Chapter Three: Zeus Pulls The Ol' Switcheroo.

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Full Summary: Zeus, reaching his limit with Percy, throws him back in time as a punishment. Percy's consequences, of course, are far more than he ever expected. When everything has changed, he has to find a way to make it right once more. Enlisting the help of fellow campers, he has to find a way to put things back the way they were, while simultaneously try not to make Zeus kill him. Easy.

Chapter Three: Zeus Pulls The Ol' Switcheroo

Honestly, I should have been happy that Clarisse was nicer. I should have been excited that the Hermes cabin was still the same in a sense; filled with stolen goods, mischievous looks, and cluttered and messed up beyond belief. I should have been happy that all the cabins were still in tacked. I really, really, should have looked for the good in all of it.

But really? Could you blame me for feeling a bit down when Clarisse didn't want to pound my face in?

"You'll be staying with us for awhile." She chattered on.

I sighed, slumping against a wall as she continued on. Things were getting more and more different by the second. More and more frustrating.
She yammered on about watching my stuff and being welcome to stay here. She yacked on about Hermes and then started talking about something else. She was going a million miles a minute and frankly even with my ADHD I couldn't keep up.

I looked around for the Stoll brothers. If anyone deserved to stay with their folks, it was definitely them. They were just so perfectly Hermes sons. I realized, of course, as I glanced around at the faces that it just wasn't happening. I saw plenty of familiar faces. People whom I was simply familiar with, but not close too. Some faces were pulled straight from the pits of Tarturus. Others were taken from other cabins I'd gotten to know them associated with.

I didn't see Annabeth though.

"When's dinner?" I heard myself ask.

I didn't exactly remember the exact time when all the events of my first week happened. The order, yes – which of course was already starting to change. So my stomach reminded me that I indeed was hungrier than any of those carnivorous horses I ran into before.

Maybe if I got really lucky, I wouldn't have to see the Oracle.

I already knew the chain of events had been switched around. No doubt, I would have to do them again, but I was finally grasping that everything was different. Things have changed and were changing and I had a chance to make it right. I grasped that. Kind of...

Clarisse clapped my shoulder, "Dinner will be soon. But remember, if you need anything, you come and get me."

I wanted to laugh at that. Really? Rely on her?

"What do we do now?"

She glanced at the doorway and then back to me. "Well, you'll know when it's grub time. Why don't you go and check the place out. Get to know some people?"

I turned and looked out the doorway and sighed in relief at the sight of no Chiron or Grover. I know that sounds mean, but I really didn't want to go back to the Oracle. It was creepy enough the first time, and by no means did I want to repeat it all over again.

I nodded to her and slipped out the door. I decided to walk along to edge of the horseshoe of the cabin formation. I scanned over the campers that were coming and going, running and playing, passing the time. I ended back at the Hermes cabin and leaned against the siding, looking around at the faces. I saw Bianca enter the Athena cabin and pop back out with a kid shorter than her. I almost passed out from shock when I saw that it was Nico. They looked weird. There hair was changed, their eyes were different. They dressed different too.

I watched them walk over to the Aphrodite cabin and my heart froze when I saw who they walked up to talk to. No, it wasn't Annabeth. Worse. Much, much worse.
It was Luke.

Time was passing by me with blinding speed. Or it might have been everything that kept happening and my mind couldn't catch up. Despite feeling like my stomach was going to eat itself not long ago, I wasn't in a big mood to eat anything now. I felt sick and uncomfortable when I thought about how much my friends had changed. Now, if any single person is good with change, it would be a Demigod. We have our lives change in a blink regularly. So honestly, I shouldn't have been so disturbed. Really, I should have been able to let it run down my back like water and disappear.

Yeah, no.

Not only was Luke now a son of Aphrodite; he was really, truly a son of Aphrodite. He had well kept hair and skin no doubt touched up by a bit of make up. He was using a pocket mirror to check his hair when Bianca and Nico popped up.

Want to know what else I discovered? I'll even spare you and just stick to the weirdest ones.

We've gone over friggin' Bianca and Nico now being kids of Athena. Clarisse was a daughter of Hermes. The Stoll brothers were sons of Apollo. Thalia, yeah, you heard me – was a daughter of Hephaestus. Chris was a son of Apollo too, which was weird considering he now preferred singing over forging. Silenna, the one who was known as a beauty in our camp, was now a friggin' daughter of Ares. Yeah, I was shocked too. It was scary watching her trudge around like Clarisse used to do.
Here's the big kicker. I mean like, kick in the face type.

I found Annabeth.

Silenna was marching around doing whatever it is Ares kids do, when she called out to her like a challenge. Annabeth didn't have her curly blonde hair like I was used to. She had the color of my hair (if my hair was even still that color). Her eyes were like mine.

She couldn't really be? Could she?

"Seaweed brain! Cut it out!"

I watched Nico run up to the two of them and separate them with a bit of difficulty. It wasn't until Grover galloped out of nowhere that they split. She argued with the two of them for a minute and then she stormed off to the cabin. A cabin I was so familiar with. My cabin. Poseidon's cabin.

Now mind you those were just the ones that were really sticking out in my mind. There were still others that had been changed. To give you an idea, no one stayed with the same God parent except Mr. D's kids.

Grover looked over and found me standing next to the cabin, and both he and Nico came over. Nico with blond hair is just weird, just to let you know.

Grover gave me a look that I couldn't read, which made a brick drop in my stomach. He was usually so easy to read that I didn't have anything to ever worry about. Nico was still freaking me out. He seemed so...bright.

"It seems Mr. D is requesting you address the Oracle."

I sighed and shoved off the cabin. "I was wondering when...uh...something was...well..."

Grover and Nico glanced at each other, sharing a shrug they thought I didn't notice. I followed behind Grover to the big house pretending like I didn't know where we were going or who I was going to see. I wasn't thrilled to go talk to a mummy (again), but some things are just unavoidable.

I climbed my way to the attic and frowned. It still smelled horrible. It was still filled with thick air. It was still holding a creepy mummy. I stepped up to her and shoved my hands in my pockets, suddenly filling a pile of guilt. The Oracle was a step away from having the curse broken, and one measly decision ripped that away from her.

I sighed. "Alright. Hit me with it."

Her mouth dropped open and I shut my eyes and covered my mouth and nose with my hand.

Good luck, young Percy.

That was it. Could you believe it? That was it. I didn't get sent on my quest and I didn't get told some crazy fortune. She could have at least spared me my lucky numbers or something. I was hoping for at least one thing from the Oracle – a sign. A sign to point me in the right direction in which I could make everything right again. Apparently even the Oracle had been silenced.

I stormed out of the Big House feeling more angry that I really meant to be. I was lost in what to do, and I hated be lost. I lost my friends, my mom - again, my life, and I even
had to relieve all my horrible past experiences. I still had all my memories from the war, from my years at camp half blood. Now they were all being changed. In a sense, it was a fresh start. All my friends were alive and I had a chance to stop the war before it started.

It was still aggravating and frustrating and lonely.

I blew past Grover without so much as a word. It was time for dinner, I knew that much, and I didn't care to explain what the Oracle had said.
I crowded together with the Hermes table and listened patiently (as possible) as Clarisse explained the offerings as we inched forward in line.

I reached the flame and made a decision, hoping with everything I had my father would understand.

"To Zeus..." I muttered.

Now, usually, no I wouldn't offer Zeus one little bit of my food. I would rather spit in that fire than do something like that. The thing is, if my mom taught me anything when she was with Gabe, it would be to suck up.

Of course, the thunder rolled in the distance and I felt my face pull in disgust. I looked up and sighed. "Does it taste bad or something?"

I hadn't exactly noticed the murmuring around the place until I was waiting for some crack of thunder in response to my question. Obviously Zeus didn't appreciate my false offerings, and obviously the other campers didn't appreciate my talking to the Gods rudely.

I found a small space at the table and dug in. I felt like I still had my hunger from the end of the war. It wouldn't surprise me if Zeus sent me back with an empty stomach.
I ate like I never ate before and some of the campers were sending me odd looks while others were sending me ones of sympathy. One thing I did notice that was the exact same as before - everyone was paying attention to me.

Everyone was still whispering when they thought I wasn't paying attention, or going out of there way to stare at me. The more I thought about it, the more I dreaded it. I couldn't see Zeus being kind enough to let me continue to be Poseidon son. I was afraid he'd make me his.

We all left the tables at the same time, and while following the crowd my eyes landed on something wonderful. Something absolutely awesome to see amongst the forgotten and new.

It was a cyclops. My brother, the cyclops.

It indeed was a gift from the Gods.

Maybe Zeus was impressed that I hadn't flipped out and tried to run away? Either way I parted from the crowd that he was watching, and I walked up carefully. If Tyson didn't remember me I could just walk by him or something. I hoped with everything I had Tyson still remembered.

It happened in a big flash. A giant came barreling towards me yelling something that I quiet couldn't understand. I knew deep down that Tyson was overwhelmed with excitement to see me.

Tyson smiled at me and wrapped me in a giant, bone crushing hug. I didn't push him away, I enjoyed it. It was like my sanity in this flipped around and screwed up new world.

"You have no idea how nice it is to see you." I said when my air came back to my lungs, and my feet were planted firmly back on the ground.

"You smell bad." He told me.

"How's dad?" I asked, completely being used to Tyson's random sentences.

He nodded a bit. "Daddy seems mad. He's been storming around all day."

I thought of tidal waves and thunderous earthquakes and frowned. When a Demigod's parent gets angry, the whole world ends up knowing about it. Thus, it's a good reason to stay out a trouble.

"So, you still have all your memories?" I asked hopefully. "You remember everything?"

He nodded happily. "Brother saved Olympus."

I glanced over towards the Poseidon's table and glanced at Annabeth before addressing Tyson again. "Are you staying in the cabin with Annabeth?"

He shook his head sadly. "Daddy won't let me stay at camp for now."

"What? Why? Dad has to understand that I just need one person around that knows..."

Tyson hung his head. "Daddy said that I could make it harder for you..."

I went to protest, maybe even scream, but I just stopped while I was ahead. I could see where my dad was coming from. Tyson talks before he thinks, and it kinda runs in the family. He could easily blab what was going on and throw the camp in an uproar. I just wish my dad would throw me a fish here and help me out.

"So, how did you get into camp if you aren't a camper?"

He gave me a sloppy smile. "Daddy made me come deliver a message. The horsey let me in."

That was so not a sentence you heard often.

Sadly, I had to part ways with Tyson soon after that. Grover didn't ask question as to why I was so familiar with a random cyclops coming to deliver a message. He just pushed me along my way. A bunch of the campers were crowded in a group when I entered the cabin, all of them looking up quickly before diving back in their huddle.

Clarisse broke apart from them and came around to me, clapping me on the back. "We don't have much room. Hermes is the God of travelers, so we usually get the campers whose parents haven't yet claimed them."

I nodded along, still looking over my shoulder at the large group. If they were planning on some type of giant prank or robbery (neither would be surprising) I was willing to join. I needed something to lift my spirits.

Clarisse stopped mid-sentence while talking about parents and claiming; so on and so forth. She caught my line of sight and slung an arm around my shoulders. She spun me around and led me towards the group.

"Capture the flag." She explained. "We're coming up with a strategy."

"When do we play?" I asked.

I wasn't sure if I was more excited about my dad reclaiming me, the game, or the hellhound. Wait, I wasn't excited for that! I totally forgot almost dying via being mistaken as a milk bone.

I just had to remember to stay close to the creek.

"You excited already?" She cracked a smile. "Sounds like a son of Ares in the making."

I'll admit it, my upchuck reflex tried to work me over. I wouldn't put it past Zeus with the whole revenge thing and putting me with a God I couldn't stand.

The night ended with me staying up late with the rest of the Hermes cabin coming up with strategies for the game. They never made comments about how well I could put plans together, or how well I already knew the woods. I think they were more impressed with the plans and a higher probability of being able to win.

I caught a few people trying to swipe my pillow or trying to get a good look at the horn when I wasn't paying attention. I'm glad at least that hadn't changed. I never thought I'd be so happy as to be around a bunch of mischievous people.

I finally succumbed to sleep a few hours later with Clarisse giving me an extra pillow instead of suffocating me with it.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be claimed.

By who, was the other question.

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