

Renji's grip on Shuuhei's hips tightened when he heard Shuuhei's command. Such simple words, yet so powerful that Renji thought he could come right then. He held up three fingers and Shuuhei immediately took them in his mouth. Renji watched, mesmerized, as the dark-haired man swirled his tongue around the digits and gently sucked on them. Shuuhei kept his gaze locked on his lover, making the act all the more erotic. With his fingers now slick with saliva, Renji reached behind Shuuhei and searched for his lover's sensitive entrance. Once he found it, he slowly pushed a finger in, then two, knuckle by knuckle.

Shuuhei jerked in Renji's lap as he felt himself being stretched, the familiar sensation making the ends of his limbs tingle with anticipation. He arched his back and grind down, then his mouth fell open in a silent scream when Renji's fingers suddenly brushed his special spot. Renji must've sensed his reaction, because those fingers immediately returned to that spot.

"Renji! I need—" Shuuhei cried out, digging his nails into Renji's back, no longer able to contain himself.

Renji withdrew his fingers and spat into his palm before coating his throbbing member with his saliva. In their urgency, the tube sitting in the drawer was forgotten. After he was satisfied that he was slick enough for Shuuhei, he lifted the man's lithe form off his lap slightly.

Holding Renji, Shuuhei did a brief alignment and then slowly lowered himself, savoring each delicious moment. He shuddered as his felt himself stretch then tighten around Renji. He closed his eyes and hissed, partly in pain and partly in pleasure. When Renji was finally completely sheathed, Shuuhei cupped the redhead's face and stared intently into those scarlet eyes.

"I love, so much," he said, his voice hoarse from emotion. Not waiting for Renji's response, he lifted himself and slammed back down in one swift motion, tearing a guttural moan from his lover.

The two men soon worked up a rhythm, their movements graceful yet desperate, their thirst for each other evident.

When Renji felt that he was nearing the edge, he blindly reached between their bodies to search for his partner's erection. As he wrapped his palm over the throbbing hot organ and slowly began to pump, Shuuhei threw his head back and tightened his grip on Renji's shoulders, his nails almost breaking the skin. Warm liquid splattered on their stomachs as Shuuhei reached his climax. At that same moment, his tight passage clamped down on Renji's member, and with a soft cry the redhead spilled himself deep within his lover, bringing their lovemaking to a blissful end.

Spent, Renji let himself collapse backwards onto the bed, pulling Shuuhei with him. As they lay there, flushed and panting, Renji ran his fingers through Shuuhei's hair. Pressing his lips into the raven hair, he whispered, "You...are my pride."


And...*sniff*...that wraps up the story. I always find it hard to say goodbye to a story, especially a long one. But I still have a lot of ideas for these two, so there will be more to come! I just love Shuuhei and Renji, and I love being able to create this little universe for them~ *contented sigh*

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ^.^ Sayonara for now~