Chapter 1

"Hmmm. . . I think he should stay this way." Jenks said, as he was flying around and laughing at the mink in front of him.

"I agree. And then enter him into some rat fights where he may die even though I will deny that he can die." I stared at the mink. He started chittering, in what appeared as anger, and ran from one end to the other. I think Trent paces when he is angry. It was funny.

Because of me, everyone's favorite drug lord and elf dad, Trent Kalamack, had lost his fingers. But because of him, I was still alive. Therefore I offered him his fingers back by a simple transformation spell. Trent agreed. Of course, he had no idea what he was going to become.

Mink Trent jumped on the chair to the table and onto my shoulder. I looked askance at him and he glared at me. Nyah Nyah Nyahhhh. See how he likes it.

A soft knock interrupted our staredown and Ceri peeked in. "Rachel, are you and Trenton done yet?"

Jenks flew over to her and circled her head twice. "I think Rachel and the Cookie Maker are having a stand-off."

"Another one?"

"This will end in a mess I tell you." Jenks complained. Ceri grins and says, "or maybe it will end in cherry pie again." I looked at her blankly and Trent hurriedly gets off my shoulder. I quickly muttered the transformation spell and the little Mink turned back into Trent. A very naked Trent.

"Put some fairy-farted clothes on!" Jenks shrieked, flying away. Ceri turned around and left as if there wasn't a very hot and naked man in front of her. I looked away, knowing my face was as red as a turn-blasted tomato. I heard rustling as Trent put on clothes. Trent needed mirrors in here, so I could catch a glimpse of him shirtless without him noticing.

"Why do you have to always be so unprofessional Rachel." Trent said, going out the door of his office. "This should have taken seconds, and all you want to do torture me. I almost prefer the angry Rachel."

I followed him, happy as I can be. "Oh I don't know, I think I like this Rachel. Things haven't gone wrong in months."

"Don't jinx it. Something unfortunate is going to happen now that you said that." Trent teased as we walked to the barn outside where everyone had migrated. The field Was transformed with tables, chairs, streamers, and balloons. Instead of Trent's employees looking harried and professional, clowns, magicians and guests were mingling. Children of all different ages are playing various birthday games like pin the tail on the donkey and magical chairs.

"I can't believe you got clowns Trent. They're creepy." I grumbled, heading over to where Ivy was sitting and talking to Nina and Ceri. Ivy decided to invite Nina along to the party. It's not like she had kids, and since Glenn left town, she has been even more moody and quick to vamp out. Hanging out with Nina had kept her disposition better, so I was all for it.

Today was Lucy's 1st birthday. I could not believe that this little girl had gotten to so big. With hair like her father and eyes like her evil biological mother, she really was one of the cutest babies ever. The other cute baby, Ray, was hanging out with her father. They were sitting quietly in a chair, content with the world. We even brought Jenks' whole brood. It was warmer now so they could enjoy the party. They were enjoying flying around and making pretty colors for Lucy, who kept on jumping up and down trying to grab them while giggling adorably.

"You deserve clowns after what you put me through." Trent picked up Lucy and set her down next to him. She stood up on the bench, her legs not as wobbly as before. She climbed on to the table and walks over to the cake. That can't be good. Lucy immediately went over to the cake and stuck her hand in it. Ceri groaned at the mess on Lucy's hand, which she immediately smushed onto her face. Ceri said wearingly "Trenton . . . "

Trent sighed, shaking his head. "Coming back as a human has disoriented me."

"You're not human." Ivy pointed out.

Trent grinned, "close enough." I rolled my eyes and soaked the sun in. Even though it was loud out and lots of kids were hooting and hollering, I felt a certain peace. The last 3 months have been very quiet. Al, my demon teacher, kept popping over, avoiding his, and mine, demonkin. It bothered me a lot at first, but now it had become part of my daily life. Along with hanging out with Trent. Although, it wasn't really hanging out since it was work related. We were trying to trace HAPA and the men-who-don't-belong. Trent wanted to sell stuff to them,while I wanted to know for professional reasons. And it gave me a good excuse to look at Trent's behind. Hey, just because I didn't want to date the guy didn't mean I couldn't look. And now that we were friends and somewhat partners, I had a lot of chances to look too.

Ceri got up to clean Lucy up and Jenks followed her. The table was left with Ivy, Nina, Trent and I. And there was dead silence. It is awkward because the combination of all four of us hasn't happened without other people being around. I had to break the silence. "How was visiting home Nina?"

She looked up with sorrow in her eyes, "it was okay." Ivy leaned over and patted her on the hands. Nina gave her a smile. "If Ivy wasn't there I might never have made it." A few months ago, Nina had her body taken over by her master, and it tore her to shreds. Visiting her family meant she had to see him and face up to what happened in person. She didn't want to do it alone, and Ivy tagged along with Nina to keep her eye on things.

I smiled inwardly at the grateful tone in Nina's voice. I knew how she felt. I wouldn't have made it through all my troubles if it weren't for Ivy and Jenks. Going from a witch to a shunned witch to a demon had not been an easy transition. And yes, easy was a total understatement.

There wasn't really anyone I can relate to about it. No one really understands. Ivy used to have Kisten, and now Nina, who understood her struggles with finding a blood balance and sex. Jenks has had Belle to keep him company now that he was slowly getting ready to move on. Who do I have?

Quen joined in with Ray and the group started talking about Trent's security measures. I got restless so I walked to the house and found Ceri in the girl's bedroom, cleaning up Lucy. Lucy was squirming and trying to get away from her mom. It looked like she was looking for a way to go have adventures. Ceri, on the other hand, had a look that of a soldier. A soldier who was going to get that dress onto the baby and have a clean child under any possible circumstance.

"Need help?" I offered, picking up the used diaper and putting it in the diaper pail.

"Thanks Rachel. Sometimes I don't think Trenton realizes that his babies are now walking and getting their hands in things."

"He's a dad." I shrugged. "his babies will always be babies."

Ceri laughed, "that is true. Listen Rachel, I wanted to talk to you about something. I need to tell you first before we went public with it." I was intrigued. I sat down on the rocking chair. "what's up?" Ceri picked Lucy up and sat her down on the ground where the toys were at. She came up to and sat on the footstool. She took my hand looked at me levelly. I was surprised. "Ceri, is anything wrong? Do I need to go kick someone's butt? Is it Al?"

Ceri shook her head, "no, no! It is serious but not bad. And because you are my closest friend I wanted to tell you first." She took a deep breath. "I'm getting married."