Summary: Hiroki got into a car crash after a big fight with Nowaki. He hit his head from the windshield and up in a coma for almost a year. When he wakes up, he remembers almost everyone and everything but Nowaki.

This story takes place five years after the canon.

Romantica: Misaki finally told Takihiro about his and Akihiko relationship. After arguing and fighting Takihiro accepts their relationship. Misaki is now the Editor for the shounen manga department at Marikawa and helps out the BL department whenever he can. He is now less shy about his feelings for Akihiko. Akihiko is still the childish author but mature a lot during the years. He trust Misaki more and understands that he can't keep him locked inside his closet forever.

Terrorist: Risako recently find out about Shinobu and Miyagi's relationship status. She is keeping quiet but might go and tell their parents about this secret affair causing Miyagi a great deal of stress. Shinobu goes to T Unversity to become a lawyer. Nothing really has change with Miyagi except he is having a bit of a midlife crisis about how his age might affect Shinobu's youth and life.

Egoist: Tsumori revealed his feeling for Hiroki and was jealous on how happy their love life went. Of course Hiroki rejected him but Tsumori kept pushing him into falling in love with him. He calls Hiroki every day and text him when they can go out together. Nowaki soon finds out about it and gets angry. Nowaki confronts to Hiroki about this problem but things get even worse. Hiroki went out for a drive angry and ends up in a car crash. He gotten himself in a coma and that is where the story will begin.


Part one: Depart

In this region of Tokyo where the city never sleeps, lays beautiful lights, noises and traffic jams. Out of that commotion in the far west side of city lays a peaceful neighborhood.

Quiet is what you call in this part of town. The crickets chirping and the dogs are howling to the magnificent full moon lying across the sky. This silent passive community is soon being filled with a black slick new Mazda car speeding through the streets. Inside this incredible car is a demon in furious rampage. He zooms right out of the safe neighborhood and into the treacherous city. The demon tightens his grip on the steering wheel and push on the gas pedal.




He continues gaining speed. His sharp eyes steered him into the right directions, going from left to right and avoiding bumping into other cars that is in his way.

He passed stop lights, ignoring the signs, never using the blinker when turning. He is breaking every rule on the driving handbook possible on the Tokyo streets. It's surprising the police haven't notice him yet.

Then something catastrophic happens.

The man turn in a "NO ENTER" zone and the second he meets this lane.


Cars smash into him one and another in every direction if possible. Fire broke out and loud car sirens sang.

Rain soon began to pour onto the grounds.

Then man opens his eyes in a blurry vision saw the horror outside of his broken glass windshield. He looked next to him the passenger seat. There he saw Nowaki, smiling weakly at him. Fresh blood drips down from his skull. He mouthed out the words to him,

"It's okay. Everything is fine"

Nowaki then closed his eyes signifying the end of his life and his smile vanishes along with it.

Hiroki, in the driver's seat, began to cry. His dry crispy voice spoke out from him his thin parched lips.


The world in Hiroki's eyes soon paints in black.