[The Haruhi Suzumiya characters and situations are the creation of Nagaru Tanigawa. Other than that, he's blameless for the following.]

Slightly after three a.m. on a late December morning, Core Library interrupted me. "Yuki."

"Yes, Library?" I put down the book I had been reading to it.

"The agent of the MQCE is on the move. Please investigate."

"Going." I switched to my outside shoes at my doorway. No need to put on a coat over my school uniform to ward against temperatures that a human girl would find chilly.

I found the agent standing before the locked gates of North High. Like myself she wore a student uniform, but hers was from Kouyouen Academy.

She turned and attempted to scan my interior. I blocked the scan.

She stood there for several minutes. I regretted that I had not brought a book, but perhaps it was best to keep my full focus on her.

Finally she produced vibrations in the air, similar to how a human being would speak. "This ... place ... interesting ... student."

"They must not find Haruhi."

The MQCE agent cocked her head. Had she detected Library's data pulse?

"I know of the one you speak." I held out my hand and gathered atoms from the air into what humans would consider a photograph of a human. I picked the image of the most expendable student of North High. I handed my photograph to her. "He is not here now, but he attends classes here at other times."

The agent took the photograph of Taniguchi and looked at it. Then it dropped the photograph and walked away.

I picked up my artifact and returned it's atoms to the Earth's atmosphere, essentially by burning it.

"Yuki, your misdirection is insufficient."

"My apologies, Library."

"I will prepare a vast data manipulation to hide our persons of interest." Library showed me the changes it would make.

"Library, is it wise to send Haruhi to Kouyouen Academy?"

"The MQCE will not expect us to deliver their objective to their own base of operations. Your continued presence at North High in human guise, will indicate to it that their final objective must still be here."

"Why burden Kyon with the key?"

"Of all humans, he is the most likely to move to protect you, should the MQCE attack you."

"It is unnecessary to be concerned for the fate of this interface."

"You are a valuable agent, Yuki. Please enjoy your time off. The interfaces of the other factions will also be watching over you. Anything else?"

"No, Library. I understand and obey."

"Return to this spot in 44 hours to perform the data manipulation."