Turning Point

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom

A/N: told in Demi's point of view, sequel to Rise of the King.

Chapter One

The Ghost Zone seemed limitless, even as we flew through it in a desperate attempt to distance ourselves from Pariah Dark. Every now and again I spotted swirls of green and black energy drifting around the Ghost Zone randomly, slowly.

Dad banked right, and I followed, studying the speck we were approaching. As it grew larger, I saw the rubble, and I recognized Clockwork's castle. "That guy really needs to fix his place," I said.

"But for now, this is the place to go," Dad replied.

We touched down at the same time, and I sank to the floor. I could feel myself shifting back into human form. Dad helped me to my feet, and we crossed the room to a pile of large chunks of wall. We took our seats, and Dad wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"Wow, what are the odds?" Phantom asked. He was leaning against a lone half of a pillar, his arms folded across his chest. His arms dropped to his sides as he took a few steps forward.

"One in God knows?" I guessed, raising my eyebrows.

"Nice guess. Now, how long before he comes back around to us?"

"He's gonna look for the Crown of Fire first, and let's hope his eyes around town haven't overheard anything unusual that would point him in the direction of that thing," Dad replied.

"What about that statue of the Fright Knight?" Dad and Phantom looked at me, and I took a deep breath. "The first time I went to the Ghost Zone, to look around for the spook Dad lost from Connecticut. I described the ghost to Ember, she said it was the Fright Knight."

"Wait a sec, what would the Fright Knight want in Connecticut?" Phantom asked.

"It's not what the Fright Knight wants. It's what Pariah wants," Dad replied.

"The Crown of Fire," we all said at once.


Dad and I shot over Earth, and I glanced back to make sure Phantom was following us and not causing any trouble. I looked down at the changing scenery as we raced over state lines. "We still have to figure out who let Pariah out," I said.

"Yes, we do, but for right now, we have to nip this thing in the bud before it gets any worse," Dad replied.

"Think we can win?"

Dad sighed and looked over at me. "Yes, baby girl," he said after a moment. "We'll win."

After some time, Dad began slowing his speed. I recognized the house, which had subsequently been rebuilt, and I habitually scanned for anything out of the ordinary. "Demi, search the house, I'll cover the rest of the town. Phantom, stay out of trouble," Dad said as he touched down. "Both of you let me know if something is wrong."

"Got it," I said, and I looked over my shoulder at Phantom.

"I got dragged into this mess. I guess I'm in it for the long haul," he said. "Besides, you two keep me on a tight enough leash as it is. And don't get me going on Clockwork. He'll figure it out if I did something wrong, and he'll be all over me about it."

"Okay, let's go." Dad walked toward what I took to be the town square, and I walked up the front steps of the house. As I opened the door, I chanced a glance back at Phantom, who was chewing his lip, his arms folded across his chest. The pure annoyance on his face would have sent a chill up my spine if it were a month prior, but I figured I'd gotten used to him after he tried to kill me.