Chapter One: If I Click My Heels Three Times, Do I Get My Satyr Back?

Author's Note: I had this posted on a different profile under a different name, but it's all me. Since I'm still hoping around the wonderful world Rick Riordan created, I was hopeful I could get back into this. Not to mention, a certain someone get into the books as well.

Full Summary: Zeus, reaching his limit with Percy, throws him back in time as a punishment. Percy's consequences, of course, are far more than he ever expected. When everything has changed, he has to find a way to make it right once more. Enlisting the help of fellow campers, he has to find a way to put things back the way they were, while simultaneously try not to make Zeus kill him. Easy.

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Warnings (FOR THE ENTIRE FICTION): Foul Language, Possible Character Death, Violence, Role Reversals, Spelling and Grammatical Errors, OOCness and bad humor. Percabeth! This also would include Spoilers for all of the books. If you haven't read them all, I wouldn't suggest you notread this fiction.

- I would call this fiction AU in a sense, because the plot is changing (same with some of the characters), but it's also canon because it's in Percy's-verse. So, of course, the original plot that we've all grown to love will be subject to change (same with the characters). If you don't like that, then don't read it.

Chapter One: If I Click My Heels Three Times, Do I Get My Satyr Back?

I guess you can say I forgot that the Gods were spiteful. Yeah, I'd go with that. Not to mention, it might have slipped my mind that the Gods could do anything they pleased without batting an eyelash.

So of course, refusing Lord Zeus' offer to become a God should have made more of an impact on me. The thing is, I saw a future trying to make it through life as a Half-blood. I could be with mom and Annabeth and we could give each other a shot. I could try and manage to get through a school year without getting expelled. I thought, that just maybe, I could live a normal life.

Well, normal in a Half Human, Half God sense.

The thing is, Zeus had a bigger plan for me.


"You refusemy offer Percy Jackson?"

I didn't mean to flinch. I had just help defeat the Titan lord, I figured I'd gotten past the jumpy faze when talking to a Greek God. But not with Zeus. His voice sounded like angry thunder when he was past peeved. Then again, I had that effect on the big guy most of the time. I technically blame my dad.

Still, I swallowed the fear that bubbled in my throat and squared my shoulders. I nodded. "Yes..."

I wasn't sure if I should have added a 'Sir' showing good manners. I didn't know if it would have been better if I said Lord. Either way, I said the wrong thing.

If you've never seen a God irritated, don't make it a goal or anything.

"Calm down."

I wanted to smile at my dad. Poseidon didn't want me to be made into grilled tuna. He had my best interest at heart, which just so happened to be me breathing.

Zeus was looking for any excuse to lightening-bolt me into the stratosphere.

"Well then, Percy Jackson." His voice cracked like a rolling thunder storm. "You will relive these events. All of them. Relive them until you make the rightdecision. But know this..."

I looked to my dad in hopes he could give me some sign to run like Blackjack while he tried to talk down his brother. Instead, he was looking at me sadly, his mouth carved out a frown. It was at that moment I realized he couldn't help me.

"You will relive this with consequence. Everything you know will be obscured."

I saw him grab his Master Bolt, and I looked back to stare at Annabeth. She was frozen, her stormy gray eyes threatening to rain. I thought at least if I was about to die I could say something along the epic side of cool sayings. Instead, I heard the crack of thunder, and a blinding flash of lightening left me seeing the stars.

Within that flash, my world went black.

I instantly had a sudden sense of déjà vu.

Waking up in a bed, a guy covered in eyes looming in the corner, and feeling like I had just been run over by a truck. I sat up in bed, wincing and groaning at the pain. I didn't feel nearly as powerful as I did before. Not that I was or anything, but the River Styx helped me out a little. I felt a hand push me back down on the bed.

It had to be Annabeth.

If this was playing out exactly like Zeus commanded, I was in a bed after just arriving at camp. I just fought the Minotaur just on the other side of Thalia's tree, just on the border of camp. I suddenly felt sick at the thought of losing my mother again. If I got her back once before though, I could do it again. I tried to open my eyes, but the light seemed blinding, and I didn't want to bother. I figured Annabeth was going to tell me Zeus almost vaporized me, I couldn't be reliving all the way back to when I first entered camp.

There was a spoon that invaded my mouth, and I instantly tasted buttery popcorn. I was expecting Annabeth to ask about the Solstice, but instead she shoved a straw in my mouth.

When there was a straw pushed in my mouth, I realized something changed. When I drank the nectar, I was on the front porch, looking out at the strawberry fields trying to get a grip on what was happening. I was chugging it when Grover stopped me and somewhere in there he handed over the shoe box with the horn. Grover was supposed to ask my what it tasted like...

I felt a straw push to almost the back of my throat, and anticipating the sweet taste of my mom's home baked cookies, I was greeted by something else. It was a greasy, cheep take-out food taste. It took me a minute to realize that it was a McDonald'scheeseburger.

My eyes flew open and I spit out the straw. It's not like I didn't enjoy the Nectar, any sane Demigod would. But that is not my favorite taste in the world.
In retrospect, that should have been my first clue. Or second...

I sat up again and almost made myself pass out. My body was feeling like it was on fire. I would say curse the Gods, but, being zapped once in my lifetime was more than enough.

I turned to look where I thought Annabeth was. When my eyes fell on her my stomach instantly knotted. It wasn't her. She looked so familiar. It was obvious she was a daughter of Athena. Her eyes gave her away. That and the giant monstrous book perched on her lap. I couldn't see a daughter of Ares reading that.

"Who in the hell are you?"

Her face contorted; she was either offended or I smelled funny. Either way, she didn't exactly look 'happy'.

If I was supposed to relive everything again, from this point on, that should have been Annabeth. Regardless I didn't really talkto her until I was meeting Mr. D, that should have been her. She was supposed to make the drooling comment later. Argus was still an eyeful, but he hadn't changed. There should have been a table full of immortals playing pinochle not too far away. Crap, I have to meet Mr. D all over again.

"I'm Bianca."

Whether it was the fact that she said it to me like I was something found on the bottom of her shoe, or she in fact, looked like my dead friend; either way the shock should have been the final blow.

When I really studied her face, which she didn't seem to like much, my mind felt like it was pushed into over drive. She had Bianca's face, that was for sure. Her nose, her chin, her jaw, even her voice – all of it.

"Who's kid are you?"

It was the first logical thing I could think of to ask. Here at Camp Half Blood a lot, if not everything, boiled down to who your parent was. When I first got here, Bianca and Nico hadn't even shown up. Not yet at least. They came along after Thalia came out of her tree, as weird as that sounds. They were kids of Hades, had no cabin, and technically weren't welcome here. If it wasn't for Kronos and his whole 'come to power and destroy the world' deal, I doubt they would have stayed as long as they did. Well, as short as they did.

"What do you mean?"

She eyed me keenly, and I knew she was trying to work out how I knew to ask about parents and all that crap. How our missing parent was commonly a Greek God.

"You're Hades kid, right?"

She gave me a foul look. Right before I could swear she was going to throw me to Jupiter, I heard another familiar voice.

"Now Bianca..." The voice chided. "Run along. You should be getting your bother's and sister's to help strategize for Capture the Flag."

She stood and nodded, and I realized I hadn't stopped looking at her since I woke up. You would too, if you were staring at a dead person. Well, since she's walking and everything, I guessed she'd count as a zombie. Yeah, sounds right. She was giving me those foul looks cause she wanted to eat my brains.

I finally turned to the familiar voice of my best friend. He could be my reason in all this madness. He could help me make sense of everything. After all his panicking, like usual. He'd tell me things might be a little different. Obviously. That's because so many things have changed; other events, things and people will be out of place. He would tell me it would be a piece of foil, and we'd figure everything out with Annabeth's help.

But when I found him, I had to do a double-take. Rub my eyes till they burned. Blink seventy-three extratimes. No, what I was seeing was indeed, real.


I looked at the horses body, watching the legs move as it clopped over to me gracefully. Part white stallion alright. I watched the swish of the tail hoping it would be some fluke.
Despite me scanning his head six times, I didn't catch sight of his horns. Those stupid things he was so proud of.

"Glad to see you're awake, Percy."

I waited for him to spring from some suit and it be all a really bad joke. I waited for him to start munching on Cokecans and ping-pong balls, stutter, and of course trip in his fake human legs. I waited. Waited, waited and waited for something like that to happen. I was even starting to hope for him to start bleating in panic.

I had to ask, I tried to comprehend what I was seeing. "Are...are you a..."

"Centaur." He said simply. "You learned about these in class."

I laughed. Yeah, that's right. I laughed. Any minute now I was going to wake up in the throne room at Mount Olympus. My dad would be fighting with his brother while Annabeth tried to come up with a way to fool the Gods and drag me out of harm's reach. Then I'd go home with mom, and we'd have blue cake and blue Spriteand that would be that. Mr. Brunner would go back to being Chiron. Grover would go back to being a satyr.

"Where's Chrion?"

His face twisted funny, as if he was trying to figure out an rubik's cube, which was ever weirder, because usually Grover would just eat it.

"How did you know his real...?" He shook his head, dismissing some thought. "He's meeting with the Council of Cloven Elders about his mission."

I closed my eyes, not wanting to hear the answer to my upcoming question.

"What mission?"

I heard his two back hooves clap on the floor as he shifted. I caught a breeze from the swish of his tail.

"The mission to bring you to Camp Half-Blood."

"This can'tbe happening." I muttered, instantly hunching over and gripping at my hair. Everything had been changed.

At the sound of rolling thunder that rumbled in the distance, I realized that it was no dream.

Zeus was getting back at me with a vengeance.

Author's Note: All chapters will vary in length, just fyi. Hope you enjoyed.