Blaine's CD rack fell to the floor as his bag collided with it. He winced at the crack of plastic losing a fight with his calculus textbook but was afraid his clenching muscles would just do more damage if he tried to clean up the mess. Instead, he piled up his pillows like Kurt had shown him before leaving for New York and started punching.

It had been a hard school year so far. Coach Sylvester was still on maternity leave and the bullies were going almost unchecked. The sight of drops of slushie dropping from his shirt onto his pillow cases just made him punch harder. Not wanting to have to wash them for the third time in a week, he tore off his shirt and kicked it and his shoes over to the corner.

You are perfect, to me…

Blaine started and turned to the corner, confused, until he recognized the song, and more importantly, the voice singing it. His muscles immediately relaxed as he walked over to the corner and dug through the pile of junk until he felt fur.

"I confiscated this little guy to give to you!"

Blaine can't help but smile at the memory, at the day his boyfriend announced his presence with an impromptu puppet show. He loves the promise ring on his finger that means they belong to each other no matter how far apart they are, but there's a special place in his heart for the stuffed dog.

A couple days after Kurt handed over the little pup with the distorted face, Blaine had secretly recorded Kurt singing one day in the car as they drove to yet another coffee date. He'd then gone to Build-A-Bear and gotten a personalized audio pack to stick inside Naga. The employee who helped had given him a weird look at the choice of a young male voice for the audio but had promptly become more polite when he noticed the faint scars on Blaine's arms. Kurt still didn't know. Blaine didn't want him to know what it took to stay sane without his constant support.

Naga was already in bad shape after just a few months, with crusty fur from food and many bad nights. Blaine pressed the dog to his wet face once again and squeezed it, triggering another play of Kurt's beautiful voice reminding him of the future and that in the meantime, Blaine was everything he needed to be.