Ren: You retard! How could you! Kyoko just called my name and told me she needed to tell me something! No honorifics!

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"Dialogue through the phone"



Story 1: Ren-Kyoko

Chapter 5

"I need to say something Ren."

'What!' Ren's head snapped up to look at Kyoko. 'Am I hearing things, or did she just call me Ren?'

Kyoko glanced up at Ren, before turning her head back down with a heart wrenchingly painful expression.

She laughed, at herself and said, "Sorry for not using honorifics, you probably won't even want me to call you senpai after this. I want to call you Ren at least this time. I need to tell you, at least once that I really enjoy being in your company Ren. More so than a kouhai should. I miss being Setsu because of how close she is with you as Cain. And I think about you more and more all the time. Thoughts of you invade my mind, and everything swirls into a pink haze for that while. I really want you to know that, I'm sorry for this, but, I'm in love with you, Ren," she said, finally meeting his eyes.

Her tear-filled golden gaze latched onto his for an immeasurable moment, and then she ran.

Well, at least she tried to.

Kyoko might have thought she was fast, but she was definitely not fast enough for Ren, who was sitting closer to the exit of the kitchen. She was a mere step from the door when his arms locked around her tightly and he engulfed her petite form in his arms. He turned her and held her close for a long moment, burying his head in the crook of her neck, smelling her strawberry shampoo.

He squeezed her once more and slightly backed up, but never fully letting go of her.

"Kyoko," he whispered, caressing her cheek with his thumb. "Do you even know how long I have loved you? From the first moment we met."

'When you were six and I was ten, and I was your fairy prince,' Ren thought to himself.

"That phone call…I knew it was you on the other end. But then the way you acted…my whole body felt the turmoil of my feelings. You heard me express my feelings, and I knew it was too early. But you acted like it never happened. It's why I waited so long in the first place. I was giving you the time you needed. I guess that you've been ready for some time. All you needed was that little push," Ren laughed softly, stroking her hair.

He smiled a sparkling, genuine smile that make Kyoko's insides quiver.

'I can't believe he waited so long for me! I'm such a huge baka! How could I not have noticed it before! He is so sweet! Like a true prince!"

Kyoko grinned back at him, perched herself on her tippy-toes and threw her arms around his neck. Kyoko gave Ren a short but tender kiss and laughed as Ren spun her around, his arms cinched at her waist.

They were left in the kitchen as we zoom out, hugging and kissing, cold soup forgotten, reveling in their happy moment.

And who knew all this would be caused by a phone call from Ren's butt?


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