First Contact

Unknown Planet: 8 years after the events of Char

**Planet side: Terran military outpost**

"WHERE IS THAT AIR SUPPORT?" The terran marine raised his gauss rifle and began firing from out of the bunker. The micro-accelerators in firing ports further accelerating the depleted Uranium-238 ammunition. "Enemy air approaching out position, we are done to our last siege tank! We need air support now!" The marine locked out the bunker back toward the base, where their last siege tank was deployed in siege mode. Its 180mm cannons firing upon the enemy. It was surrounded by the burning husks of its fellow tanks. The Imperials had some sort sniper tank. It took them out before they could re-orient their cannons. Luckily, or unluckily, the max range of both the Crucio siege tank and the enemy tank seemed to be equal. Now though, the only defense for the terran outpost was a single tank, a handful of marines in bunkers, a few perdition and missile turrets and the planetary fortress. What Predator anti-infantry units they had, were sent out.

Now though, the enemy force was approaching their position. It would only be a matter of time before they were overrun. Earlier in the conflict, in straight-up infantry clashes and light armor, the terrans possessed the advantage.

Then came in their air force and heavy armor; those proved to be more than a match for the terrans. Even the Thors were outmatched if the enemy came in force. Even their four 330-mm cannons had some trouble punching through the armor of those massive four-legged walkers, their six-legged walkers, though smaller, had a cannon that could punch through Thor armor.

That wasn't the worst of it. The worst was their air fleet. It's bad enough for bombers to drop munitions on you, buts its worse when they strike from orbit. Their capital ships, the three different classes could all turn a planet's surface into slag in hours. Only the Protoss could do that with their energy weapons in the Koprulu sector.

Now though, back on the battlefield, the marines, marauders, and even the odd reaper were all firing their weapons out the gun ports of their bunkers or behind a barricade. The weapons fire, the clattering of shells upon shells as they were ejected from their weapons, the hissing and humming as the medics and medevac air ships healed the soldiers. Along with resounding thunder of the one siege tank.

"Come on, come one. Where are they?" Lieutuant Colonel Gulot gritted through his teeth. He had called in for air support two hours ago once he saw the enemy walkers and their tanks began getting sniped by a laser cannon. "We can't hold out for much longer." *CLACK* His rifle empty, he ejected the magazine and was about to load another one when a massive shadow came over him. He was cheering before he was even turning, as was the rest of the defenders. Everyone recognized the shadow of a battlecruiser. But the cherr died as quickly as it came. The belly guns were silent as all the attention of the battlecruiser was focused in the skies. The cruiser was being swarmed by the enemy fighters and interceptors. Their numbers were being wittled down but were still doing damage. Parts of the mighty vessel were alight.

The colonel touched his comm. unit, "Battlecruiser, this is Colonel Gulot! We are in need of air support can you assist?"

"Negative negative! Unless you can get some of these fighters off of us-"

"CONSIDER IT DONE! MARINES! OPEN FIRE ON THOSE SHIPS!" With that order the skies were filled with U-238 rounds. The missile turrets began locking on and firing their payloads.

And this was battle they could not lose.

**Orbit: Hyperion: Bridge**

The bridge shudder as it took a cannon round. "Status!" XO Matthew Horner ordered.

"Sir, shields are holding but the other cruisers are starting to take hits. The Titan is at 50% hull integrity, they've lost half their laser batteries and got one shot in for their Yamato cannon!"

"Damn it, I knew it was too easy." They thought they had gotten the drop on the Imperial navy. Their flagship, the Eternal was across several systems, beyond the range to do any good. For what reason they didn't know, nor did they really care. Raynor had sent a team of Ghosts and Spectres to gather intel on what they were doing.

When they came into the system, their fleet of 8 battle groups of 5 battlecruisers each opened fire on the enemy ships. They had destroyed three of their more powerful ships. But only with their Yamatos and at the cost of several Vikings that had intercepted the enemies' fire.

Soon after they had lost three battlecruisers to what they called the Type-1s, their frigates if how they used them were any indication, but they had massive firepower. A single volley of energy torpedoes had shredded the terran ships' armor. 5 hits and a cruiser fell. Though they couldn't stand up to two shots from Yamato cannons. Horner watched as one of their Type-1sThe triangular ships cracked from stem to stern from a Yamato shot from the Beelzebub. Before he could enjoy the small victory, the bridge shook, almost knocking the XO off balance. This was his other problem.

"Damn it, someone get that cruiser off of us!" A single cruiser had been decimating their ships. Pulling alongside them where the least amount of the laser batteries of the Terran Battlecruisers could target them. But the enemy cruisers had multiple guns. This variant: the type-2 had 8 massive guns on the top, several dozen AA batteries and internal side cannons. Those internal cannons had been wreaking havoc. Rather than lasers, they fired plasma charges.

And if something didn't happen soon, this counterattack would be over before it truly began. And the war against the Galactic Empire will truly begin.

A/N: This is obviously a pilot/test chapter. Just an idea I had some time back. Depending on what the response is, this will be one of 4 stories I will be working on all at the same time with what little free time I will direct to writing. Those four stories being:

Mass Effect: inFamous, a crossover story of where the Mass Effect Universe is the future of the inFamous universe.

Mass Effect: inFamous; Kuo's Story, Kuo's story of her time in the Mass Effect Universe until the arrival of Cole MacGrath and her capture.

Mass Effect: New Arrivals, an original character story, where his reality is completely the same as ours to around 2012, except Bioware never made Mass Effect period. This is NOT a self-insert type story. This will also be a crossover type story, with characters that have not or rarely used in a FF with ME. IE, Metro 2033, Chronicles of Riddick, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, etc.

First Contact: Starcraft/Starwars crossover.