Ripped Apart
Chapter 1

As the final caribou of the stampede cleared the valley; Humphrey examined the beaten and bruised body of the only wolf he would ever love. Her head was covered in blood, her body; covered in cuts and blood as well. The sight of Kate lying on the ground, beaten, bruised, unmoving and covered in blood was a nightmare to him.

"Kate?" he whimpered, nudging her gently, hoping that she would get up so he could tell her he loved her, but alas, the body lied, still and stone cold.

"Kate?" he said as he began to tear up, his voice overflowed with pain and misery. "Please get up, you have to." he begged, tears now pouring from his face.

He fell back on his haunches, gazed up at the sky and as he did, the pain in him increased greatly. "Kate! Please, don't leave me!" he howled.

He closed his eyes to howl and when he opened them, he saw that he was back in his den.

He quickly looked around the den, and found Kate lying on the ground, sound asleep. No blood or bruises, her body, completely unscathed.

Humphrey sighed in relief. "It was just a dream." he whispered to himself. "Good."

He fell back to the ground, waiting for Kate to awaken from her slumber.

But he wouldn't have to wait long, because Kate always woke up early.

After thirty minutes of waiting, Kate rose from the ground, stretching away the stiffness in her muscles.

"Good morning." she yawned.

Humphrey gave her a timid smile. "Good morning." he replied shakily.

Kate froze at the den entrance, quickly glancing back at him. "Are you okay? You seem...Down" she asked gently.

Humphrey shook his head. "Its nothing."

"Come on Humphrey, don't keep secrets from me, you can tell me anything." she said with a caring smile as she sat back beside him.

"I had an awful nightmare, one where you died in that stampede two days ago." he answered. "The physical wounds were minor, but the mental wounds ran deep, deeper than anyone can imagine. Kate promise me you'll never leave me." he begged.

Kate smiled and chuckled lightly "I promise."

Humphrey smiled. "Good, cause life on earth would be hell without you."

Kate blushed brightly beneath her fur. "I feel the same exact way about you." she replied softly, giving him that smile he always loved.

"I'm going to get us something to eat." Humphrey stated as he began to exit the den.

"Well, be quick or I'll get lonely." She called after him.

"Don't worry, I will!" he called back.

Kate smiled as she watched Humphrey canter off out of sight.

Humphrey searched for about ten minutes, and finally, found two lone deer, grazing on the grass.

Humphrey prepared to pounce, patiently waiting for the precise right time to attack.

In an instant, he lunged towards the deer, slitting the first one's throat, and grabbing onto the back side of the second deer's neck and began biting and clawing the deer's neck, finally killing it.

Humphrey stood, beaming with pride. His first successful hunt, but his satisfactory would not last long, for when he looked up; he saw a little fawn, frozen and shivering with fear.

It was at that instant, his heart shattered, and his pride dropped.

He turned and ran, his eyes welling with tears as he ran back to his den as fast as he could.

When he reached his den, he found Kate waiting patiently in the corner.

He didn't say a word to her, he just curled up in the corner, crying.

Kate put on a pout; she hated seeing him like this. "Are you okay Humphrey? Was your hunt successful?"

"Yes." he whimpered.

"Why are you crying? You had a successful hunt."

"That's just it Kate. I was successful." he said between sobs.

"What?" Kate said, still lost as to what he meant. "Here, sit up and tell me what happened." she said softly.

Humphrey sat up and gazed into Kate's eyes, hoping to find some comfort, as he always would, but not this time.

"Kate, I killed those two deer without breaking a sweat and for an instant...I felt so satisfied, so proud of myself, but then...I looked down in front of me, and there it was, a baby fawn, quivering with fear. Kate I...I felt so pleased to know I would be able to provide for a family, but then I saw that baby deer shivering with fear, and it destroyed me." he explained.

Kate gazed back into his eyes. "Why?"

"Why? I killed its family Kate, that's like if we had a pup and we were murdered before its very eyes, leaving it all alone in this cold, cruel dangerous world. I committed an awful crime Kate, I murdered its parent's."

"its okay Humphrey." Kate said softly, attempting to comfort him.

Humphrey just shook his head. "No it's not Kate, I know what that feels like, my family was murdered right in front of Me." he said between sobs. "Growing up without parents was hard for me."

Kate gave up, she couldn't help Humphrey with this, and she knew he was right. "Okay Humphrey, but please...cheer up, I hate seeing you like this."

"I can't Kate, I'm a worthless Omega, a good for nothing criminal." he said darkly.

Kate hated this. "Oh Humphrey...You aren't worthless to me, you give me a reason to live, and you're not a criminal, me and the other alphas kill families of deer to protect and survive. You're no more a murderer than any other wolf." she said reassuringly. "I love you and you know that."

Humphrey nodded, drying his eyes. "Yeah, you're right, I still have you. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you."