SEQUEL! :D also, I want to know if you all want it a snake eyes X halle X storm shadow fanfic. It sorta annoys me when authors make storm shadow soft, so i'll try my best to make him like the character in the movie. cold. So yeah, read on!

Chapter 1

Dragon Tongue crouched in the trees as Storm Shadow landed next to her. "Do you know your mission."
"Of course- what am I- stupid? We went over this five million times," Dragon Tongue said in a tone that said 'i know what I'm doing, leave me alone' . Storm Shadow rolled his eyes and Dragon Tongue glared at him.
"Then perhaps we should go for five million and one."

"Maybe not, you can trust me to get the device and never leave a trace."

"Perhaps, but he will be ready, and their last rescourse."

"They can't see me under the hood," Dragon Tongue reminded Storm Shadow, and he put a hand on her shoulder.

"You are still young-,"

"I'm one year younger than you!" Dragon Tongue objected, and his eyes twinkled. "Yet you are more foolish."

"You are foolish calling me foolish."

"No- I speak truth, and you make mistakes."

"So do you," Dragon Tongue protested, one year had passed, and Storm Shadow's eyes were mischievious. "Not as much as you Sister."

Dragon Tongue opened her mouth to argue even further, but Storm Shadow became harder again. He did that agravating wall just when she was starting to enjoy his time, and he regarded her coldly. "Go now."

"Yes sensei," Dragon Tongue said, and turned around as a hand clamped on her wrist. "No- I have taught you many skills, you no longer refer to me as that. You will refer to me as Brother from now on." Dragon Tongue nodded in aknowledgement, and slipped the hood over her face, which shadowed her face from view, showing lips and in the moonlight, she seemed like a magical being.

She leaped onto the next tree branch and gave a short wave in farewell. Then she focused on the base at Washington D.C.

"I've taken down the security cameras to look to one direction and any moving object be invisible. The motion detectors have the same hacking, so you have ten minutes Dragon," Cobra Comander rasped into her ear piece.

Dragon Tongue set her jaw as she saw a guard. These people at Washington were tough, not that she couldn't handle them, they just caused more trouble than they were worth.

"Sister, kill- now, we still have power over you," Dragon Tongue closed her eyes, trying to keep te mortality of her soul over coming to cold blood killer she was about to become. This would be her first kill, the others, knockout gas worked, but this didn't.

Dragon Tongue snapped to attention and jumped down, and snapped the guard's thick neck. He collasped on the spot and was dead. The clean up crew was coming, and Dragon Tongue didn't worry. She ran to the next guard by the door, with his back turned, and she slit his throat quickly. Then using his I.D. and eye for the retna scanner, she walked into the hall, and the vent opened. A gift from Cobra, how considerate.

Dragon Tongue leaped upward, and jumped into the vent without a sound. She crawled through the vent, the warm draft telling her where to go, everything was going as planned. The decoy was perfect, and easy. While Cobra struck at something they already had, Dragon Tongue stole from NATO.

The draft stopped at a vent, and Dragon Tongue saw a hallway.

She dropped into the hallway, and the guard turned around. "Who are you and what-," she didn't give him a chance to finish and cut his head off. Cobra quickly made it a false alarm, and the door opened. Dragon Tongue rolled her eyes and pressed a small gadget to the security code, and within seconds, the lazers were visible. Good tech, horrible security.

Dragon Tongue did flips and manuvers around the lazers before landing in the center and reached for her prize. It was a computer chip, and she put it in her sash when alarms blared.

"This wasn't in the manual," She hissed into comunicater, and that's when guards swarmed her.
"Put your hands up," They yelled, and Dragon Tongue rolled her eyes beneath the hood. Then of course, being Cobra, Dragon Tongue wripped out pistoles and then, with the blasters, five shots around the room, everyone was dead. Dragon Tongue pressed the comunicator, "I hope you have a way out for me."

"A backup patrol witha bazooka is coming."

"Thanks," Dragon Tongue smiled, and muttered, "Cake," Before going through the lazers and pressing up against the edge of the doorway. Soldiers filed in, but Dragon Tongue waited for the bazooka. Then when he came, she killed him quickly and then killed the next one. The guards whirled around, and she gave a salute before blasting them with the bazooka and killing them as well.

Dragon Tongue sprinted down the hallways, using the ventalation as a navagator and killing anyone quickly. Then she fired the bazooka again, and busted down the door to the outside. Using the shadows again, Dragon Tongue flipped into safety, and leaped into the trees, running toward the ship till her adrenaline slowed down. Then Dragon Tongue realized she had been shot in the back of her bicep.


"How exactly is getting hurt my fault?" She challenged Storm Shadow as he paced in the meeting room. Storm Shadow, the Comander, Black Dragon, and the other heads were there waiting.

"Because you were careless- you left a blood trail, and if the Joes are the Joes, they will find you."

"My aligence is toward Cobra- not toward the Joes."

"Do I know that?"
"YES!" Dragon Tongue yelled, and Storm Shadow folded his arms.

"You agree hastily don't you?"
"Have I done anything that proves I'm unloyal?" She asked, and Storm Shadow stood up.

"You slapped a Shadow Dragon." Black Dragon spoke up.

"He should have minded his hands," Dragon Tongue pouted, and Storm Shadow rolled his eyes.

"Women." He scoffed.

"Men." Dragon Tongue retorted.

"Black Dragons."
"Arashikage." Every Black Dragon, including Dragon Tongue, said in unison.

"We are not here to fight, Black Dragon has called this meeting, and I have agreed to demands that have to be made." Cobra Comander spoke in the raspy yet loud voice.

"Yes- it has come to my attention that my last direct bloodline heir, Dragon Tongue refuses to marry a Shadow Dragon, or a member of the Black Dragon Clan, I have thought a great deal about this and have settled on a solution."

"No blind dates- can't we leave my love life to myself?" Dragon Tongue spoke out, and Black Dragon glared at her. She ducked her head, "Sorry father."

"I wish to pair an aligence and marrige. Dragon Tongue, you will mary Storm Shadow." Dragon Tongue had been tipping her chair backwards, crashed onto the floor.

"No, nashi, net, Meiyou! Kesshite, kore made kore made!" Dragon Tongue shrieked in Japanese, Chinese, Russian and English.

"Unfortunately, unless we loose Black Dragon Clan support- you will. So from now on, an alligence shall form between marrige of Storm Shadow and Dragon Tongue."

"Where's the part where it's a prank?" Dragon Tongue asked, and Black Dragon glared at her, making her cringe. "You will obey me- you will mary him!"

"Oh I will, will I?"

"Agree Dragon Tongue, there is no other choice," Storm Shadow talked smoothly and showed no emotion though Dragon Tongue could tell he was resistant as well.

She didn't plan for her life this way, not even with Cobra. She should have seen it coming though, and she calmed down parcially.

"Fine- but I won't sleep with him."

"That is understood- we need you in the field. And until the ceremony, you will be watched- both of you, any sucicdal attempts will be punished. Are we understood?"

Dragon Tongue set her jaw and clenched her teeth, but she found herself saying, "Yes sir."
She sent a glare in her father's direction as well as Storm Shadow, who simply bared his teeth at her.

It was done, and there was no way out. Dragon Tongue was held by the hair and forced to be loyal to Cobra. She killed for Cobra, she worked for Cobra. And now, she married at Cobra's command. She was far from her old and true self, and every passing day made the personality of Halle Jackabae harder to reach.

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