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I've gotten the annoying habit of jumping whenever the telephone rings. The monster rarely made house calls anymore, so his main way of contacting me is by phone.

Which is why I'm always jumpy whenever it rings-this time being no exception.

I was surprised though, that it was Yako. She usually only visits, never calls.

"Hey, this is rare. Normally the monster calls and not you."

"Um, well...I actually called because I need a favor."


Well, at least doing stuff for Yako was easier than the tasks the monster gave me.

"Whatcha need?"

"Actually, I'm here. Is it ok if I come in?"

"Why are you asking? You know you're always welcome to visit. Did you come to play more video games?"

There was such a long pause on the other end I thought she'd lost signal.

"Godai, I am really sorry."

"About what?"

I had barely finished speaking when the door flung open.

The first to walk through was not Yako. *Cheh* I see she brought the monster with her.

And to my surprise two other people as well, the only one of which I recognized was the monster's sister Kira.

Yako glanced nervously about the room.

"So, what's the party for?"

I glared lightly at the two I didn't know, a man with glasses and a woman who seemed to be trying to kill me with her glare.

Instinctively my hand brushed the jade knife in my boot. While not threatening, I couldn't shake the feeling of danger from the two.

Kira smiled brightly as she trotted over to sit on the desk.

"I was wondering if you wanted to help with a little problem Yako is having."


"People trying to kill her to be precise."

My eye's narrowed. "These guys?" I pointed at the people who had come in with her;

"Oh, no. These guys are harmless. It's the East and South Generals."

My breath stopped for a second, more out of surprise than fear. Of course it had to be such a serious assignment. I glanced at Yako and couldn't quite hold hold back a deep sigh. "My territory may have grown a lot recently, but my people won't be able to take on both generals at once. Not to mention it'd be a long and bloody battle. Though I doubt that's what Yako had in mind."

Kira's grinned widened. "So you're in then?"

If it saved Yako...

"Yeah. I'm in. So, who are the stiffs with you guys?"

Kira looked blankly at Yako.

Yako's friends then?

"Th-they're...pls." Yako barely muttered.


"What? I can't hear your mumbling."

She took a deep breath.

"They're police."






"Yako." I could tell my voice was seriously soft. "Please tell me you are joking."

This got an immediate reaction from the female...cop.

"You think we like it either? If it wasn't for Yako I'd have you and your violence group in hand cuffs by now!"

My fingers tightened on the knife.

"My chivalrous organization and I have done nothing wrong-you have no grounds to arrest me. However a harassment suit against you would hold up pretty well in court."

"Yako-san! Are you sure you trust this guy?"

Now THAT irritated me. After all the freakin' crap I had gone through with Yako, all the times I'd put myself in danger to get her information, and all the times I was freakin' worried to death, or worked myself to the bone for her, and the bleeding cop wanted to know if she trusted me?


The knife my finger's had been turning white around stuck firm in the desk, the hand I didn't know I'd moved still grabbing it.

Both cops had guns pulled and aimed at me in an instant. Their reaction time was so slow it was a good thing I didn't throw it. I'd have a dead cop in my office to clean up.

"Godai, Usui-san, Todoroki-san, everyone please just calm down." Yako's voice was soft and calm, and it didn't escape me it was the same voice she used on criminals.

"You know this low-life well enough not to use honorifics?" The female cop's voice did not sound pleased.

"Don't worry, Godai's trust worthy. He's probably the second person I trust most in this world."

I couldn't help but smile a bit at that.

The cop did not. Instead, her frown deepened. "The first being the alie-I mean Nogami...-san?"

Yako squirmed a bit. Perhaps this cop wasn't all bad if she didn't like the monster.

I returned the knife to it's sheath, and the cops reluctantly lowered their guns.

"So," Kira's smile was back. "who wants to hear the plan?"

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