There's a dead girl in my mirror

She gives me apples for my lunch

Poisoned apples

The poisoned apples cause much dilemma

They make my friends worry

And my mom yells

That I'm a selfish bitch

And I deserve to be homeless

Because I'll have better things to think about


There's a dead girl in my mirror

But every time I get close to her

They draw me away

Truth is, I want to be pretty like her

And be friends

We could count our ribs together

We could eat poisoned apples for every meal

And cause much dilemma

There's a dead girl in my mirror

She won't tell me why

But I know

My friend eats poisoned apples

Counts her ribs

And causes dilemma

Because she wants to be perfect

She wants people to tell her that she is

Not because she wants attention

Or is a selfish bitch

But she wants to believe it herself

There's a dead girl in my mirror

Everyone whisks her away

But she remains there

I look at her

And I look back at myself.

~Author's Note: this is somewhat abstract, yes, but I (hope) it is understandable. Its for that girl fighting her reflection, her image, her label, and what she does about it. This is because sometimes, your choice isn't always the right one, but its what you chose at the time. And you can't stop once you start...~