Pulling Me Through Part Three

Well, welcome to part three of the four part series. This will take place ten months after Zane was born. So, it's December 10th 2013. I don't think there's that much else to say apart from that I hope that everyone enjoys and please drop a few reviews!

Lyrics: Who'd have thought that after all, something as simple as rock 'n' roll could save us all?

Chapter One

Riley's POV

I sat with Savannah on the sofa, watching her play with her little brother. Her brown hair was wrapped in a small plait and she wore a pair of combats and a t-shirt very similar to the type of clothes that my Mom used to dress me in. She could speak quite well now and her walking was excellent. It was at that moment that Andy came downstairs with a smile on his face. He had been feeling even more cheerful lately because he knew that there wasn't going to be long before the break was over and he would go out touring again.

"Hey, Ry" He greeted. "Planning the wedding?" Several bits of paper were scattered over the coffee table and my phone was there too.

"Yeah, it was just a catering company" I sighed. "They can't do it." We had just started planning a few days ago because we had wanted to wait until Zane was a little older and we weren't suffering from sleepless nights. Looking after a new born and planning a wedding would have been way more stress than I could handle.

"That's another one that's cancelled on us?" He asked as I nodded. "Damn, planning weddings is a lot harder than I thought." He took a seat next to Savannah and pulled her onto his lap.

"Well, it'll be worth it when we get married" I sighed as I leaned back. "How about we just go for a simple wedding?" Andy's face contorted with thought for a moment before he answered me.

"Why don't we have a garden wedding?" He asked. It was exactly what my Mom and Dad had done when I was four. Even though I was very young, I could still remember the day perfectly. The sun had been beating down and my Mom looked beautiful in her dress. She had trusted me to carry the train and even let Jake carry the rings. It had been one of the best days of my life.

"That would be brilliant. We could invite a few people and do out the garden and have it there. Oh, Andy it would be excellent" I answered as I peered around to look at the garden. It had never really been used. An old tree house stood in the corner, the grass was overgrown and there was a decking with a few seats on. This could definitely work if we just put a little bit of effort into it.

"We should make the guest list and then we'll be done for the day" Andy laughed as he pulled a piece of paper from the coffee table and began to write. "Okay, so there'll be Jake, Scout, Jinxx, Sammi, Ashley, Bailey, Sandra, CC, Natasha, James, Savannah, Zane and Mark"

"That is the shortest guest list I have ever seen" I complained. "I suppose we brought it on ourselves by being so anti-social."

"Well, we could always invite James and Laura from our old band in high school" Andy suggested. It had been at least a year since I had last spoken to them and I really missed them. They had been my best friends ever since I was nine, but it was hard to keep in touch with anyone now. When you have two kids and a wedding to plan, friends start to become insignificant.

"Yeah, do you still have their number?" I asked as I reached into the pocket of my jeans to see if I had it. "I've got the number that they gave me last year, but they might've got new phones and a new number."

"Well, it's worth a try" Andy sighed as I dialled the number and pressed the phone to my ear. After two rings, a female voice answered.

"Hello?" She asked. She hadn't looked at the caller ID. Her voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place who she was.

"Hey, Is James there?" I asked. "This is his number, yeah?"

"Yeah, it is" She answered. "Who's calling?"

"It's Riley Pitts" I answered. Oh, conversations over the phone were always so awkward.

"Oh, hey, Riley" She greeted. "It's Laura. James and I are dating now."

"Ah, hey, Laura" I replied. "That's great! I'm glad somebody made it." Most of the kids from high school were working in bars or supermarkets and a lot of them were probably tweaked out. James and Laura were different. "Listen, I was ringing to ask you if you wanted to go to mine and Andy's wedding. We'll send invitations out, but we wanted to make sure before we sent them. After all, there's a recession on and we have two mouths to feed."

"You and Andy are getting married?" She asked. "You and Andy had another baby? Holy shit, when did all of this happen?" Her reaction made me grin as the awkwardness seeped away from the phone call.

"Yeah, he proposed to me about a year ago, but we're only just getting round to actually planning the wedding" I laughed. Well, having a bay really delays things. Getting married hadn't been at the top of my priorities. It was always about looking after Savannah and Zane. "I had Zane ten months ago. Gosh, it really has been a long time since I last talked to you."

"I know" She agreed. "I was so tempted to ring you, but I thought that you guys would be so busy what with Andy being in the band and you having to take care of Savannah. It just seemed as though you guys had so much on your plate. Hey, if you want we should catch up and of course we want to go to your wedding."

"I'd always make time to talk to you and Andy's taking a little break from the band. The break's over in two months and then they're going on tour, though." I explained. "It would be great to catch up with you guys. Are you free this time next week?"

"Yeah, we're free" She answered. "We'll see you then. Bye, Riley."

"Goodbye, Laura" I sighed. Talking to her brought back memories of high school which saddened me a little. In reality, it hadn't been that long since I had been there, but it felt like a lifetime ago. I sometimes missed the thought of just going to school and only having to worry about homework. My worry now is finding a nursery for Savannah to go to next year.

"So, what did she say?" Andy asked. "I'm guessing that she's coming over next week." He seemed really excited about this for some reason. It took me a moment to realise that he probably just missed the feeling of high school.

"She's dating James now and they want to come to the wedding" I answered. "Yes, they are coming down next week, so we can catch up. Next week is going to be a trip down memory lane."

"Ah, I sense that you're going to end up crying" Andy laughed. "Any talk about the past and you wind up missing it and getting all humble." I fixed him with a mock glare as I scoffed at him.

"Hey, I do not." I defended. "I just sometimes wish that I could experience things again." He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close to his chest.

"Hey, it's not an insult, Ry" He assured. "It's one of the many things that I love about you. It just shows that you're human."

"Thanks, Andy" I whispered, pressing my lips to his, savouring the sweet taste. Even though I had been with him for three years, his lips never ceased to blow me away. "I love you" I mumbled into his lips.

"I love you too" He whispered back, his hands clutching as he pulled me closer to him and kissed with more force. We were only interrupted when Savannah came running into the room with a bear that was given to her for her second birthday.

"Daddy, play with me?" She asked. Andy was a sucker when she flashed him the big blue eyes which led me to believe that when she was a teenager, she was going to be able to get everything she wanted off him.

"Sure, Savannah" He answered, picking her up and settling her on his knee. "What do you want to play?" She pointed to the box of dolls that my dad had brought round the other day. They used to belong to me, but I had been so attached to them that I couldn't throw them out, so I hauled them in the loft on my thirteenth birthday. At least they would finally be put to good use. "Dolls? Yay, I'm in for a treat" He sighed as he took Savannah to the box and placed her on the floor.

"She's a kid" I shrugged. "Today this will be her favourite toy and tomorrow it will probably be something else" A knock at the door ended my tirade. I didn't even have a chance to open it before it was pushed open and Bailey stepped inside with Ashley behind her.

"We have great news" She squealed. The list of possibilities ran through my head. Bailey had caught a big break with her art, she was getting married, she was pregnant or she was moving out of the house that she hated. When you've had two children and gotten engaged before you reach the age of twenty-one, you begin to expect the unexpected.

"We're finally going to go down to Bailey's sister's house, so she can make it up with her" Ashley answered once he saw my confused face. It soon broke out into a grin as I pulled Bailey into a brief hug. Now there would be even more chance of getting more people into the family. The thought of another child being a part of the family made me so pleased. Finally, Savannah would have someone closer to her age to play with. Zane was just too young to do all of the things that she wanted to do.

"That's great, guys" I congratulated as I hugged Ashley. "When are you going to do it?"

"Tomorrow" Bailey sighed. "It's been eating away at me for the past ten months and I've finally decided to just get it over with. The sooner we do it, the better. Even if she doesn't want to see me, it's always going to be better than not knowing."

"You're right" I agreed. "We have pretty good news too. Ash, you remember James and Laura from school. We were in the band together."

"Oh, yeah" Ashley answered. "Yeah, they were pretty cool people. God, I haven't seen them in forever. I wonder what they're doing now."

"Well, they're dating and I just got off the phone with them and they want to come to the wedding and we're going to meet up next week, so it looks like they'll be back into my life."

"That's great" Ashley exclaimed. "You just got off the phone with them? Because it looked like you were making out with Andy to me."

"Ashley" I chastised. "Shut up. Come on, Andy's going to want to hear about your plan for tomorrow."

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