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Notes: Yako's POV.

I was seriously hungry.

I hadn't stopped eating since we had gone back to the house.

My mom had been waiting for me, crying and thankful I was ok.

The look of shock on her face when she first saw me scared me though.

Not having taken time to look in a mirror, I hadn't realized just how covered in blood I was.

Neuro, of course, had fixed his clothes by this time, so I looked like I had killed ten men all on my own.

And after eating my weight in whatever we had in the fridge, I was still hungry.

My mom kept asking me questions the whole time I ate, and for once I was thankful for Neuro answering for me.

After dinner my mom insisted I go to bed, sure I would be exhausted after such an ordeal.

Actually, I wasn't all that tired.

Tired of being around people perhaps, but not really sleepy.

But she wouldn't hear a word of it, kicking Neuro out of the house and stuffing me into my room.

I had barely put on my PJs when I turned around to find Neuro on my ceiling.

I turned off the light and climbed into bed.

Neuro didn't say a word, his green eyes watching me as I pulled the covers up to my neck.

"Crazy day huh?"

Neuro didn't smile at my attempt at a joke.

I wondered if I was about to my scolding for getting kidnapped. It wasn't really my fault this time though, unless you count leaving the doors unlocked. But I didn't think locked doors would have stopped Masa anyway.

A hand reached down, barely touching my hair.

"Don't do anything like that every again louse. Don't worry about me, I'm strong enough with out your worry. Don't take risks. Stay safe. Stay where I can reach you."

The same cracked voice from earlier.

"It's my job to worry about you."

My words felt loud in the quiet of the room.

"I'm probably the only one who ever will. This job requires I take risks, and I can't expect you to follow me everywhere. I'm sorry, but I can't make that promise. I'm not sure I won't break it."

I reached up, my arm too short to reach Neuro, but trying to anyway.

"I wouldn't trade this life for a moment though. Not a single second of it, so don't ask me to. But we can make a deal if you want."

Neuro leaned forward, letting my finger tips brush the ends of his hair.

"I'll do my best to not worry if you don't worry too much about me. I'll take less risks if you promise not to take risks too. I'll try my best to stay safe as long as you promise to be safe too. And I promise to stay with you as much as possible if you promise to stay with me. Is it a deal?"

"I promise."

I smiled. "Then it's a deal."

My fingers lightly hit the batteries in Neuro's hair, causing them to bounce off one another with an odd clink sound.

"Do you know what trial mates call it when they agree to be with each other forever?"

Neuro paused, his fingertips no longer in my hair as he considered the question.

"What do they call it louse?"

Of course he wouldn't admit he didn't know.


Neuro nodded, not understanding the meaning of this. Not that I expected him to anyway.

"Are we still trial mates then?"

"We're one step up from that. We're fiancees."

Neuro sighed. "Humans have so many rituals for such a simple process."

I laughed softly. "Because to humans it's one of the most important decisions of their lives."

"More like they're indecisive about it."

I couldn't completely disagree with that.

There was a moment of silence.

"I'm sorry. That you had to give half your life span to me. It's almost completely halved now isn' it? My own life span was probably too little to make much of a difference."

Neuro looked surprised at my apology. "I suppose. But if I had the rest of my life span you won't be alive for it. What would the point of that be?"

Said so simply.

So matter-of-factually.

As if it was a given.

I felt myself move automatically; pulling myself up, first sitting on my bed then standing. I shut my eyes as my lips brushed Neuro's, a soft and faint kiss. A kiss that had eaten all of my courage.

I felt my nerves shake slightly as I pulled back, Neuro's eyes on mine as I sat back down on the bed.

My every nerve and brain cell was focused on Neuro.

Waiting for his reaction.

"Exactly what is the purpose of a kiss? Not to share food apparently."

Neuro was completely unaffected by it.

I found myself laughing, more at my nerves then at the situation.

What in the world was I so nervous for? Not like Neuro would understand anyway.

Neuro's eyes narrowed, thinking I was laughing at him, but he waited for my answer.

My laughter faded to a smile.

"You kiss someone to show how much you love them."

Neuro thought about that.

"Then how much did your kiss say you loved me?"

My smile grew. "Very, very much."

He nodded, leaning down until his lips touched mine, copying the same kiss I had given him.

"Then mine means the same does it not?"

I smiled up at the man above me.

The crazy, arrogant, vain, possessive, brilliant, childish, other-worldly man sitting on my ceiling.

The man I loved.

"Yeah, it means the same."

Thank god he loved me back.