Title: Dark Roots

Author: Ageless Light

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Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Summary: A simple act unearthed a powerful secret and led to the shocking discovery that they were not the only enclave of surviving Carpathians.

Rating: T (Contains content suitable for teens and older)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dark Series Universe or any of Christine Feehan's characters. I merely play around with other people's work! I do own the OC's though. I went to babynamesDOTcom for my character names.

Status: Incomplete

Category Type: Continuous

Spoilers: AU & AH. Current up to and including, Dark Predator.

Created on: April 1, 2012

Word Count: 1,224

"Talk" – regular talking

Talk- Inner thoughts/ Flashbacks

"Talk"- Speaking telepathically


Too flowery, she thought followed by too stiff. Exhaling softly, she glided a few steps to her right and came upon a small display of post-cards. Mahogany colored eyes moved restlessly over the pictures available. A serene lake with a mountain in the backdrop caught her eye and before she could help herself she grasped it. She didn't speak or write Romanian but she was sure that the writing stated something along the lines of 'Wish you were here,' which was the exact opposite of how she felt. If someone else was with her, had found her, then she would never find peace that she desperately sought.

Deciding what she was going to write on should have been an easy decision; after all, she had already made all of the hard ones. For some reason it was frustratingly impossible to find a visual that reflected what she wanted to write, what she wanted to convey to those she would be leaving behind. It wasn't that the others would not have understood it was more of her being unable to give voice to the tumultuous thoughts and feelings that she had been drowning in.

She could not find peace, could not move on from the horrors she had seen and committed. Grown tired of this life she found herself simply existing, but not living. Always on the outside, watching in. The birth and growth of those she loved no longer held her attention as it once did.

There was no epiphany; the decision to end her life had simply started as a seedling of incredibility but before long grew into terrible vines that constricted her, forcing her to consider it as a practical end to her suffering. Once she reached that decision a strange peace had settled upon her shoulders, almost lifting her up; and something as simple as paper threatened to destroy that serenity she so desperately gripped.

Settling on a simple but pristine almost parchment like paper, a remnant of the days of old, she approached the counter. The elderly man smiled and spoke in broken English at her. She nodded politely, and threw a handful of bills on the counter. Judging by the man's shocked expression as she left she had overpaid him. It did not matter. She was not staying long and had no intention of learning the language or their currency. The small fortune she had bestowed upon him had no effect on mood, for more important things held her attention.

Time and distance ruled every aspect of her final days now. She had traveled as quickly and as far as she could from America, hoping that she could not be stopped over this distance. She had intended to journey farther east but something about Romania called to her. The earth seemed to soothe her, and she felt lighter ever since she entered into this rustic country. Upon quick realization she knew, felt, that her journey was almost at an end.

There was only two things left to do before all of her sins would be washed away and she could rest. With care she penned her final thoughts, hoping that it would provide closure to the other survivors, before bursting into warm mist and streaking through the night sky. Only hours remained before the sun's rays touched the earth, and she hoped to find the perfect place to leave this world.

Time passed without meaning and she headed towards the mountains hoping to greet the sun there, as a tribute to her own mountainous homeland. Like all Carpathians she knew exactly how far off drawn truly was. When she passed a collection of buildings, a small town, she dropped from the sky returning to her physical form. Day was eclipsing the night and though she should have been moments away from peace she sought shelter. Something held her back and the thought of seeing the sun high up in the sky, right when her body would become sluggish, appealed to her.

With a purpose she strode into town, keeping to the shadows, watching as the day began anew for these simple folk. As the moments passed her eyes began to burn and her skin felt tight and stretched, but she was too transfixed to leave, and her thoughts turned to her loved ones.

Wondering what they were doing at that exact, moment, and if she had planned it all perfectly. If fate and destiny could be called on to assist her, she would be gone from this earth long before the others even knew. They were focused on other matters and it had been the perfect opportunity, something she could not have let pass.

A small store opened up down the road and she waited until the early risers left with their purchases before quickly making her way towards it and inside. Immediately, she found the owner and inquired about mailing her letters. Despite the communication barrier, she understood that there was a small inn nearby that would mail everything, and when he journeyed their later he would take her letters. It seemed many left their mail with him when needed and it was not a strange request. When she handed the stack over she added a bit of compulsion and pressed it into his mind. Only when she was sure he would mail them properly did she hand over her remaining money. Satisfied that her thoughts would reach their destination eventually, she exited the store.

Had she not been so focused on avoiding the sun, covering up her reddening skin, she would not have crashed into the man attempting to enter the store. Senses flared and instincts took over.

Warily, she sized up the man that had taken hold of her, as he steadied both of them. Words of apology flowed from his mouth but she didn't hear them. He spoke perfect English, and she caught his name, Gary, but the rest did not matter.

Something about him was off, and it could have been just her suspicions or rising anxiety as she headed towards the sun, but that was not the case. He is not human, was her thought, which was confirmed a second later as he looked at her with concern and shock, as if he knew her. And he did, or at least knew that something was off with her, she could sense it. A part of him knew that she was not human. The only way he could have truly known she was not human was if he was not human either, and it was with those thoughts she roughly extracted herself and with hurried steps headed towards the tree line.

A shout followed her racing across the wind, and she broke into a run, no longer attempting to hide her presence. She would not be stopped, not by her fellow survivors and not by some random native citizen. As soon as she knew she was out of sight she fled to the sky.

The heat burned her but she welcomed it. Had she been in her other form still her skin would have been blistering. A small sun-touched clearing drew her attention and she fell gracefully onto the grass.

Filled with serenity Narcissa Drake born centuries ago as Narcisssa Belendrake; greeted the dawn as a true Carpathian and left this life behind.


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