So this is about the next generation of heroes. The team's kids! I'm posting each family as a separate chapter, so don't worry.

Tigress and Kid Flash

Iris West walked into her great-aunt's house. "Mom! Dad! Aunt Iris! I'm here!" she called into the house. A red blur tackled her.

"Tien!" it used her middle name instead of her first. "You're back!"

Iris laughed and ruffled her little brother's red hair. He was wearing a Flash t-shirt. "Hey Aiden. I missed you," she told him. Another blur came next to her. "Hi Dad," she said as she hugged Wally.

"Good to see you, Tien. How's school?" her father asked.

"A breeze," Tien said, rolling her eyes. She had inherited her parents' smarts.

"Wests!" Artemis's voice came from the kitchen, "Come have dinner!"

The three raced in. The boys arrived before Tien due to her inheriting only half of her father's abilities. Her metabolism was also fast but not as bad as her brother's.

"So what did you guys need to talk to me about?" Tien asked when she sat down at the table.

He father opened his mouth to speak but Iris Allen cut him off, "Now, now, none of that. Superhero business after dinner."

"Yes Aunt Iris," Tien and Wally replied. Artemis laughed at how much they were alike.

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