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5: The Plague Called Glimmer

"C'mon, who has number 14?" Cato repeated once more, obviously getting annoyed that nobody had claimed him yet.

Annie pushed me forward. "Go!"

"I'm not going in there!" I retorted, turning on my heel. As I was beginning to walk away, a gruff hand grabbed my shoulder. Without turning around, I automatically knew who it was.

"So… #14, huh?" Cato's breath on my shoulders made me shiver. Why did I even come to this party again? Oh, yeah. Glimmer.

Sighing dramatically, I glared at him. "When Glimmer comes out, I'll give her my slip. Have fun with your girlfriend in there instead."

"Oops. Not gonna happen~!" Before I knew it, Cato had thrown me over his shoulder, running into the only empty room.

Dropping me onto the bed, he sat awkwardly beside me, rubbing the back of his neck. "Seven minutes. I think you can wait that long."

Glaring at him, I turned away. "If you begin to strip, I will accuse you of harassment."

He laughed awkwardly, though it seemed different than his usual cocky attitude as he pulled on the collar of his shirt. "Oh, really? Well, it is getting pretty hot in here…"

"Don't you dare!" I remarked scooting as far away from him as possible. This led me to leaning up against the closet door. "I'm warning you!"

He chuckled, a clear smirk on his features. Before I knew it, he had begun to remove his jacket and tossing it on the bed, which left him in his jeans and a skin-tight muscle shirt.

My cheeks warmed up unconsciously. I swear. This guy was going to be the DEATH of me.

Oh, but that's not all. Soon enough, I was hunched over, trying to avoid seeing his body. "Oh, I think this shirt is getting too tight, no?" The silence that followed confirmed my suspicion of him wearing only his jeans and boxers… if he was even wearing any… Mentally barfing, I gagged. Bad image. BAD IMAGE.

A small sound made me look up. Oh gosh. He was now unbuckling his belt, getting ready to pull his pants down.

"Oh my GOD, STOP IT!" I screeched, suddenly remembering that it was previously quiet.

He placed a finger upon his lips, standing only in his boxers. "Shush! They'll think we're having-" He stopped mid-sentence, crawling in front of me. "Unless you want-"

This time I cut him off, tackling him to the ground. "SHUT UP."

Tilting his head, he brought it closer to my face. "Oooh, feisty, aren't we?"

"Hey, time's up-"

The entrance of a new voice brought me back to reality. Oh, gosh no.

Finnick stared down at us, mouth slightly open. Crap. Crap. Crap. Do you know how bad it is to have someone walk in on a scene in which a girl is on top of a nearly naked guy?

Finnick's lips transformed into a crooked smile. "Should I give you guys more time, or…?"

"No, no, NO!" I jolted up, off the floor and out the bedroom door, grunting in the process. "Unlike half the girls here, I'm not easy!"

The main room's lot of people mainly were quiet. Others cheered. In annoyance, I linked Katniss's arm through mine, ready to storm through the front door.

"Woah, woah, WOAH," Katniss replied to my telling of what had happened inside the bedroom. I had stopped dragging her and we were now sitting by the front door. "So? Don't leave yet. We'll just make a fool out of Cato AND Glimmer."

I stopped in my tracks, spinning on my heel to face Katniss. She reached into her bag, the can of whipped cream barely being shown. "Remember this?"

I'm fairly certain that a distorted smile took over my features. That was why we came here in the first place, right?

"Katniss, Clove, look!" Annie peeked around the corner, grabbing onto each of our arms. "This is really, really, gross, but…"

She didn't have to continue. "Gale!" Katniss shrieked. I wasn't even sure what I was seeing. There, laying on the table, was a drunk looking Gale… stripping. Sexual drunk. Worst kind. "What the heck are you doing!?"

"Nothing!" he slurred, wrapping an arm around Madge, who frowned in disapproval. By the way she subtly cringed when he talked, it wasn't hard to tell that his breath had tinges of alcoholic drinks. To be honest, I didn't view Gale as one to… get so drunk so easily…

"Okay. Someone needs to take him home!" Katniss shrieked. When I volunteered, she sent me a cold glare and instead forced Peeta to take him back.

Annie then stalked over to us, pouting. "Guys, I'm tired. My head hurts and I think that someone spiked the punch and Finnick is making out with someone else and it makes me sad and I just really wanna do the thing with Glimmer now-"

"Oh my God!"

The three- actually, four. I didn't notice Madge- of us turned simultamiousy, where we saw Glimmer pointing a finger at Annie, he face laced with pure disgust. "You wanna 'do the thing' with me? Omg. Are you a lesbian?"

Annie's face paled considerably. "W-What? No! That's… that's not…!"

"Annie Cresta is a lesbian! Annie is a lesbian!" Glimmer chanted, getting a few others to join in, including Cashmere. Cato stood in the corner, shaking his head. "You're fucking disgusting!"

"I'm… I'm not! That's not what-" Annie pouted, retaliating for a moment. "Even if I was, are you saying that you're a homophobe?"

Glimmer paused for a second. "What? Of course not!"

"You butt! You called me disgusting for being a lesbian!"

"What? So you're saying that you are?"

"No! I'm just saying that if I was-"

"She's not a lesbian."

Once again, we all turned at the sound of a new voice. Was it bad that I was praying that it was Cato? I knew that he was a good guy, but… I didn't really believe it. Either way, I was satisfied with who had entered.

"Finnick? And how would you know?" Glimmer retorted, placing her hands on her hips. Her attempt to look menacing had failed.

"Because Annie is absolutely, completely in love with me."

WHAT? Did he seriously just say that?! Annie's face was already starting to turn tomato red as she buried it into Madge's shoulder. The room turned silent as well, watching the confrontation between Finnick, Glimmer, and Annie.

"So?" Glimmer finally responded. "That could mean that she's bisexual, or-"

"Cut it out!" I finally jumped in, slipping a can of whipped cream out of Katniss's bag. "You're a bitch, you know?"

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. "For me to be offended by that, I'd have to value your opinion first. Why does it matter? Oh, wait! You're a lesbian, too, aren't you?"

That did it. Did she not understand that I wanted to be friends with Annie? Did she not understand that friends stuck up for one another?

"You… you…!" I didn't have to finish. In the next moment, Madge snuck up behind Glimmer and scooped a glob of peanut butter down her shirt.

More silence. Then Glimmer let out an ugly, ugly shriek. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" she screamed at Madge. With a swift movement, she backhanded Madge, the sound erupting throughout the room.

Okay. THAT also did it. In a fit, I tackled Glimmer to the ground. "You did not just do that!" I barked.

"Oh, but I did!" She struggled under me, finally rolling over so that she was on top. Straddling me, she began to continuously slap me.

I didn't expect it, but next came Katniss. She tackled Glimmer off of me and began to wrestle her on her own.

"Break it up!"

Cato's voice boomed throughout the room, taking heavy strides towards us. "Katniss, get off of her!"

She was about to object, but the cold glare he sent her made he quickly get off. He gripped my wrist in his left hand and Glimmer's in his right. Nearly throwing us into the bedroom, he shut the door behind him.

"Why did you bring… her of all people in here with me?" Glimmer shrieked, looking ready to pounce. "I'd much rather prefer Madge, Annie, even fucking Katniss!"

"I did it because it all comes down to you two! You provoked Annie just because she's a friend of Clove, didn't you?"

Glimmer slunk back into the bed, yet she didn't object. Bingo.

"Cato, let me out."

He turned to me. "What?"

"Let me out!" I repeated. "I'm leaving. As fun as this was, I have a… curfew?" The last sentence turned out more like a question, but he reluctantly let me out of the room and locked it behind him again.

Leaning my head against the door, I could hear Glimmer purr and say something about them finally being alone together. I could literally hear them making out.


Stalking away, I found Annie huddled behind Madge as Finnick tried to talk to her. When she saw me, she instantly brightened and left them.

"Clove," she sniffed, "thank you."

I gave her a small smile in response. "It's fine. But are you alright?"

"I am."

I nodded towards Finnick. "Talk to him."

Her expression instantly turned cold. "He said that he just said it to help. That's so embarrassing!"

Katniss came on the scene, embracing Annie in a hug. "What's the verdict? Where's Glimmer? Cato?"

"They're busy making out. Gross much?" I responded, rubbing my temple. Annie was right. Someone must have spiked the punch. "Anyways, I think I'm heading home for tonight."

"Alright, bye!" Annie waved back.

"Wait!" Katniss called. "Can I see your phone?"

"Uhh… okay?" I held it out. Katniss punched something in, then handed it to Annie, who did the same thing.

Handing it back, Katniss gave a thumbs up. "Our phone numbers. Let's hang out soon, alright?"


As I left the house, regardless of Cato and Glimmer, I felt content for the first time this year.

-What Wasn't-

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