It was Friday so I didn't have Izzy. I woke up around 8, which sucked since I went to bed at 2. I got up and showered, got ready and ate breakfast. I figured nate wasn't up so I didn't text him. It was only 9:30 when I was done, so I got on my computer. Nothing was new on face book so I logged onto twitter. My best friend from germany, Lena, was on.

Me: Hey!

Lena: Omg! I cant believe it, I haven't talked to you in freaking forever! How are you?

Me: Im wonderful!:) how about you?

Lena: im pretty good. Friend drama as usual!

Me: haha! Some things never change!

Lena: ik right! So anything new lately? Any boys?

Me: haha actually there is only one!

Lena: seriously? Who? R u 2 dating?

So I told her everything. She was so happy and she really wanted to meet him. So later in the week we were going to skype. We talked for a little while, but I told her I had company coming over soon so we promised to talk the next day and signed off. 5 minutes later Maybelee was there. Once we got talking we couldn't stop. She could only stay for a couple hours, which was ok because I wanted to go see Nate for a while too. We talked about what we had done all summer, boys, family, and I even brought up what had even happened the night before.

Me: oh my god Maybelee, you scared me, why didn't you tell me you were going to give the best friend talk? I thought you didn't like him.

Maybelee: Haha! I couldn't act like I was mad and give the talk with you sitting thereā€¦

Me: so! You could of told me. But he did pass the test so I guess it worked.

Maybelee: EXACTLY don't be mad.

I wasn't mad; I just would like to have known. We hung out for a while longer. When she left me I texted Jesse.

Me: Hey! Is Nate home?

Jesse: Ya, why are you asking me? text him yourself!

Me: Don't tell him I texted you! I wanna surprise him.

Jesse: Fine! You owe me.

Me: Fine I will make it up later. Where is he?

Jesse: In his room.

Me. Thx!

When I got to their house, I walked in the front door and found Jesse in the living room. He pointed to his room. I tip toed over to his door and very slowly opened the door. When I peeked my head in, he was sleeping. Jesse, Mitch, Roxy, and their mom had all warned me that if you went into his room and woke him up, you were in for it! But I couldn't help it, he's lying here, completely asleep, I had to wake him up. So I snuck into the kitchen and found a pan and a spoon and headed back.

"Oh my god you're going to die! Haha! Good luck!" Jesse said as I was heading back.

When I got in there I got up on the bed, luckily not waking him. Then I started jumping and hitting the pan, yelling "wake up!" really loudly! He had been laying on his stomach so when he started to wake up he was yelling shut up! Not realizing it was me till he turned over.

When he did, I saw a playful glint in his eyes so I jumped off the bed and ran for the door, just barely missing his hands. He chased me all over the house, by the time I hit the front door I had already dropped the pan and spoon. I opened the door and ran out it and shutting it behind me. That didn't stop him though, he chased me all the way to the park, when we got there he tackled me and pinned me to the ground. We were both breathing hard from running and we were laughing.

"weren't you warned not to wake me up?" he asked with a grin on his face.

"Oh, I was warned! Haha but you looked like you needed to be woke up by me pounding on a pan with a spoon. Haha, I though you would enjoy it." I said, still laughing. We sat there staring into each others eyes, smiling. Slowly he started lowering his lips to mine. The kiss was sweet and made me melt right into him. After a while, he got up and helped me up. We walked hand in hand all the way back to his house. Jesse didn't say anything when we got back, he just laughed to himself. When his mom got home she made us dinner and after we watched T.V. After we went and laid in his bed and talked, we ended up falling asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I went out into the kitchen and found Nate's mom drinking coffee. When she saw me she smiled and grabbed a cup for me.

"I called your parents for you last night. You two just looked so cute laying there I couldn't wake you up. I told them you fell asleep and made sure it was ok." She tells me.

"Ohhhh! Thank you!" I said, smiling into my coffee. "Oh and I called all of Nate's friends and those phone numbers you gave me. Everyone said they could come." I told her. We had been planning this birthday party for weeks now and he still had no idea. One more week and my boyfriend would be a legal adult. We talked about the party plans for a while, then she said she was running to the store to get groceries and some stuff for the party. When she left I filled my cup up with more creamer and went to go watch some tv since no one was up yet. Roxy and Mitch were the first to get up, they didn't say anything when they saw me. Just grabbed a bowl of cereal and came and sat next to me to watch tv. When they finished eating, I got a brilliant idea to repay Jesse. I had the kids go get two pitcher of ice water and a pan and spoon. I gave roxy the pan and spoon, Mitch and I got the ice water. Just as we were about to go in his room Nate walked out and caught us. He told us to hold on and went and got the video camera. I was going to count down from 3 when I got to zero Roxy was going to start banging the pan with the spoon and Mitch and I were going to dump the ice water on him. And then run as fast as freaking possible before he got us. As soon as we did it Jesse was up and cussing us out, he was so pissed off at us he chased us all over the house till we locked ourselves in Nate's room. It felt like we laughed forever, when it was safe we went and checked on Jesse. He looked at me and knew it was my devious plan, "What the Hell! What was that for?" I couldn't reply because is started laughing too hard. In the end jesse started laughing his butt off too! What he doesn't know is we posted it on facebook while we had locked ourselves in Nate's room. Ha Ha!