The Witch of Calawah River: In the mid 1600s, hundreds of men and women were hanged, burned, and drowned because the people of Salem thought they were witches. This is the story of one half-breed who survived her hanging, and how she found the will to trust in society again.

*Borderline M-Rated Content Marked by Asterisks throughout Story*


There exists a legend of a young woman whose family was destroyed by the Lyken. She was denied death and the bite of the Lyken morphed this woman into something the supernatural world has never seen before and will never see again. Like other Nephilim, she is charged with the task of destroying supernatural threats to humankind, but her encounter has left her with so much more. She has joined the ranks of the supernatural. She is immortal and has the ability to use runes with only the power of her mind. She is stronger, faster than normal Nephilim. But she can still die. A fatal wound or serious illness could bring her back to her family, but age is not her enemy. No, age is an ally.

She will have three runes permanently set in her skin after her attack: shield, invisibility, and divination. The changes made to her body resulting from her hybrid state will not allow for these runes to fade upon activation, and any others used will be triggered in her mind. She need only draw the rune in her mind's eye to activate the power. The runes of the Nephilim are known to her, both those known and those forgotten. She, in essence, is the living embodiment of Nephilim history. The Nephilim world will know nothing of her existence until the time comes where their future depends on her.

The young woman will be cursed to grow close to others, only to watch them die before her as she remains the same. Those she tries to help will suspect her of evils she is innocent of, but unable to explain. She will withdraw in on herself in fear of the pain of loss and rejection. One will come, little more than a century after her transformation, who will intrigue her. His future will be shown to her unlike any of those she had seen previously. He will need her help, and she will need his.

She will be the savior of Nephilim, supernatural, and human alike. The one and only of her kind. Angel and demon. Light and dark. Good and evil.

The daughter of Abaddon, Angel of Destruction, will save us all, but first, she must find those who will save her.