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Konohagakure no Sato

It was tenth of October. The day the village celebrated the defeat of the most feared demon. The kyuubi no kitsune

Naruto Uzumaki was only 12 years yet here was getting beaten by the same villager's he promised his jiji that he would protect. He didn't do anything wrong when this man came up to him said the hokage wanted to see him, when the boy was about to turn around and follow the man, he suddenly felt darkness claim him. When he woke up he was pinned to a cross with wooden spikes driven through his hands

"Why, why are you doing this to me?" Naruto cried out. Unfortunately his cries only spurred the villager on even more

"You dare ask why? You little bastard! I'll kill you!" cried the man he raised a sword over his head. Naruto looked around trying to find a way out but his teachers at the academy always sent him out for being disruptive so he didn't have any knowledge on how to get out of situations like this. Naruto closed his eyes and focused on the energy he felt inside and directed it towards the man in front of him. The wooden spikes shot out of his hands and hit the man in the eyes making him cry out in pain, Naruto's body fell to the ground but he had not stopped channelling the energy so when his hand hit the ground they sprouted plant roots and wrapped around the assailant making him struggle but the vines didn't let go. The man stopped struggling when the roots loosened but regretted it as the roots tightened and this time with more force

Just when the Anbu were going to interfere, the roots started constricting around the man; finally it ended in a shower of blood. The anbu the leader who had gravity defying hair pick up Naruto and took him to the hospital while he sent deer to report to the hokage

Hokages office


The Sandaime groaned as he looked up wearily. It was ten o'clock, he had just finished all of his paperwork for the day, and he'd expected to be able to go home and snatch a few hours of blessed Icha Icha Paradise before having to return to his desk. Unfortunately, it seemed that Kami had taken a perverse pleasure in denying him holy book.

"Yes? What is-?"

He trailed off as he looked at the doorway. Standing there was an Anbu, face covered by a deer mask. From his build, the Hokage could clearly tell that it was a man, but that was not the only thing he could tell from the man's body. The knuckles clenched so hard they had turned white, the small trembles, the slightly shaking voice, all this spoke a clear message; this man was terrified.

"We - we have a situation regarding U-Uzumaki Naruto."

Dread washed over the Sandaime as he leapt to his feet. "What's happened? Has there been another attack?"


"How is he?"

"He's in the hospital, being treated for blood loss and exhaustion, but Hokage-sama...His attacker..."

The Sandaime looked at the ANBU sternly; ready to issue an order for the man to spend some quality time with Morino Ibiki. "Who was it?"

"We can't tell...he's dead."

The Sandaime felt no sadness at this, only surprise. "How did he die? Why can't you identify him?"

The ANBU took a deep breath. "Hokage-sama, I think you should see for yourself."

Death site

It was horrible. The only way to describe the man was that he was one of Orochimarus experiment's gone wrong. The body was mangled beyond recognition the only way to identify the man was through a blood test and with the medic Nins around it was easy but the roots did not want to let him go.

The hokage looked at the body with distain and orders the anbu to burn his body and remove all evidence of this incident. "The council must not know about this incident" thought Sarutobi

"Oh and deer-san please burn the roots and tell Tenzo [Yamato] to meet me in the hospital"


The Sandaime walked in followed by Inu and Tora

"Hello Naruto, how are you feeling" the Sandaime greeted the boy.

Naruto looked up at him with a hollow smile

"I feel great JIJI. Like every time I get beaten. It feels fantastic to know that you are protecting me"

The Sandaime looked down with shame but before he could utter any words Naruto cut him off

"JIJI I will ask one last time and I know you have lied to me before or just avoided my question. I want to know who my parents are and why the villagers hate me? "

The hokage was about to retort when Naruto said

"You will tell me or I will leave the village. It's up to you now decide whether you will tell me or not"

The Sandaime was in a tight spot should he tell Naruto or risk him leaving Konohagakure no Sato.

Sighing, he decided to do what was right

"Naruto what I'm about to tell you will not leave this room. Do you understand?" Naruto nodded quickly

The hokage did some hand seals and slammed his palm onto the wall of the hospital room.

"Sealing Jutsu: vault of secrets" the sound of a steel door closing and locking was heard before the hokage continued

"Now Naruto you have to understand that these are highly classified secrets no one knows them apart from me and Jiraiya one my students. Firstly the issue of the villagers hating you is because of the Kyuubi no kitsune. It is sealed inside of you because you were born on that day as for why you were chosen out of the other children is because the Yondaime was a noble person and could not ask anyone else to give up their child. Your father's full name was Minato Namikaze The Yellow Flash as for your mother her name was Kushina Uzumaki The Red Hot Blooded Habanero. You heritage was not revealed to you because of your own safety. The village could not go through another war with Iwagakure or Kumogakure. Please Naruto I beg you don't hate the villagers they are ignorant and don't know the difference between a container and its prisoner" the Sandaime was now on his knees bowing his head down.

"Fine I will do as you say after all I am the son of the yellow flash but I have a few more questions and I want to lay down some conditions for me to stay LOYAL to you and only you" Naruto stated with emphasis on the word loyal. The hokage nodded furiously

"Okay my first question is what did I do to make those roots grow out of the floor?"

"Naruto that was the Shodiames bloodline unique to only him it is called the Mokuton or Wood Style. It is said that he used his bloodline to create the forest that now surrounds Konohagakure no Sato"

"How do I have it?"

"I currently don't know but my theory is that the Uzumaki's and the Senju's were closely related it is possible that the relationship between a Senju and an Uzumaki occurred so the wood style was passed on"

"Okay my last question is can anyone teach me how to use this bloodline or any instructions that were left behind in case this bloodline had shown up again"

"well this is the reason Inu and Tora are here I've decided that their anbu squad will take you for 3 years and trained to be a ninja and all arts in including kenjutsu and the basic theory of the ninja academy. My student Jiraiya will teach you fuinjutsu and anything else he considers that will be valuable"

"Okay my first condition is that I want to be moved into a new house my old one has been broken into and robbed many times, I want this one to be protected from intruders. My second condition is that I want to reveal to my heritage to anyone I trust. My third and final condition is that if I come back from training and I'm attacked again I will not hesitate to harm the person be it a civilian or ninja and leave the village without any obligations that bring me back or relate me to this village"

"Alright I will agree to those conditions you will be leaving in 2 weeks in this time space you will be escorted around by one of my personal guards called Neko"


The Chunins at the west gate woke up feeling someone using Shushin to arrive.

"Good to see you awake Izumo-san and Koketsu-san" Tora said with sarcasm

The two Chunins turned to see an anbu squad standing there.

Suddenly the hokage arrived with Naruto. Over the week Naruto had gotten a new set of clothes consisting of a blue sleeveless shirt and black cargo pants. The Sandaime started introductions

"Alright Naruto these are the people who will be teaching you for the next 3 years. Tora here is the only other person in the village that can use Wood Style aside from you. Inu is our Ninjutsu specialist and has learned over a thousand Justu's. Neko is our Kenjutsu and Genjutsu specialist and finally Turtle is our Taijutsu specialist and Survival specialist. Jiraiya will join you halfway through you training trip. Now Naruto I want you to behave for these people they are giving up their personal time for you my boy, listen to what they say and follow their orders. Is that understood?"

"Hai jiji I will see you in three years" Naruto gave the hokage a quick hug and walked towards the anbu squad.

"Take care of him you four" the hokage said sternly before using Shushin to go back to his office and start working on his paperwork.

Tora picked Naruto up and put him on his back. Inu turned to the squad and nodded. The squad disappeared from view.

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