Chapter _

"I don't see how we're supposed to train, when we all know each other's moves," Halle complained.

"We spar," Storm Shadow said cooly, and Halle glared at him, "Who died and made you king? Because whoever did, made a suckish choice."

"Then perhaps you would like to spar with me Halle."

"What? No, I don't want to lead this little betalion, I just have a problem wiht you being in charge."

"Silence." Black Dragon inturrupted, and everyone looked at the ancient ninja master. "We are here to train- here, we all consider ourselves familiy."

"Well I have bad family experiences anyway," Halle muttered, and started stretching. Nobody else did, and she rolled her eyes. "When you pull a muscle-,"

"You deal with it," Storm Shadow inturrupted.

"Yeah, to bad I can't do the same with you. Because if I delt with you the way I wanted to- the piranas in the Congo would have a new snack."

"Your threats make no impact on me."

"See that's the only thing I actually like about Arashikage. Your patience is so much fun to break."

"Hikari," Black Dragon warned, and Halle placed her hands on her hips. "Father," She said in the same disaproving and critical tone.

"Are we training?" Jinx asked irritably, and Halle snapped her fingers as if remembering something, "I think we were."

Snake Eyes tossed Halle a wooden sword, which she automatically caught. The katanna felt slightly strange compared to her hook sword, but Halle would make do.

"Perhaps, I should train Halle," Storm Shadow intergeted, and Halle turned to him.
"I'm your equal. I don't need training, and if I did, I'd take it from a crocidile first."

"And I'm sure you'd do so, but, I know for a fact that Snake Eyes will not try his hardest against his, beloved."

"Whatever," Halle said in exsaperation, but Snake Eyes passed Storm Shadow his sword. Halle turned around, and gave Snake Eyes her sword. "I am training with my father."

She turned toward Storm Shadow, "Now, you just have to worry about getting your ass kicked."

"I know for a fact, that it would be the other way around. Snake Eyes or you, either one I can defeat."

"Rather proud aren't we? Careful, that will get you in trouble," Halle spun on her heel and faced her father.

"So we pick up your forgotton training?" Black Dragon asked, and Halle smirked. "Leaping from pole to pole here I come."

"I was thinking of sparring," Black Dragon said and Halle got into a crouch. She had never truely faced her father in an official dual. He was a master of everything, the most trained of them all here. The only way Halle evaded him before was by using her surroundings, but even then, he never truely used full force.

She was suddenly on her back with the breath knocked out of her. She growled in frustration, and Black Dragon frowned. "Focus. Don't get lost in your thoughts, I have watched you train for almost eight years. I know how you think. Make another mindset, become a different fighter."

Halle got up, and refocused. She studied Black Dragon, noticing the details like shifting of weight, and she seemed to put weight on her heels. Black Dragon kicked at her face, but grabbed her arm. Halle tried to send a hook his way, but he twisted her arm behind her back, and shoved her down.

"Focus. Your moves are classic, simple, and though effective, you aren't trying." Halle got up again, and tried harder to focus. She waited for Black Dragon to strike, and when he finally did, Halle managed to blocked the complex blow, only to find it was a fake, and Black Dragon used a simple move, tripping her from behind. Halle recovered with a back hand spring, and had to block once more and landed an attack of her own. Her father took a step back, and Halle stood back, the daughter and father circling eachother warrily.

"Why weren't you this good in Cobra?" She asked, and her father smirked. "Because I had a cover to sell, but that's easy, like this fight."

"Ha! I know what you're doing, you're trying to anger-," Halle ended up on her back again and Black Dragon frowned. "Stop talking. It messes you up, and you loose focuse."

"Funny, it usually helps me," Halle said as she got up, and Black Dragon rolled his eyes. Halle smirked, "Now I know where my attitude came from." Black Dragon began to just practice simple moves and kicks against Halle.

"You seemed to have gotton your focus though, from your mother."
"Where is she by the way?"Halle asked as she blocked a kick. Black Dragon looked caught off guard, and Halle kicked him in the chest before spinning around and tripping him and then stood over her fallen father.

"I do not know."
"So what? You misplaced my mother, and then forget where she is?"

"Not now Hikari," Black Dragon hissed, and Halle sulked, but muttered, "Fine."

"So do we switch partners now?" Jinx asked, and Halle shrugged. "As long as Tommy gets his butt kicked."

"I'd like to see you try," Storm Shadow sneered, and Halle turned around. "Oh, it's on."

The fight wouldn't end. Litterly, Storm Shadow and Halle were evenly based, each evenly blocking, and never letting in a blow.

"You know, I'd say that you were almost good, but, I know that if it came down to it, I'd win," Halle said as she blocked a hit and tried to kick Storm Shadow.

"Ah Dragon Tongue, you know nothing, I'm simply holding off."

"Please, you'd never hold off from trying to embarass me, but you never succeed anyway," Halle dropped down to sweep out his feet out from under him, and the rolled to avoid from him landing on her leg. Halle turned over, and then kicked Storm Shadow in the chest. He took a step back, and Halle found an opening. She faked a hook, and then turned around to jab at his chest. Storm Shadow grabbed her elbow and twisted her around, and kept Halle in a lock.

"I trained you, I know how you act and react."

"You know, being badass isn't really working for you," Halle groaned, and threw her weight backward. Storm Shadow was like a block, and Halle snaked her foot behind his ankle, and threw her weight back again, and threw him down. Halle pinned Storm Shadow to the ground, and she glared at him. "I know precicely how you think Storm Shadow. Don't forget that either."

Halle felt a hand on her shoulder, and she glanced back to see Snake Eyes obviously telling Halle to get up. She sighed, and relaxed and started to get up when she was flung against the room, and a towel fell on her head.

"Never relax," Storm Shadow said, and Halle took the rag off her head.

"That's it," Halle got up to charge Storm Shadow but was held back by Snake Eyes.
*I'll handle him,* Snake Eyes signed, and Halle rolled her eyes, before jumping at Storm Shadow again.

"Ah the happy couple," Storm Shadow sneered as he walked out, and Snake Eyes let Halle go, and she was about to tackle Storm Shadow when the door closed.

"His body's going to turn up in the river one day," She muttered, and stalked out. The tensions were high enough to make everyone in GI Joe angry, more than that. It made everyone snappy, and Halle sent glares at anyone who dare crossed her. When she walked into her room, she started to organize her messy room. When Halle sat down on her clean room, she stared at the cieling. She began to wonder if it was worth all this trouble. Her life, the Joes, Cobra.

It was an endless war, and though the soldiers were able to walk away, Halle was a ninja. She was in too deep. Even if Halle quit, she'd still be attacked, she'd die a painful death one way or another. This was her fate, what could she do about it? She had known this fact all along, but now, now she had another option...

But that option, it was madness, Halle tried to clear her head. She was done with running. She felt rooted in GI Joe. She felt rooted when she was with Snake Eyes. They were yin-yang, darkness and lightness. They completed eachother. Halle couldn't leave that.

Snake Eyes walked into her room, and Halle looked up, and he didn't have to sign to let Halle know that he wanted to know what was troubling her.

"I'm scared," Halle told him, and Snake Eyes sat next to her, comforting her by taking her hand and sitting by her on the bed.

She leaned against him, "I don't have control over my life anymore. This life, we can't ever get away from it. I'm going to be fighting for GI Joe till I die."

Snake Eyes seemed slightly confused, and signed, *I would have thought that you would like to be remembered as a woman who died an honorable death.*

"I thought I did. But Cobra... they aren't ever going to back down. And niether will GI Joe."

*Halle, just stop for a second. Freeze, because right now, you're stressing over the future. We don't know what's going to happen, so stop worrying about something you can't control.*

Halle took a deep breath, she felt like she was in a fast current, just being dragged along by the moving water, with no place to put her feet to stand up in.

Snake Eyes took off his mask, his gorgous face kind and caring, and suddenly, Halle found her foothold. She put a hand on his cheek. He always was there for her.

"Thank you," She told him, and Snake Eyes nodded. She felt him put a hand on her neck, and he brushed his lips against hers. "Does kissing really resolve anything?" Halle asked, and Snake Eyes rolled his eyes, and answered by kissing her. It was like a fire, an electrical shock that traveled through her body as she fell ontop of Snake Eyes, still locked in their embrace.

A passion, a fire that would never burn out.

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