"Ugh, I can't believe that man! Giving me orders like that!" I complained with a loud sigh while crossing my arms in the process. I looked to the lieutenant next to me who now had his hands in front of him in a calming way with his eyes closed.

"Now I'm sure he did this for a good reason, you know he always knows what's best for the soul society," he said waving his hands in front of him, frantically trying to calm me down. "Plus you shouldn't be talking about him like that especially out in the open, what if someone else were to hear you?" he added and I just let out another sigh.

"Like I care what that old geyser hears, it's not like I'm going to be killed if he hears that I said that," I said averting my gaze from the lieutenant as we advanced forward. "For all I care he could throw me to jail for saying that, at least there is less work there," I told him looking off to the side.

"Now don't talk like that, if you go to jail you will never get fresh air, it's unhealthy," he said trying to make me change my mind on my last statement. "It's not like you do any work when you're not in jail anyways" he mumbled which ticked me off. I turned my head towards him sending him glaring daggers.

"What was that? You freaky red pineapple," I retorted which seemed to strike a nerve.

"I told you to stop calling me that!" he yelled holding a fist up with a vein popping out of his head. I closed my eyes and held up a finger waving it back and forward.

"I don't think arguing is supposed to be a part of your "escort" mission, your being a bad boy," I scolded him as if he were a dog which just made him even angrier. He opened his mouth, wanting to respond but when nothing came out he closed it and grumbled some unpleasant words. "Good boy," I said with a smile and patted his bright red hair. All he did was growl because he probably didn't want me to scold him again. I brought my hand away from his head and then I saw a small ledge that ran along the walkway which was probably only a foot tall. I smiled and jumped up on it holding out my arms for balance like a little kid. I knew I didn't need to use my arms for balance but it just made it more fun.

"Don't fall," he said sarcastically as if it were the tallest wall in the world.

"I'll try not to" I said and he just sighed and shook his head. I let my lips curve into a smile as I hopped off the ledge and walked up next to my escort. "How much longer till we get there?" I asked him and he just kept looking forward.

"About five minutes, anyways what's with the sudden childish manner? I thought you didn't want to do this stupid thing" he said mocking my tone when he said stupid.

"I know I normally don't act childish but let me ask you something."

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Have you ever just let your emotions stay in you for a long period of time that at one point in the day you just want to let that emotion out. Like if you were angry you would want to scream or if you were sad you'd want to just cry your heart out until you fall asleep," he just nodded so I could get to the point. "As for me I never get to have fun, you know like laugh, smile, and just hang out with awesome people that I enjoy being with. It may not seem like I want to do things like that but sometimes I wish I could just jump around in a meadow or something," I finished. All he did was nod in response. He knows that I am highly capable of saying something like that and is ready for it but he just listens and chooses not to respond unless it's some sort of stupid comment. That's why he is one of the only people I like as a friend in this crazy messed up place.

"Well, here we are" the lieutenant said stopping at the big door that led to the ninth division's barracks. I just sighed as he walked up and told the shinigami that was guarding the door our business with this division. The shinigami bowed as the redhead stood in front of him and then after an exchange of words and looking at me he opened the doors. "Come on," he said and I just let out another sigh and walked into the barracks.

"Why can't I just do work with you, I don't even know this guy and I doubt I'll like him, for once I admit that I'd much rather do my work with Renji Abarai I think it's the end of the world," I ended with a sarcastic tone and he just knocked his fist on my head. "Ow" I whined and rubbed my head.

"Just shut up, it's not like we can go against the head captains orders and I don't want to spend all day doing work with you, in addition to that Hisagi is a nice guy," he reasoned and I just grumbled something before crossing my arms into my previous position.

"Izuru already told me about him when I was back at squad three's barracks. He sounds like a boring guy that only follows the rules and is always busy with stupid work," I mumbled as we walked down the halls of the ninth division.

"Oh really, I guess I'm going to have to talk to Izuru about what he portrays me as," I heard a voice from behind me say. I turned around on my heel to find a man about as three inches shorter than Renji. He had spiky black hair, pointy black eyes, three scars on the right side of his face, a '69' tattooed on his left cheek, a silver type of tape thing that went from the left side of his face to his nose, and a choker around his neck. His shihakshou had short sleeves and his zanpaktou was placed on his side like all other people in the seireitei. His arms were crossed and it didn't seem like he was going to smile any time soon.

"Am I supposed to be intimidated by that glare and his appearance?" I whispered to Renji but loud enough so the man that stood before us could hear. Clearly this guy has a delinquent, punk type of appearance but from what I've heard he is practically opposite from that. He's just another goody two shoes.

"I heard that, and maybe it is" he said in a stern voice.

"Woops sorry but it didn't work" I said which seemed to anger the spiky haired lieutenant. "Oh did that anger you, I'm so sorry what I meant to say was that you already disgust my very being and that I'd much rather not see you ever again. Now if you excuse me I'm going to go" I said turning around but Renji grabbed my arm before it was even possible to flash step away. "Renji, what gives? Let me go" I said struggling to free my arm but his grasp only tightened.

"My orders from head captain Yamamoto were to bring you to the ninth division's barracks and make sure that you wouldn't try to escape and also to make sure that your new position was confirmed with Shuhhei Hisagi," he said staring directly into my eyes with that look of authority. I became angry actually I became furious; it was that nasty look that I despised. Renji knows I don't like that look yet he is looking at me with those eyes right now. What type of friend is this guy? I closed my eyes and clenched my fist tightly making my knuckles turn white.

"Whatever just do whatever I don't care now you happy?" I growled under my breath. Renji's eyes softened when he realized that he gave me that look. When I showed no indication of making a run for it Renji let go. We looked back over to Hisagi who was interested in what had just happened but didn't bother to say anything. "Go ahead tell the man what I'm supposed to be doing here" I told Renji not even bothering to look at him.

"Hello Renji," Hisagi said as he noticed that he never said hello.

"Hello Shuhei" he said with a slight wave. "This is going to be your new lieutenant for the time being since you have to take job as captain ever since Tosen left. The head captain requested the transfer himself. So from now on she can be doing the lieutenant's paperwork for the time being," Renji told him but the guy still didn't look satisfied with Renji's explanation when he looked at me.

"I haven't gotten any papers for a transfer request and I've never seen this girl before," he said while staring at me then looking back at Renji.

"Oh no you haven't gotten any official papers the world is going to end in five seconds unless you get some sort of official document," I said sarcastically crossing my arms over my chest. "And quit staring at me I'm not an alien you know" I quickly added, he just sighed and looked back at Renji. "Renji if you're going to explain this can we at least go into a room so no one will hear," I said and Renji looked back at me then back to Hisagi. He nodded and led the two of us into what seemed to be the captain's office. We sat down on a couch as Hisagi sat down on a chair behind a desk. "Can I please explain instead of you?" I asked Renji and he just nodded.

"I'm not known to many of the soul society. I only do things that are requested by either central 46 or head Captain Yamamoto. I'm only supposed to be known by the squad members that have to do with my job. I am not permitted to associate with many soul reapers. The only ones I am allowed to socialize with are captains, lieutenants, and high ranked soul reapers. I have never stayed in a division for longer than three months which was the sixth division with Renji. I am only to be known as a new recruit that isn't even in a ranking yet to anyone who may ask. I am to come early in the morning and leave late at night so no one will know of my presence within the squad's barracks unless they have business with me. I am forbidden to ever roam freely within the seireitei unless with another soul reaper or if it is between eleven at night to six in the morning. Next is the most annoying rule of all. I must be checked up on while I work to make sure I haven't escaped. The name is Miyako Rie you can just call me Rie though because I'm not a big fan of using honorifics or being called by my last name. I hope that explains enough and don't worry I have a hand written paper from the head captain himself," I said and dug my hand into my sleeve to find a folded paper which I handed to him.

The paper had all the rules I had just explained to him and what I am to do while I am within this division's barracks. He read over the paper and then looked back up at me. "Well I better get going, Captain Kuchiki will get angry if I take too long," Renji said while standing up.

"Wait, Renji!" I started.

"Later," he said and flash stepped away before I can do anything. That sneaky bastard isn't going to be let off that easy. Payback shall be involved later on for leaving me in a room with this guy. I sighed and sat back down on the couch.

"My name is Shuhei Hisagi current stand in for the ninth division's captain," he said introducing himself.

"I still don't like you," I mumbled and his head just dropped. I looked around the room "so is this your office or am I working here?" I asked and he lifted his head.

"We will have to be working in the same office because I don't have time to check if you didn't escape and this is where I am for most of the day," he explained and I mentally banged my head against a wall several times. Great, stuck in a room with this guy for almost the whole day, what's next? Not being able to have a birthday?

I let out a sigh and touched the metal choker that was around my neck. It wasn't actually a choker necklace but that's what I told everyone it was. It was basically just a metal ring with three chain loops that hung down on the side. It looked more as if I broke out of prison with this thing around my neck. It was a thin piece of metal too and it can be removed but I don't remove it in public. Other then the choker around my neck I wore the usual shihakshou like every soul reaper. But my shihakshou went about three inches above my knees. Don't get me wrong though I'm not some type of girly girl that likes to show off her legs. It just feels more free and comfortable to have it shorter and I don't care what people think anyways. I had normal sandals but I wore black socks instead of white that went all the way up to two inches above my knee so there was only one inch between sock and shihakshou. I also wore a black finger glove on my right hand only and other than that I wore what everyone else did… ok maybe not.

As for my appearance I have a light tan which isn't completely pale but isn't extremely tan. My eyes are a turquoise color; not exactly blue and not exactly green, just in the middle. As for my hair, it goes down to an inch above my butt and is a light purple color. Yes, it's an unnatural color but it's definitely not dyed. I'm about 5'9 so I'm definitely shorter than Renji. I guess you could say my appearance isn't exactly normal in the seretei but hey, the captain of squad twelve is like a freak show compared to, well… anyone.

"So, is that your natural hair color?" I heard from the man sitting at the desk as he started with some paper work. Was this his way of trying to start a conversation? Going right on to my hair color and just skipping a bunch of other possible questions? Shouldn't he know that it's not fun being judged by unnatural hair coloring? Now he's just bumping himself up to number one on the hate list.

"Yeah, feel free to make fun of it, I've only heard about a thousand words of crap about my hair why don't you just go ahead and add a couple more," I said in a sarcastic manner as I picked up a copy of the Seireitei Communication that was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch.

"Never said I didn't like it," he said still looking down at his desk filling out some papers. This caught me by surprise a little. No one has ever told me straight out that they actually liked my hair. There was Renji but he never actually said he liked it he only said that it was weird and then say that his own hair was weird so we're like the same or something like that. This guy is just strange. "Anyways, you don't have to do any work today because the day is almost over; you're going to start tomorrow," he said putting the papers in a folder and shoving it in a drawer.

I was so relieved that I didn't have to do anything. It's been a long day for me and all I want to do is rest. "Okay, do you mind waking me up when you're about to leave because I want to sleep right now," I said covering my mouth when I yawned. He just nodded and took another stack of papers beginning to fill them out. I put down the Seireitei Communication and got into a comfortable position on the couch before closing my eyes and letting my mind float off to dream land.