The woman seated at the desk pulled out a resume. "So, why are you applying for this job?"

"I need something to occupy my time," he said, straight-faced.

"Occupy your time?"

"Something to keep me busy. I have things I need to distract myself from."

The interviewer was shocked at his honesty. "So you want this job as a time waster?"


The interviewer was amused, but didn't let it show. "Why this job?"

"Bartending? Well, bars are historically the place you go when you want to forget something, or distract yourself from your problems. The thing is, I don't drink. I don't have any desire to drown myself in alcohol every night. Still, the idea of a bar beckons to me, promising to help me forget my problems," he finished poetically.

The interviewer finally laughed. "That's an interesting idea you have there." She looked down at his resume. "And do you have any experience with mixing drinks?"

"Not a lick. Never touched one."

"Alright… I believe those are all the questions I have. You'll get a call sometime soon if you got the job. Thank you for your interest." She stood up and motioned to the door.

He obeyed, but before leaving her office said "No, thank you."

As the door swung shut, the interviewer let a smile blossom on her face. She opened the folder containing his resume again. Curious man. Waiting about thirty seconds, she picked up her phone and dialed the number on the paper. He answered after the third ring. "Hello?"

"Yes, Mr. Kamui Gakupo? I would like to inform you that you got the job."

Short intro chapter is short...

So here's how it went- I've been writing with a friend of mine for about two months or so, and I've kind of become obsessed with the GakuLuka pairing. I'm not naturally a "AHMIGOSH THEY'RE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE" type of girl, but I think I've turned into one... D:

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However, reading these unfinished fics sparked an idea into my mind. Drawing little bits and pieces I admired from my favorites, I started writing a story that I swear I will finish. And not in a few years, I'm going to TRY to finish it in a reasonable amount of time, taking into consideration that I am graduating this year, I have to work on my thesis project, I am in a drama production, I have a murderous load of homework every night, AND I am also co-writing another story. So, in anticipation of future chapters I really hope you'll subscribe or comment or something. And if some of the authors who wrote GakuLuka stories I liked COMMENTED on this story, I think I would faint. Well, not faint... but, you know...