Becoming Heroes Timeline


February- Olivia Lance is born.

August- Jason Todd is born.

2009: J'onn visits Mars and M'gann stows away on his ship.


July- Young Justice is formed. Original members: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian.

August- Artemis joins Young Justice.

November- Zatanna joins Young Justice.

December- Red Arrow joins Justice League. Rocket joins Young Justice.

2011: Barbra Gordon becomes Batgirl.

2012: Artemis and Wally start officially dating on New Year's Day.

2013: Artemis takes maternity leave.

2014: Iris Tein Crock is born. She and Artemis become Wests three months later.


April- Dick and Zatanna start dating.

May- Dinah tells Oliver about Olivia.

October- Dinah and Olivia become Queens.

2016: Conner and M'gann get married.


May- Kara M'rimm Kent is born.

June- Zatanna leaves Dick and disappears, only conversing with Artemis on occasion.

July- Kaldur'ahm is killed.

August- Garth becomes Aqualad.

October- Young Justice disbands.

November- Dick and Barbra start dating.

December- Roy and Jade get married.


February- Tim Drake is born.

March- Zachery Geni Zatara is born.

August- Dick becomes Nightwing


January- Lian Bich Harper is born.

June- Conner becomes Kon-El. M'gann becomes Ms. Martian.

September- Dick and Barbra get married.

October- Barbra becomes Oracle.


March- Aiden Long West is born.

July- Jason Todd becomes the ward of Bruce Wayne

November- Stephanie Mary Grayson is born.

December- Barry Allen dies. Wally becomes Flash.

2021: Jason becomes the second Robin.

2022: Dick acquires ownership of 'The Haly International Traveling Circus'.

2023: Daniel J'onn Kent and Mathew N'ell Kent are born.

2024: Olivia becomes Green Canary.

2025: Damian James Grayson is born.

2026: Jason is killed by the Joker.


January- Tien becomes Tigress, partner to Red Arrow.

June- Cassandra Brenna Grayson is born

2028: Tim Drake becomes the ward of Bruce Wayne.

2029: Tim becomes the third Robin.

2030: Jason is taken into the Helmet of Fate.

2031: Stephanie becomes the second Batgirl.

2032: Lian becomes Huntress, partner to Red Arrow.


January- Aiden becomes Kid Flash, partner to Flash.

March- Dr. Fate goes missing.

May- Kara receives her bio ship.

June- Zach becomes Zatara. Teen Titans is formed.

Well there you go. A complete timeline. This story takes place on Earth-16c.5, so it sorta fallows the timeline of the show, but there are some differences. And yes the team will be called the Teen Titans because I am boring like that. I hope I didn't miss anything. If I did, let me know.
Oh, and I threw Jason in there cuz I might want to use him later. (Also, I couldn't stand having a year where nothing happened) He was/is in the Helmet of Fate so he's not dead anymore.
Yes, I killed off Kal. I had to kill someone! Plus I find him somewhat irritating. Don't hate me!
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