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Chapter 10

You're My Friend

"I forgive you."


Koji was starting to feel guilty(1), Suzie had been crying for a whole minute…and he felt guilty, not to mention he had just managed to piss his twin off, and as he was almost impossible to even make upset, he now felt like the big bad guy, "N-no don't cry, I-I didn't mean it." He said, Suzie didn't hear him and kept crying, Koji stood their until he finally couldn't take it anymore and walked away unsure of what to do to make the girl stop crying, as his twin kept trying to get her to stop.

"Suzie, do you want to play the game or not?" Kouichi finally asked using the 'if you don't decide now we don't play' card, she stopped at once.

"Game?" she asked.

"Yea, do you want to hear the rules?" Kouichi asked her

"Yea!" Suzie said enthusiastically

"Alright, so there are four parts, the first part is getting all the tents and cooking things we need, okay?" Kouichi asked

"Do I just take them out of the bags?" Suzie asked


"Yay!" Suzie cheered "Let's start!"

"Wait there's one more thing you need to know, you need to choose a spot to put all the things you gather and I'll choose another spot, then when we are all done we'll see who collected more." Kouichi said and after that Suzie was off as fast as her little legs could carry her, she started with the closest person to her collection spot, who happened to be none other than Tai whom she accidentally stepped on. She soon got the tent, the cooking utensils, and any food there was from his backpack, then she moved on getting things from Takato, Kari, Matt, Izzy, Henry, Ryo, Thomas, Keenan, and several others, luckily most of them had landed face down. Of course then there was the odd occurrence, where Kouichi's pile grew smaller, and Suzie's mysteriously grew bigger…Odd? Not really, Koji was feeling bad about making Suzie cry so he worked to help her win.

"So," Kouichi started. "I'm assuming you're behind the mysterious magic going on." He had just caught Koji taking a sleeping bag from his pile.

"You caught me…" Koji said

"Well you better get going if you want Suzie to win." Kouichi said walking away like nothing had happened. And then about thirty minutes later, Koji secretly watched as they counted, Suzie had won the first part by three items.

Koji then strolled into the clearing casually, acting as though he had just taken a walk. "Hi." He said, this made Suzie begin to like him, and figure she could try and make friends with him.

"Yay you came back!" She said. Koji looked at her strangely, before finally shrugging, and ignoring the fact that she had been cry because of him just an hour ago, yet she seemed to be trying to make a new big brother...

"Ya I'm back...Woo hoo..." He said being as enthusiastic as his inner self (Yes he has an inner self called his subconscious and his dignity combined...) stopping him going any more. The bunches of mental barriers he had made over the years didn't help...

Well…After five minutes, Suzie had somehow done the impossible. She had shattered, powdered, and downright destroyed his mental barriers to the point it would take him months to repair them. By the time the game was over (And Kouichi had won 3/1) Koji was uncharacteristically happy. After a little Amiliana woke up, Joe woke up an hour later. Then about ten minutes later, Agumon, Agumon, Tai, Marcus, Geomon, Veemon, Takato, Takuya, and Davis instantly sprung up when they smelled yummy dinner being cooked. And after a while everyone else finally woke up.

Tai was sitting by Kouichi, almost everyone in the group had finally warmed up to him so it was ok. But then there were the few...Cody, very slightly Yolei also slightly, and then Kari...Kari didn't-no wouldn't give the boy the light of day. He could probably be dying and sadly Tai could very well see her walking away. "Hey Kouichi." Kouichi's head turned. "Would you be willing to maybe go and do a chore with my sister?"

"Uhh I don't know how good an idea that is...She doesn't seem to like me much..."

"Exactly, I'm hoping you can talk and help her understand that you're ok. The only reason she doesn't like you is because of your element. Our group had some bad experiences with darkness. But in the end we prevailed. Of course there were about a million other digidestined helping us!" Kouichi stared at him wide eyed.

"There are that many of you?" He asked. If all of them had come no one else would've been needed, and well...The digital world would be saved already.

"Yea, I was surprised when I found out how many of us there really are around the world. Of course the language barrier makes it a bit harder to communicate, but Izzy can smash right through that. So you willing to go with her?"

"A-alright..." Kouichi agreed.

"Kari!" Tai yelped as Kari was around the other fire. Kari stood and trotted over.

"What do you need?" She asked.

"I need you and Kouichi to go and find some more firewood." Tai answered.

"Can't I go with Ken- I'll even go with Davis!" She said hopefully.

"No. You're going with Kouichi, and if you have a problem, then you obviously can't put aside your differences, and aren't suited for this mission." Tai said. He was going to get Kari to agree even if it meant becoming the big mean brother. One day she might have no other choice than to work with Kouichi, and if she couldn't work with him then something might happen to her. In the end he was doing it for her own good, besides Kouichi wasn't bad once you got to know him. Takuya had explained some of their travels, and had ended up spilling everything.

"Fine. I'll go with him..." She said reluctantly.

"Good. We're going to need enough to last the night." Tai said as they walked away. Everyone just stared at him wide eyed, they knew him enough already to tell that they should be surprised about Tai's behavior. And Koji became his old and scowly self...

"Blackmailing her? Really?" Matt finally asked. Tai decided to explain after Kari couldn't hear them.

Kari and Kouichi had been walking for a few minutes until Kari stopped. Kouichi stopped with her.

"Tai put you up to this didn't he?" She asked.

"Not exactly...He asked me if I would do a chore with you. I didn't exactly think it was such a good idea because of how much you seem to avoid me, but...Well that was exactly his point. He was hoping I could maybe help you understand that I'm on your side. Even if my element is darkness, I don't want to hurt anyone. Of course threaten my twin and you're in for it."

"How can darkness be an ally?! All it does is bring pain and fear! How is it possible to know that you aren't really evil?! That you aren't really-" She froze. A barely visible white flame lightly flickered in his blue eyes.

"Because once I was on the other side of the battlefield." She stared into his honest eyes. "Koji and I were separated when we were young, and never knew each other even existed, Koji had thought that mom was dead, but in truth she was working herself sick to support both me and herself. Then grandmother before she died told me about Koji, and I went to find him I watched from a distance, I didn't know what to do or say. Every time I tried to say something it never came out. I finally decided to just give it a shot, The worst he could do was flat out ignore me, that was the day that Zoe, Takuya, J.P., Tommy, and Koji were called to the Digital world. Koji was on an elevator, and Takuya had somehow dived in but I missed by just a second, so I took the stairs. But I tripped and woke up in front of the tainted Cherubimon He took advantage of my thoughts and situation, and placed the tainted spirits of Darkness in my possession, I was instantly taken over. But in the end Koji and Takuya were able to save me." Kari stared for a long time. 'She's re-thinking her decision about me...' Kouichi thought.

"How do I know you won't just turn on us?" She finally asked.

"Though the line is sometimes blurred, so long as I don't allow myself to be consumed by my power I promise you, I can and will do nothing to hurt our efforts." Kari sighed, half in relief, and half in resignation.

"I believe what you say. And I admit that if Tai likes you, and sent us off together to do this chore, then you can't even be half bad. He's more overprotective of me than a hen over her egg and chick...Just don't tell him I said that." Kouichi chuckled.

"Perhaps we should get some firewood now."

"Yea we should."

Impmon sighed. He really wanted to apologize to Leomon, but he didn't know how. He just wished, that maybe he wouldn't be forgiven and then that would punish him enough, but...Then he wanted to be forgiven so he could still live with himself. But sometimes life just doesn't go that way, and things just go bad. Sometimes life just sucked that way. Even so Impmon was going to try and talk with Leomon, and if he happened to get grinded into digital bits then he saw it as serving him right.

"Uhhh Leomon?" Impmon squeaked.


"Could we...Uhhh talk for a few minutes?" Impmon asked.

"Alright." Leomon said getting up. They walked out of the small clearing and into the nearby bushes.

"I'm...I'm sorry about what I did..." Leomon looked at him.

"I forgive you."

"Really? That quick?" Impmon asked.

"Yes, if Jeri is holding no grudge I see no reason to. Just don't do it again because if you do I won't be so forgiving."

"It's a deal!" Impmon said cheerfully. They left the bushes and went to sit back down with their partners.

Kari entered the clearing with a bundle of firewood in her arms, Kouichi right behind her.

"You're back. I was just about to go looking for you two." Tai said. And indeed he had been about to go look. Koji, Matt, Joe, and himself. Kari put the fire wood down between the two fires, Kouichi also doing so. Then they sat down in the spots they had been in before. Everyone else kept their conversations going.

"So how'd it go?" Tai asked Kouichi

"It went well..." Kouichi answered. Tai backed off being content with "Well".

Takuya yawned right beside Kouichi. "Well I'm going to bed…"

"Good night." Tommy said knowing that at the moment he was the only one of their group that would be able to say it without evil laughing. Takuya entered the tent him Koji, J.P., Tommy, and Kouichi would be sharing.

"Why do I have a feeling I should be sleeping with one eye open tonight?" Takuya asked himself getting into his sleeping bag.

Koji fingered a pouch of the sparkly powder from back in Flowerstrel.

"Revenge shall be sweet..." Koji said an evil gleam in his eye.

Once again Tommy was having that dream, and had it always been the same it wouldn't have bothered him, but the dream had been warping into something much scarier

Flashback into Tommy's dream...

Tommy's ankles and wrists are chained and his friends are all in the crater like hole with glass over the top, only this time when the water begins filling it in the water doesn't freeze, and he watches as everyone is drowning, Takuya is the first to go because of his element, and the fire digimon also faint, there was no way out everyone, gone, everyone but him .

End Flashback into Tommy's dream.

The next morning...

Takuya squealed humiliatingly like a girl, lightly kicking Koji in the arm for the sparkly powder that was now down his shirt and all over his clothes.

"You totally deserved that..." J.P. said.

"And here I thought that you were the oldest of us and would be the one not out for revenge." Takuya said as Koji grabbed him making him loose his balance and fall.

"That's for kicking me." Koji said still half asleep.

Takuya got him back for it. By the time the two were done getting back at each other the tent was knocked down, and everyone inside was stuck there listening the Koji and Takuya go at it until they were free. ("Bandana head." "Tactless." "Cold meany." "Idiot that I have no idea how you became the leader of our group." "Cold hearted meany that I have no idea how I became friends with in the first place." "Childish idiot." "Wait you finally admit I'm leader?" "Crap...")

Once they had managed to get the boys out of their tent they packed up camp and started moving. Izzy kept his map up and guided them until they saw a wall made out of white stone blocks. And as for the rest of the city it was on an island inside of the wall. And in the distance there was a figure, then over time as they approached over the bridge to the city there were two more. One was tiny, the next a bit bigger, and then one human sized figure...

Who is waiting for them? What secrets will be revealed in Celestia? Will their list of questions get longer or shorter? And will they be able to save T.K.? Find out next time on Digimon Digital Monsters!

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