Hey guys! =D I'm back already! I was just so giddy over the response to my other fic, I decided to upload another of my written drafts. Ahhh… the life of FanFiction! This is just a funny series of SEPARATE stories where a character accidentally calls another by sitting on their phone. XD I'm sure this has happened to us all at least once, so here we go!

Oh and just so ya know…


"Dialogue through the phone"


~Grudge speak~


Story 1: Ren-Kyoko

Ren Tsuruga left the set satisfied with the scene, which fortunately, the director seemed satisfied with as well. The truth was, Ren had only made it through that romantic scene imagining that his co-star was Kyoko. The only girl who had felt right in his arms.

Yashiro crept up on his charge who was making his way to his dressing room for a break. It was allowed by the director to rouse the unconscious actress who had fainted. From an overdose of (sexy) Ren.

"Ren, your face is slipping."

He immediately composed his features from the heavenly smile to emotionless mask, much to the regret of the female (and some male) cast and crew. Ren pulled his phone from his pocket and checked for messages, hoping for one from his cute kouhai. He knew he really shouldn't have, but he had gotten addicted to the aspiring actress' company.

Again, Ren failed to hide his smile as he listened to Kyoko plead and scold him to eat a healthy lunch. And to ensure a filling dinner, she was coming over to cook him dinner. Ren beamed while Yashiro quickly ushered him into his dressing room. Ren slipped his phone into his back pocket as he gratefully accepted the water Yashiro handed him.

Ren collapsed into the couch in his posh dressing room and uncharacteristically but dreamily floated off, his mind swimming with thoughts of his kouhai.

Yashiro however, felt the need to release a fan-girlish squeal and a giggle. "Ren, you're thinking about Kyo~ko-chaa~n, aren't you?"

Ren groaned and decided he would end this. Finally. Ren looked squarely into his manager's glasses and said, "Yes. I love Kyoko. I'm in love with Kyoko and have been for the past two years. Are you happy now?"


Ren heard a shrill scream rip through the room. Although it was low, Ren knew he didn't imagine it when he saw the confused look on his manager's face.

Yashiro watched as recognition, desperation and then raw pain flashed over his charge's face.

Ren leapt up and snatched his phone from its seemingly innocent resting place. He pressed it to his ear, hoping to hear so sign of life on the other side.

"Mogami-san?" he called brokenly, pain leaking into his voice.

The dial tone rang through his ears.

Ren sighed, thoroughly depressed, and ran a hand through his hair.

A knock sounded at the door and he heard, "Tsuruga-san, the director is ready to shoot the next scene. Please return to set." The footsteps receded from his door.

Ren gave Yashiro one final crushed expression and turned to leave. He dejectedly walked to the door, with the knowledge that Kyoko would never want to see him again. He breathed heavily, clutching the doorknob, eyes squeezed shut. All to simply recapture the essence of Ren Tsuruga.

He walked out the door, back to the set, leaving a shocked and guilty Yashiro behind in the dressing room.

Yashiro knew he wouldn't want to quit any of his jobs for today, but once he got home, Ren was going to drink through his whole liquor cabinet.

. v u o _ - s ~ W M 0 *

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Kyoko pulled out her insanely vibrating phone and smiled at the caller ID. In the solitude of the Love Me locker room, Kyoko answered her call, fleetingly wondering if it was about the message she had left.

"Good afternoon Tsuruga-san. Have you eaten lunch yet?"

"…" Kyoko was answered by silence.

"Hello?" she called into the phone.

"Tsuruga-san?" Kyoko was about to hang up when she heard a muffled voice.

"Ren, you're thinking about Kyoko-chan aren't you?"

Kyoko identified this as Yashiro's voice and wondered: 'Why would Ren be thinking about me?'

She waited to hear more, even though she knew it would be wrong to eavesdrop. 'Well, they are talking about me,' she thought.

Kyoko heard Ren's voice come through the phone, albeit scratchily.

"Yes. I love Kyoko. I'm in love with Kyoko and have been for the past two years. Are you happy now?"

'What the…What the…'


'Because that just isn't possible. Tsuruga Ren, Japan's #1 Sexiest Man Alive, loves ME? Plain, boring, no-sex-appeal Kyoko? No, there has to be a mistake. I just heard him wrong.

'I'm in love with Kyoko… I'm in love with Kyoko… I'm in love with Kyoko…' Ren's words flashed through her head.

'Oh there is definitely no mistake.'

~Mama save yourself. He only wants to use you like Bastard No.1 did. Don't love Mama. It will only bring you pain.~

Kyoko carefully contemplated what her grudges were telling her. 'Is Tsuruga-san really like that? If I was a troublesome as I originally thought, would he have actually put up with me for so long? Maybe he does…lo-love me, but what do I do?'

Kyoko sifted through her memories she had stored of moments with her precious senpai. All the heavenly smiles, secret glances she had caught when he thought she wasn't looking. Being there for her when she needed him, helping her with Mio and modeling. Protecting and loving her as Setsu, and comforting her about Corn. He was even there for her after incidents with Sho-baka and saving her from the Beagle. She looked forward to her senpai's company and car rides. She could never resist Cain's puppy dog eyes and got chills every time she saw him act. She blushed every time she saw a rose, thinking about the Gelee au Vin, and Princess Rosa.

'I'm in love with him.'

. v u o _ - s ~ W M 0 *

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