I Had Enough: A Nicole Bella & John Cena Story

Chapter 2: Seeing each other for the 1st time

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Present Time

"I can't believe we are working for WWE!" Brie yelled to her sister as they entered the RAW arena. "Yeah! Even though everyone knows what we did after last weeks incident" Nikki told her sister.

"Yeah, but now we have a few tricks up our sleeves" Brie said with a devious smile. "Totally, the WWE Universe will never see this coming!" Nikki said. "Hey I'm going to the vending machine, want anything?" Nikki asked.

"Yeah, some Doritos please" Brie said as she headed towards their locker room.

Nikki went the vending machine to get Doritos for Brie and Sour Patch Kids for herself. As she headed towards the locker room, she saw two men chatting and hanging out with the other Superstars she recognizes. Hmm…they look utterly familiar, Nikki thought then got a glimpse of the one in the green. No, Nikki thought. It couldn't be.

"NIKKI!" Brie yelled.

"What?" Nikki asked.

"What's taking so long! I'm like literally starving" Brie answered.

"Hey Brie, you know those two men look very familiar" Nikki told her sister.

"Do we know them?" "Probably" Brie said as she opened her bag of Doritos and starting eating some.

"Hey girls" Kelly Kelly greeted. "Hey Kels" Nikki said.

"You guys better get ready, our match is next!" Kelly reminded them.

"Okay see you out there!" Brie exclaimed. The sisters then changed into their outfit, the one they used to go against Victoria and Natalya in London, and headed out towards the curtains waiting for Kelly's theme song to go on. They were up against Natalya, Victoria and Layla. After the match was finished, The Bella Twins and Kelly won, obviously, since Nikki made a pin to Layla.

"Okay, now that was a nice match!" Kelly said. "Well I got to go change! See ya girls in a bit"

"Bye" The twins said at the same time.

"HEY BRIE! NIKKI!" a voice yelled. They both turned around to see the tag team Champs, Primo and Carlito, with the crowd of Superstars Nikki saw earlier. "Hey Guys" The twins said as they walked over to them.

"Congrats on the match" Primo said as he put his arm around Brie.

"Thanks" Nikki said as Carlito put his arm around Nikki.

"You met Jeff, Matt Rey and Dave right?" The guys asked. The Twins nodded.

"And you guys probably know John Cena and Randy Orton" Carlito said. John Cena…Randy Orton where did I hear that name before other than WWE, Nikki thought but then introduced herself and her sister.

"Hi I'm Nicole Bella, but people call me Nikki" she said. Nikki Bella, the Nikki Bella? John thought as he remembered the times he had fun with a girl like her when he was little.

"And this is my little sister Brianna" Nikki continued. "But please, call me Brie" Brie added.

"You two remind me of someone" Randy said "But I can't remember".

"Let me guess, we remind you of twin girls that you guys met in John's backyard and became your best friends until they had to move to Scottsdale when they were 11 years old" Brie said as she crossed her arm.

"How did you two know that?" John asked.

"Are they really this oblivious?" Nikki asked her sister as Brie shrugged.

"John, it's us! Nicole and Brianna" Nikki said as the guys remembered them.

"Well look at the time! We have that match" The guys said as they waved to them bye.

"Oh yeah that's right! So how's it going?" John asked. "Ehh...its ok" Nikki answered.

"She just went through a bad break-up" Brie whispered to the guys.

"Are you okay" Randy asked. Nikki gave him a thumbs up and a smile.

"Good cause I hate to see you all gloomy" John said.

"This isn't first time though" Nikki said. "What do you mean?" John asked.

"Hey John, Randy your match is next" one of the guys said. "Lets get going John" Randy said as he began to drag John.

"It was nice seeing you guys again" Nikki exclaimed as the twins saw them make their way to the ramp.

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