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My mind kept trying to process what I saw. Dokusha was currently sitting on the couch in the office. How the hell was that even possible? When that thought came to mind I did recall something that happened a while ago. Apparently a zanpaktou named Muramasa brought out all the physical forms of the zanpaktou in the soul society. It didn't happen to me because Muramasa probably didn't know of my existence and didn't confront Dokusha. Didn't they defeat him though?

"It's about time you got here," the one on the windowsill said. He was pitch black with a sort of red hue. There was nothing but black wrappings that covered his legs and his shoes were pointed… kind of like elf shoes but black. No doubt came into my mind when I assumed that he was Shuhei's zanpaktou. Kazeshini, I think.

"K-Kazeshini, how-" Shuhei had to stop immediately when he was forced to dodge the shikai form of his own zanpaktou. The blade of the scythe that he threw stuck into the wall and the chain was now hung up between the two of us. He was a feisty one.

"That's what I came to ask you for you idiot," he grumbled and then tugged on the chain causing the scythe to go back to him. Oh great, so they don't know how it happened either. "Don't tell me you don't know why I'm here either," he practically repeated my thoughts.

"I have no idea," Shuhei told him and I nodded. Shuhei glanced over to Dokusha "does that mean that that's your zanpaktou?" he questioned me.

"Yeah just don't…" my voice trailed off when I saw Kazeshini doing exactly what I didn't want Shuhei to do. Somehow Kazeshini had managed to knock Dokusha off the couch. "Wake him up…" I finished the sentence a little too late. The blue eyes shot open and a glare was directed towards Kazeshini. Even though the glare was only with one eye, because his golden bangs covered his right eye, it was still intimidating. Dokusha slowly got up and without much thought he kicked Kazeshini out the window and closed it. Kazeshini stood up and shot Dokusha glare of his own. I felt like I was watching one of those silent movies with pointless violence. Finally it was my turn to calm the air.

"Dokusha just open the window already," I said while walking up to him. He sighed and opened the window. Right when he did Kazeshini jumped in and was about to attack Dokusha but I stopped him. "And you stop it, the only reason he did that is because you interrupted his sleep," and with that said he begrudgingly lowered his weapon.

Okay now let me explain something. So far I've only explained Dokusha to be all calm and cool but unless it's me he isn't like that very much; especially if you interrupt his sleep. He can get violent and very angry. As long as you know what to avoid in ticking off you'll be fine.

"So… what now?" I questioned and Shuhei and I watched Dokusha and Kazeshini glare at eachother. We decided to go to the head captain to see if anyone else was having this problem. Hopefully other people were or then it'd just be even weirder. Upon arriving at the barracks we found out that it really wasn't just us.

"You guys too huh?" the red-haired lieutenant said when he spotted us. Renji was standing beside a woman and girl that was linked together by chains whom I supposed was his zanpaktou.

"Yeah, do you know what's going on?" Shuhei was the first to ask. All the other captains and higher ranked officers were there as well with their zanpaktou.

"Not a clue, apparently everyone woke up this morning to find that their zanpaktou was in their office," Renji explained. It was exactly what had happened to us. A few minutes later the captain of squad 12 came with his lieutenant in tow.

"I've done some tests," he announced to everyone.

"So, what is the situation?" the head captain wasted no time in asking his question. I noticed that once again the 12th division's captain's face had changed again. That guy really creeps me out though. If I didn't know any better I'd say he would want to run tests on me and my cat features.

"Nothing particularly interfered with the zanpaktou like in the Muramasa case. Not even I can explain why they're out, all I know is that they will go back within 24 hours," he explained. So we came all the way over here just to find out that we don't know the reason why this is happening? It's not like I'm complaining, I like having Dokusha around, but couldn't the 12th squad do any better?

After that whole thing we were dismissed back to work like any other day. Shuhei and I had some paperwork to do, what a surprise. It seemed like a pretty normal day after that though, but I couldn't really say that since it was only one or two hours into the day. While we worked, Dokusha sat on the couch and Kazeshini on the windowsill like where they were this morning.

"Finished," I said while putting my last stack of papers to the corner of desk. "Why is there so much paperwork in a place that mostly involves fighting anyways?" I asked Shuhei with a sigh. He looked up at me and then shrugged.

"Oh can you go and deliver this to the tenth division if you're done?" he asked while holding up a folder stuffed with papers. Another sigh escaped my lips as I got up. This guy can't hold up much chatter unless he's done with work can he? I took the folder and then walked over to Dokusha.

"Let's go," I told him and he got up. After that we left the barracks of the 9th division and headed to the 10th. "Ugh this is so boring," I muttered while walking. Dokusha chuckled.

"Then why don't we go do something when we're done with this task?" he asked.

"Sure, if I don't have nothing else to do," I shrugged. A few minutes of walking later and I was at the 10th division's office.

"Rie!" I heard the familiar squeal of Rangiku. I already knew that the bone-crushing hug would come next, which it did. Once I was finally able to breathe again I greeted her.

"I came by to drop off some papers for your captain." I looked over Rangiku's shoulder to see Captain Hitsugaya at his desk. "Hi Captain Hitsugaya," I greeted with a smile. Next to him was a taller guy with long, teal hair and an icy X across his face. I assumed that this was Toshiro's zanpaktou.

"So is this your zanpaktou then?" Rangiku said while observing Dokusha I nodded with a smile.

"Pleased to meet you," Dokusha said.

"Where is your zanpaktou?" I then questioned noticing the lack of one zanpaktou. Rangiku pointed over to the couch where a woman who looked kind of like a cat was sleeping. I almost laughed at how similar that was to Rangiku.

"Captain I'm going for lunch with Rie, bye!" Rangiku then said and grabbed my wrist and rushed out before he could stop her.

"So has anything else happened with you and Shuhei lately?" Rangiku questioned the moment we sat down in a restaurant with a wink.

"No…" I trailed off. It felt somewhat awkward to have this conversation in front of my zanpaktou. I mean, I know that he's like a part of me but he's still like a different person right now.

"Aw," Rangiku pouted. "When are you going to make a move or something?"

"A… move?" I flushed. I've already kissed him. What other move can I make?

"Yeah, I mean all you've done is kissed him once and nothing else. If you don't make him officially yours now someone else might pop up," Rangiku stated like she was the relationship master or something. Wait did she just say someone else? Are there other people interested in Shuhei?

"I'm not sure if I'm allowed to cut in but may I just mention that the waiter has been standing here for a few minutes now?" Dokusha interrupted. We turned our heads to see a man waiting to ask what we wanted.

Once we were done eating Rangiku had to get back to work. "Good luck," she winked at me before leaving. I sighed and then looked over to Dokusha.

"Girls are so complicated," I stated.

"No doubt," he agreed with a nod. I let out a little chuckle and he cocked a brow. "What is it?"

"Oh, nothing," I muttered and then looked back to the road ahead of us. "It's just that I remembered how I said I'd love you if you were real and here you are right now," I explained. He seemed to understand now.

"But now you love someone else," he said bluntly. I faintly nodded and then continued.

"I guess it'd be kind of weird anyways. I mean like… you're a part of me and all," I murmured.

"Plus I don't think it would work out anyways," he said, I tilted my way much like a cat would and turned to him in confusion. "I have a thing for dog-girls anyways," he teased. I gave him a playful shove with a laugh.

"It's your loss," I began to play along with a laugh now too. Dokusha stopped walking beside me which caused me to stop as well. The look on his face changed and then he turned to me with a soft smile.

"It seems that I can go now," he informed me.

"Didn't the head of the twelfth division say you'd go back in 24 hours?" I questioned.

"Not all scientists are correct," he told me. Then he proceeded in touching the zanpaktou strapped to my side and disappeared in a dim glow. When I disappeared I looked down at my zanpaktou and smiled.

"Now back to the office," I muttered to myself. I slid the office door open and saw Shuhei sitting at the desk still working. It came to my attention that Kazeshini was also gone. Every zanpaktou had probably gone back when Dokusha did. "Hey," I greeted.

"You're finally back," he looked up at me.

"Yeah, sorry but I was out with Rangiku getting lunch," I told him. Something unexpected crossed over his features. Was that relief? My lips cracked into a smile and I started laughing.

"What? Why are you laughing?" Shuhei questioned. I laughed until I was on the ground all teary eyed with painful ribs. I sat up and looked over to Shuhei.

"Were… were you seriously jealous of my own zanpaktou or something?" I asked while trying to calm down. Like I said before I am almost a master at reading facial expressions. Shuhei's face immediately gained a tint of pink when I said that. I was right.

"N-no I wasn't," he stammered. It was useless for him to try and deny it now.

"Oh come on, you were wondering why it was taking so long weren't you?" I asked. He just looked back down to his work trying his best to ignore me. I got up and walked in front of the desk. "Listen; first of all he's my zanpaktou so he is practically a part of me or something. It'd be pretty weird for anything like that to happen. And second of all you're the one I like." There I said it. That caused him to look up at me. Then he smiled.

"I know," was his response with a smirk.

"Don't get to conceited now," I chuckled. He chuckled along with me and then we shared a nice moment of silence. "Well I'm going to go do some training." He nodded and I left the office again. It's not that I didn't want to be with him or anything. Shuhei is pretty busy so I don't want to get in the way of what he has to do.

For the most part I just trained by myself out in the forest. You know the usual cutting down trees and stuff. Back when I was still being hidden from everything I wasn't exactly allowed to train. Even though I am partially a pacifist I still like to train my skills. If I'm ever caught in a situation then I want to be able to defend myself.

Training took longer than I had originally expected. By the time I was done the evening sun was beginning to emit a beautiful shade of orange. No matter how many times I see the sun set I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

"It's just as beautiful as ever," a voice caused me to swirl around on my heel. To my surprise it was Shuhei who said that. "I just finished my work for the day," he said before I could ask why or how he was here.

"That's good," I smiled and then looked back up at the sky "because watching the sunset is way better with you." By this point I'm not really sure if what I say is mushy-lovey-dovey-crap but I don't really care. I sat down in the grass and patted the space next to me where Shuhei sat down.

I looked over to Shuhei to see the glow from the sky on his face. I can't exactly recall what led to what happened next but I'm positive that it wasn't a dream. Shuhei turned towards me and we were just staring into each other's eyes for a while. I was trapped by the deep void of darkness in his eyes. Many people may not find much beauty in the color black but looking into Shuhei's eyes now I could see it. To me black was the most alluring color right now.

That's when both of our minds started acting out on their own. Our heads inched forward and our lips finally met. I almost exploded on the inside as we kissed. It was so blissful. It was gentle yet passionate and my hands soon found their way around Shuhei's neck. He pulled me up on his lap so I could position myself better and then we just kissed. I never knew how much a kiss can say before. It was something where you didn't need words, where you didn't need to say anything. You just understand.

Shuhei's tongue brushed across my lip asking for entrance and I let it in. We explored each other's mouths for a moment and took in everything. When I was younger I never thought about this sort of stuff, mostly because I thought I'd never get a boyfriend. I never thought kissing would come so naturally. Unfortunately we had to part for air. We rested our foreheads against each other and stared into each other's eyes as we panted for air.

"I wish… that we didn't need to breathe," I muttered between breaths.

"Same here," he said and then it started all over again. That was the moment I never wanted to end. The warm touch of his lips and his hold on me almost made me melt. Somewhere along the way we had stopped and just lied down on the grass on our sides staring at each other's eyes again.

"I wonder when this all started happening," Shuhei told me.

"Sometimes it just happens without you even knowing," I said. "I guess you were just different from everyone else I've met. I mean, sure Renji was nice to me and all but just as a friend. But you… I don't know how but you just seem to get me more," I tried my best in explaining what I felt. Then it was apparently Shuhei's turn.

"You're like no one I've ever met before. I wouldn't care if you were part dog or rabbit or any other animal there is. You're beautiful and original. When I first met you, you didn't seem to care what others thought about you and you're brave enough to stand up to the head captain," Shuhei said. I couldn't help but blush. No one has ever complimented me so much before. He then sat up and so did I. "I'll walk you home," he said. I didn't even have to answer for him to know that I wanted him to.

We got up and began walking towards my house. As we walked we just talked as we usually did. It wasn't awkward at all and that's why our relationship was so great. All we needed was a conversation topic and we could talk for hours. Sometimes Shuhei told me about his academy days and I spoke about some of my childhood stories on our way to my house. I let him speak more though because most of my stories weren't as lively as his. He even told me the story about how he got the three scars on his face from a hollow.

The trip to my house was shorter than I remember. We stood at my doorstep for a moment in silence. I didn't want to go inside yet. "Thanks," I mumbled. My hands slowly opened my door and then I turned back around. "Do you want to come in for some tea?" I asked.

"Sure," he replied almost immediately. By how fast that answer came out I suspected that Shuhei was thinking the same as me. We both didn't want to leave eachother. As we drank our tea inside we talked over different subjects. This time it was more of just random stuff rather than our pasts. There was more laughing in this conversation than the last one which was great.

"Okay think about this," I said between giggles. "What if, along with the dress, he had to carry around a cane and be followed by a little lamb?" I inquired and we both burst out into fits of laughter. Sometimes some of the funniest things to talk about was making fun of your friends or making up a crazy scenario that would probably never happen, and that's exactly what we were doing. "And then… kids would sing 'Renji had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Renji had a little lamb who's fleece was red as a tomato~'" I said just trying my best to hold in the laughter until the end. Oh Renji, without you to make fun of it would just be boring.

"So the lamb would have red hair too?" Shuhei questioned between laughs.

"Of course," I laughed along with him. After our laughter finally dimmed down we were engulfed in another comfortable silence. The tea was all gone but Shuhei didn't make an excuse to stay. He just did and I didn't mind one bit. Being in love is amazing.

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