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Notes: Yako's POV.

I took a deep breath, fingers fiddling with the bouquet in my hand.

"This is really nervous-making. What if I trip of something?"

Neuro smiled, his arm wrapped around mine.

"I can make sure of it for you."


The smile hadn't left his face, and I found myself worrying that he'd actually do it.

"Seriously! Think about Ishigaki-san! Do you really want to mess up his big day?"

Neuro picked me up by my arm, leaving my legs dangling and pumps threatening to fall off.

"I'm already wearing the suit you wanted me to, and walking twenty feet in front of hundreds of humans, and standing for no apparent reason for thirty minutes after that. I have a feeling he'll over look your clumsiness louse."

I frowned, fighting to pull away from him without ruining my dress or hair, being careful to avoid the eyes of the couples waiting behind us.

"Neuro! Make me trip walking down the aisle and I will make the next week of your life as miserable as possible."

"I don't doubt it for a moment louse."

I was plopped back down on my feet a second before the door opened.

A slightly forced smile worked it's way onto my lips as Neuro and I walked painfully slowly with far too many eyes on us.

My fingers grabbed onto Neuro's sleeve, the action hidden by my arm.

Neuro glanced down at me, his smile widening.

We stepped up on the platform, Ishigaki-san already there.

Nodding at us subtlely he smiled a very nervous smile, hands weaved together and a slight look of panic on his face.

Surely he off all people wasn't getting cold feet at the altar was he?

He leaned over to whisper to Neuro.

"She's coming right? She was behind you guys in a dress and everything right?"

I held back a smile. Leave it to Ishigaki-san to be nervous at the altar because he's afraid his bride-to-be bailed on him.

"Of course she was." Neuro spoke the words matter-of-factly, already growing bored.

The music changed and Ishigaki-san jumped slightly, forcing himself to straighten and turn towards the aisle-way.

The doors opened and there Todoroki-san stood, dressed in white and glowing with a smile.

The room went silent with respective awe as she began her walk down the aisle.

"How slowly is she going to walk?"

Neuro's whisper was extremely soft, but I saw the other two couples behind us glare. They had definitely heard.

"Quiet Neuro! It's very rude to talk right now!" I barely mouthed the words, but he rolled his eyes at them.

It slightly scared me how good his hearing was. I could never talk about him behind his back that's for sure.

Nothing bad anyway.

I'm sure he'd get a kick out of hearing me compliment him.


Yeah, I probably shouldn't do that either.

Todoroki-san had reached the podium, and Ishigaki-san looked like his face was broken, a mix of awe and happiness.

Neuro twitched, having already stood still for a good five minutes.

My instincts kicked in.


Too late.

I was face down on the wood floor, dress wrinkled and flowers squashed.

With a slight bounce I popped back on my feet, a smile and apology on my lips.

And that is how the ceremony started.




I cringed as I forced a smile, apologizing for the fifth time to the Ishigaki-sans.

Shizuka-san laughed. "Don't worry about it Yako-san. Your clumsiness is well known in the police force. I was surprised you didn't fall walking down the aisle."

I could feel my smile crack slightly.

"I was shocked too. Thank you so much for being so nice about it. I was worried I had ruined your big day."

Jun-san looked shocked. "Eh~! How could you do that?!"

Shizuka-san smiled, winking at me as she spoke. "Men. They never understand these things." She shot a weak glare at Neuro after she spoke, but she was on a bridal happiness high, and there was no real menace behind it.

"Thanks for being my best man Neuro-tan~." Neuro blinked lazily at Jun-san, still pouting from the screaming out I had given him. "All my otouto's were fighting over it, and I thought this would be the best solution~!"

And had made Neuro an enemy of all of them no doubt.

Not that I cared at the moment.

I was ignoring him again.

And contemplating exactly how to get my revenge.

I seem to be growing more and more evil as I grew older. Maybe it was just my true disposition coming out, or-most likely-it was my choice of association.


I turned to smile brightly at two people I had only met recently - Shizuka-san's parents.

"Hi! I told you, just call me Yako!"

Neuro turned away from the small group who had gathered around the Ishigaki-san's, and faced the two who addressed me.

He was getting bored again, with me no longer speaking to him, Jun-san swarmed by others congratulating him, and Kira and Godai not being welcome at a wedding who's guests are ninety percent police officers.

Actually, Jun-san had wanted to invite them, and Kira had wanted to come, but Shizuka-san and Godai had both answered with a resounding 'NO!'.

I wonder at times how such sane people ended up with the obviously insane.

And then I remembered I wasn't one to talk.

"This must be your fiancée Nogami-san! Shizuka-san had been so surprised when she heard of your engagement on the news!"

Neuro had never really understood the importance of being engaged, and thus he hadn't had any issue mentioning it to whoever asked about our relationship. Poor Godai did all he could to keep it contained, but you can only really do so much. And once one news station had reported it all of them were.

I tried to smile while forcing myself not to look at Neuro. He always grinned when our engagement was mentioned. But not because he was happy-no, that would be far too sweet a reason. He was grinning because he knew it annoyed me he had let the cat out the bag. So he viewed everyone knowing of it as sort of a running joke. A joke I didn't find funny.

"How do you do Todoroki-sans?" He bowed slightly, a look of innocence on his face.

"Oh my! How polite! You've got yourself a fine catch here Yako-san."

Your daughter thinks otherwise.

"You know, I must admit when Shizuka fist introduced us to Jun we were rather shocked. We didn't think he was her type at all, not to mention he works at a butler cafe!"

Yeah, he really likes it there. He gets to cosplay and everything.

"But when we learned he used to be the police chief and quit so he could date Shizuka we were just tickled pink! And now Shizuka is the police chief, but Jun doesn't seem to mind at all! What an amazing man!"

Now they were just bragging. Or maybe they were convincing themselves Jun-san was the perfect husband for their daughter. Well, at least he was as devoted as a puppy.

"Jun is definitely a good mate choice for your daughter. I'm sure their spawn will be defect free."

I felt my smile hitch a bit as Neuro spoke. I had insisted he say nothing at all bad about his "dear friend" Jun-san, but couldn't he have used a different choice of words?

I laughed awkwardly as the Todoroki's wondered what to say.

"He's working on his Japanese. It's not his native language, so some times he picks up weird words."

Well, it was pretty much the truth anyway.

The puzzled looks on their faces disappeared as they laughed, and I quickly excused Neuro and myself.

As soon as we were out of ear shot I whirled on Neuro.

"What the heck?! Think before you speak!"

"Oh, you're talking to me now?"

I glared at him.

He continued without waiting for a response. "I didn't insult them did I?"

"You almost did! 'Their children will be born without defects'?!"

"I didn't say that. I said it probably will be. I can't say something I'm not sure of."


Why can't he just be normal for once?!

"Whatever. And don't think this means I've forgotten you tripping me earlier. I am definitely going to remember that."

"You made me go to Jun's bachelor party!"

"So?! All you had to do was go to an anime convention!"

"Wearing a costume!"

"It was just a black suit!"

"And you died my hair black and made me take my batteries out!"

"Sebastian doesn't have triangles in his hair!"

We both glared at each other for another minute before I sighed.

"Look, now really isn't the time to argue. Let's just act as happy as we can until the reception is over with."

"Why do humans have such gatherings? To thank those who visited their mate ceremony with free food?"

"Don't call it that! But kinda. And to get to talk to friends. Not that you would understand that."

It was Neuro's turn to sigh. "How tedious. I suppose you'll want the same thing at our mate ceremony."

"Please just call it a wedding, and we haven't even decided when to get married."

"You mean you haven't decided."

"Same thing isn't it?"

Neuro smiled at my words, pulling me closer and planting a soft kiss on my lips. "Of course."

I had never really told Neuro that kissing wasn't exactly just expressing that he loved me. But it was close anyway, so I figured it didn't matter.

And it kinda made me warm inside to know every time Neuro kissed me it was like he was saying 'I love you', so it wasn't a misunderstanding I was planning on clearing up.

Though I had to explain to him that deeper kisses were not polite in front of other people.

"Look who's flirting so openly in public." The voice behind me sounded extremely familiar, but when I turned to look I didn't recognize the woman I was facing.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?"

Neuro was frowning deeply, and the woman just smiled at me. "It'll come to you in a minute."

"Stop playing around and just get going." I did recognize the man behind her however, even with the hat lowered to cover his eyes as much as possible.

"Kira?! Godai?! What the heck are you guys doing here?!" I hissed the words, knowing more than a few of the guests would be able to recognize the Dark Monarch, even if he wasn't wearing butterfly cufflinks.

"We just stopped by to drop a present off. Kira insisted."

The woman who was apparently Kira smiled, giving me a big hug. "You look so pretty! A shame we can't spend more time chatting. One of Shinobu's districts is getting kinda rowdy, and we're heading there to put the riff-raff back in their place."

I cringed, hoping none of the nearby cops could hear this. "Well, have fun."

I turned to head back to my seat, but quickly turned back around.

"Actually, would you mind if I go with you? Perhaps I can help with a diplomatic solution."

Kira's eyes lit up. "Of course!" Godai rolled his eyes but didn't say anything.

I smiled. "Let me just grab my purse and say good-bye to the Ishigaki-san's."

"We'll be in the car." Godai-san pulled a grinning Kira with him, looking slightly annoyed with the situation in general.

I waltzed back to the table, whispering the situation to Shizuka-san and grabbing my purse.

Neuro followed me towards the door, stopping as I turned to look at him. "And where exactly are you going?"

Neuro's eyes widened slightly before narrowing. "With you."

"Oh, I don't think so. Some one needs to stay here and support Jun-san and Shizuka-san. And since I'm needed with Godai and Kira you're the one who's going to stay."

Neuro looked beyond shocked, unsure of what to say.

"Stay here for two more hours or I'm not helping you with another case for a month. A month. Got that? Stay."

There was definite anger seething behind Neuro's pointed teeth as I walked out the door, but I could feel a smile on my face.

Being stuck in a big group of people was torture for Neuro.

Torture that he sorely deserved for making me trip during the wedding.

I had warned him after all.