To all those reading this I'm very sorry to say that I will stop this story here. That does not mean I have abandoned it, I am simply re-writing it with a beta reader's ( cody-d-foxy) help. The whole plot will be revised and the story relationships will develop slowly and the training chaps will be limited but there will still be some. The characters personality might not to be to your liking but it is my fan fiction and I will set it how I want. I welcome criticism but it really has to be helpful, I mean that in the way when people say "you wrote pathetically" that does not provide any indication as to what has gone wrong and it is even worse when someone who has never written before tells me to fix my spelling while their own review is written in broken English. Another fact is that I didn't speak English originally so judging by the fact that I got many good reviews means that I have done a good job. Anyways this story version will stay on the website until the other one is finished. The new story: The pairings are the same, no harem.So for now this is bye. I will hear from you guys again when I upload the new story