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*January 30, 2012*

"Kate, what is wrong with you? Why are you in my apartment?" Sierra asked. Kate didn't say anything. Instead she stepped forward with the knife in her hand.
"Sierra get back. She wants to kill you!" I warned.

"Why does she want to kill me, huh?" Kate started laughing evilly and smirked. "Because you are a country." When Kate said that, Sierra clutched her head and screamed. Then she fell backwards, but, thankfully, Prussia caught her.

"Prussia, I think Sierra got her memories back. What will happen to her?" Prussia looked up at me with fear in his red eyes.

"She may die."

*January 29, 2012*

"We have arrived in New York City." The pilot's voice boomed over the intercom. I nudged Prussia, who was sleeping the whole entire time, and told him that our flight landed. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and moaned. "Give me five more minutes, Jen." He pleaded. I shook my head.

"The sooner we find my sister the sooner I can go back to the Hetalia World. Come on." I grabbed Prussia and we made our way off the plane into the airport. Now, this is where my rescue mission hits a snag. I'd have to call Sierra and ask to stay with her because we had to make reservations to stay in a hotel. I guess this is why I should've planned better.

A few people were staring at Prussia. People probably think he's a cosplayer, not actually Prussia. Oh, if the fangirls and fanboys found out that he was the real deal and that you can get to the Hetalia world then there would chaos. I grabbed Prussia's arm again. "Let's get out of here before a fangirl glomps you."

I had to drag him outside the airport because he enjoyed all the attention he was getting. "So, Jen, what are we doing now?"

"I'm about to call Sierra and tell her we're coming over. I hope I can come up with a good lie." I took out my cellphone and dialed Sierra's number. After two rings she picked up. She sounded sleepy. That's not a good sign.


"Hey, it's me Jen. I'm in New York and I was wondering if I could spend the night with you tonight." My sister did the most unpredictable thing. She cussed me out. She only did that when she was angry or when she was woken up from her slumber. After she finally stopped, I said, "I know it's late and I'm sorry, but I really need a place to stay. Can I go to your apartment? Please Sierra?" The other side of the phone was quiet until she spoke. "Fine. I live in Cherry Groves apartments. My room is 129."

"Thanks Sierra." I hung up. Prussia was glaring at me. "What?" "Why didn't you tell her I was with you?" Oops. "I'm not sure. I forgot." This is making me nervous because I don't know when Kate will attack her. If Kate does attack her, how will I explain why? She lost her memories for a reason so I can't tell her she's a country." Prussia nodded. "Ok, but you better figure something out. The awesome me says so." I rolled my eyes.

In 10 minutes, the bus arrived and it took us to Cherry Groves. They had some very nice apartments over there. We found room 129 and I knocked on the door. I was nervous. The door opened and Sierra stood there with a black tank top on, pink pajama bottoms, and pink bunny slippers. Her long black hair was in a ponytail and her big, brown eyes widened in surprise when she saw me. "Jen, you're really here." She wrapped me into a hug. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. She didn't come home for Christmas. We broke away from the hug and she pointed at Prussia. "Who's that?" Prussia stepped forward and hugged Sierra. Sierra looked surprise at first and then she hugged him back and smiled. Prussia actually looked happy too. Suddenly, Sierra held her head and moaned in pain. "Ow! My head it-it" Then my head started hurting and I staggered backwards. What was happening?

"Jen, what's going on?" Prussia asked with concern. I mumbled something then I blacked out.

*the next morning*

"Jen? Jen, wake up!" A voice called out to me. I opened my eyes slowly and I saw Sierra standing over me. "What happened?" I asked. Sierra helped me get into a sitting position. I was in her apartment on her couch. She smiled really big and said, "Well, you turned into a flying car and went to Neverland to defeat Captain Hook. That's when Roxas and Sora showed up and they both asked to marry you. You slapped them then you came back to my apartment to drink pig juice then you turned into a normal girl and passed out on my couch. Any questions?"

"Just one. How the hell do you come up with this stuff, SP?" She shrugged. "I just say what comes into my mind." We both started laughing really hard. It felt good to talk to my sister in person. Now, I hope I can save her so we can keep talking. "So," she asked. "Why are you here? Today is January 30th, and you're supposed to be in school." Oh, where would I begin?

"Well, you see Sierra, I-"

"She needed to get away from her family. She and her dad had a big fight. It wasn't awesome at all." Prussia appeared in front of us. He looked sleepy and worn out. Sierra got up from the couch. "Oh, you're awake! How did you sleep?" Prussia smiled. "I slept like a engel(angel). It's all thanks to the awesome you, Sierra." Even though you couldn't see it, my sister was blushing. Why is Prussia flirting with her? Didn't my sister love Iggy? I'll find out from Prussia later.

"I'm sorry about dad, Jen. I didn't know he was so mean that you had to come to New York to get away from him. I have a day off so you, Gilbert, and I should hang out. Whaddya say, Jen Jen?" Sierra smirked knowing that I hate the nickname she gave me. Jen Jen is such a stupid nickname. I know she can up with something better.

"That's sound awesome! Whaddya say, Jen Jen?" Prussia laughed. I felt my anger rising. "Don't call me freaking Jen Jen! It's a stupid nickname from a stupid girl!"

Sierra had mock hurt on her face. "A stupid girl? I'm not that stupid. Only when it comes to math and occasionally Science. I'm going to get breakfast. You can stay here with your boyfriend, but just don't go have sex like a whore. Bye~!" My sister left the apartment with a laughing Prussia and a shocked me. What was her problem? Her personality is a cross between Italy, Antonio, and Alfred.

"So Jen… You wanna do what your sister suggested?" Prussia asked. I hit him in the arm. "Shut up! I want to know why I fainted last night. Do you know?"

Prussia sighed and explained. "I think it's because you and your sister are countries. Only one of you can be Sierra Leone. A long time ago, your mother and Kate had a battle to see who would be Mother Africa. Your mom was supposed to kill Kate, but she had mercy on her and sent her to the Real World."

"What are you trying to say?"

You and your sister may have to fight to see who will be Sierra Leone. If you don't then the consequences will be dire."

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