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In a sea of flames within a black soot crater. The sky was dark from smoke and and dust. There stood two figures. One was dressed in plain jeans and and shirt. He had dark tanned skin and black eyes. He seemed to resemble a native american but his features would make one say otherwise. His black eyes were glowing an eerie blue and his eyes were filled with joy. The other figure was being held up by the first by the neck. It was only a young teen, only 13. He had slightly long brown hair and bright green eyes. He wore a white shirt with a black stripe down the middle and dark green cargo pants. His bright green eyes were filled with fear staring down at the black eyes of the man holding him up by his throat.

Then the first figure's vision blurred. His hand grew numb and his grip around the smaller figure's neck loosened and he was inside the off-white room. There were others that looked exactly like him they were all kneeling on the floor their heads bowed low. There was no furniture in the room save for a large wooden chair that was plainly carved. Seated in the chair was another figure. He looked the same as the others save for his clothes and his eyes. They weren't black like all the rest but their color shifted like smoke from one color to another and all shades in between. His clothes were a plain off-white like the room he wore a long sleeve shirt and pants. He quickly kneeled down to the one sitting on the chair. He had a quick look as he went down and saw that the brown haired boy was also with him.

"I have been told some very troubling news" Said the figure sitting on the chair. "That you have cut ahead of the others even though your turn is many eons from now. Is this true?" His voice was soft but not quiet and it was a kind gentle voice.

The figure didn't respond to the accusations. He ignored the wide eyed unconscious young teen that was on his knees next to him.

"Runok." Said the man sitting in the chair. Then a man that was kneeling closest to him stood. his head still bowed low. "Is it true that when you were incapacitated he jumped and took over?"

His head still bowed low not meeting the seated man's eyes, he said "Yes he did." Then he went back down to kneel.

The seated man looked over at the others and asked them "Is it true?" They all nodded, not muttering a word. "Runok, do you deny these accusations?"

The man also called Runok in the far back, next to the unconscious young teen in the far back didn't respond.

"I have been asleep for one million eons since I had been last awakened. I had finally thought that you lot had made order among yourselves but I guess there will come a time where I have to step in." He looked at all of the kneeling look alikes with a fond look in his eyes. "I have seen all of your lives as each of you took your turns and each of you have done many things. It makes me laugh sometimes as I see your memories." His eyes were a bright yellow at that point. "I actually thought at one point I may be able to sleep for all eternity. All of you are still too young I suspect." Then he looked over at the Runok who in the far back. "Runok your turn shall be skipped for the next twenty cycles."

Runok didn't respond.

"This is my final decision." Said the seated man.

Then a apparition appeared on the far end of the room opposite facing the seated man, it looked like a television broadcast. It pictured that the ground was shaking and that waves of lava were flying up from the depths of the Earth. A rumbling sound could be heard and then an explosion and silence. The seated man watched the scene unfolding on the apparition. He looked at it with cold dispassionate eyes. Then he looked over at Runok in the far back and said "There will be no violence here." Then he stood up, the chair disappeared and a bed took its place. He lifted the covers and slept.

All the other figures waited for a few moments then they stood up. A quiet murmur or conversation filled the room. Runok who was closest to the bed walked over to the boy. He had a sad expression on his face. It looked out of place on his face. As the others had happy expressions on their faces and they all looked alike.

"Ben I'm sorry."

Then he and the boy disappeared.

The man in the far back looked angry then his face grew resigned and he sat on the ground cross legged and leaned his back to the wall and begun to wait.

The man and the boy appeared on the barren gray surface of the moon. Where Earth used to be was now only large chunks of rock and still molten lava. Runok looked over at the scene that destroyed the planet. There was a bright flash of white light and a man appeared next to him. He looked like a man in his mid thirties. He wore a lab coat, black pants, a brown vest with a white collar shirt and black tie and wore a pair of green goggles around his neck. He was holding a pocket watch looking at it curiously.

"Hello Time Walker." He said without any inflection in his voice.

"Don't call me that anymore. I now wish to be called Professor Paradox." Said the man with a light british accent.

"Paradox? Well that is a good name."

Paradox looked over at the boy who was kneeling on the surface of the moon. He wasn't breathing but his eyes were still filled with fear. "I told you the boy will die."

"He isn't dead and even if he is I can revive him."

"That may be true but where will he go? He lost his home, his loved ones, his friends. He won't be able survive out here in space! And even if you brought him to another timeline what would he do? After already experiencing this?" Said Paradox gesturing at the scene of Earths destruction. Even though they were in the vacuum of the moon's surface they didn't seem to have any trouble breathing or talking.

"I have an idea that i think you may like." Said Runok now smiling slightly.

"And that plan would be?"

"You'll get it later but you will be able to see The Room now."

A those words Paradox's eyes lit up. "The Room? After all this time of forcing me to look for it you are just going to lead me to it?" Runok nodded. Paradox asked excitedly. "Well then? Where is it? Lets go!"

Runok turned to his left and stretched his hand. It seemed to have gotten hold of something and his hand made a turning motion like opening a door. Then a plain off-white door appeared and he slowly opened it.

Paradox looked like he had swallowed his own tongue. "The moon?" He yelled at Runok."I have searched throughout the universe and time looking for the damed room and you had put it on the moon?". But he just ignored him and walked to the boy named Ben, he then tapped him finger on his forehead and his eyes slowly closed the fear seeping away from his eyes and the marks on his neck had disappeared. He picked Ben up in his arms and carried him inside. Paradox quickly followed but stopped at the door looking at it with interest before following Runok inside. When he entered the doorway the door closed by itself and disappeared.

Inside the door was a hallway Runok still carried Ben in his arms as they walked in the hallway. There were several doors both to the left and right of Runok. Paradox stopping to examine a few of them before continuing with Runok. Runok stopped at one door. It opened by itself and he walked inside, Paradox followed Runok inside. The door closed behind them.

They were now in a room which looked like the bare reaches of outer space. Paradox was enamored by the beauty.

"Incredible!" He waved his hand in front of him as if the air felt different. "This truly feels different than anything I've ever felt before!"

Runok had set Ben down and waited. Then two figures appeared in front of Runok out of nowhere. Paradox jumped at the sudden appearance of the two.

"Runok, it is an honor." Said the two at the same time.

One looked like a a indescribable being of light and time and space. The other looked like a cyborg mass with massive limbs and had one giant red eye where it's head should be.

He nodded to the two of them. "Ellimist. Crayak."

Paradox was intrigued with the two beings they were both one with the space time continuum yet both are separate beings.

Runok continued to speak to the two beings. "This boy here." He gestured at Ben. "Will be staying in this universe. He will be my piece. Neither of you can nudge or manipulate him or manipulate your pieces to use him to your advantage." He said in a clear voice. The two nodded in agreement. "Whatever loophole you may find you cannot use it. He will be doing everything of his own free will."

"Um if you may mind me interrupting what are you talking about?" Asked Paradox, the three of them ignored him.

"If either of you try to manipulate him in anyway, directly or indirectly. . ." He trailed off. "You know what will happen." The two beings looked uncomfortable under his glare. "Naturally he will be on planet Earth in close proximity to your own pieces."

They both nodded and disappeared. Runok looked down at the sleeping Ben.

"I'm sorry but this is for the best, Ben."

Authors notes: This story is a alternate ending/sequel to my first fanfic, Evil will always find you. I suggest you go read it because the story will make more sense if you read it first. It is kinda long but i really recommend that you read and review it. I am posting the fic here since I'm not sure how large the animorphs crossover fanbase is. This was partially inspired by The Addition by Nova Bucker. But i've had the idea for a Ben10 Animorphs crossover for a while now. I will post the next chapter if i get enough reviews!

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