Decided to write this; it's about when the gang gets back to Palau. Enjoy and review (please!)!

"And we're back!" Gabato practically jumped for joy as he landed The Nautilus next to the old docks of Palau.

"Good, because I'm certainly tired of that island," Alexander's chuckle came from the circle the rest of them were sitting in.

"Well, there isn't an island anymore," Hank added.

"Let's wait a hundred-and-a-half more years," Sean threw up the information, probably trying to impress Kailani.

"Well first thing's first: we need to get you to a doctor's Sean. That ankleā€¦," Hank worried aloud. "Are there any local doctors around Palau, Gabato?"

"Certainly not!" Gabato joked. "We have to go quite a ways to find a decent doctor!"

Hank sighed. "Sean, let me look at you're leg again."

In response, the stepson reached down to his injured appendage that was propped up on his backpack and rolled up his pant-leg, revealing a still swollen limb. He started to unwrap the temporary bandage. He stopped after he gave a tiny, but noticeable wince.

"Here, let me," Hank rushed as he saw Sean's small moment of discomfort. Hank finished unwrapping; only with a few more twitches from his stepson. The whole ankle was a giant bruise: swelling, discoloration, it was a mess. Had Alexander not properly put Sean's foot back into place after he dislocated it? Had Hank not properly secured the leg? Had Sean been moving around too much? "This doesn't look too good," Hank concluded.

"It doesn't feel too good either," Sean hissed as his stepfather felt his injury.

"It's okay, Sean," Kailani comforted him. "Will another kiss help?"

"You know, I think it might," Sean managed a smile as Kailani planted a kiss on his cheek.

Hank looked back down at Sean's ankle and smirked.

"What?" Sean turned to stare at Hank.

"Your Mom is going to kill me."