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"Am I a freak of nature?"

7 year old Andromeda ('Meda pronounced like may-da) Ivy Lee Cooper startled as her father abruptly turned to her, his face looking…she wasn't sure. It was a cross between sad and angry and his jaw started ticking. Her inherited robin's egg blue eyes went to her mother who looked very close to crying for some reason.

Her daddy cleared his throat and knelt down to look her in the eye. She always liked it when he did that. Most grown ups made her strain to look up at them and barely listened to her…

"'Meda, why are you asking that?"

"Kevin Jacobs said that I was a freak of nature at recess because I can do algebra like his big brother and I'm always reading big books instead of jumping rope and giggling like the other girls. He said that I'm a freak of nature and should be locked up so nobody else gets infested. I told him that the word he was looking for was infected and he just stomped away like a rodeo bull. I think he's wrong but I'm not sure. Since you and mommy are really smart and you made me, I figured you two could tell me for sure. Am I a freak of nature?"

"Absolutely not, 'Meda!"

"Your mother is correct."

"But, I'm different from the other kids. My brain works differently and I like stuff that I'm not supposed to like comic books and football and blowing stuff up."

Her mother joined them from behind the kitchen counter and took both her hands. 'Meda looked down her bare feet, half hidden by the pink and black plaid pajamas she had on plus her light blonde hair.

"Andromeda, look at me."

She obeyed and was riveted by the fierce fire in her mother's emerald gaze.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Yes, you are different but that is far from a bad thing. You're special and unique and you should never, ever feel like you have to change yourself to make other people like you, especially a boy."

"But, I don't care if other people like me. As long as you and daddy and all the rest of the family love me, everyone else doesn't matter. I was just asking out of curiosity. Thank you for answering my question." she lied bravely, her cheeks filling with color at the action.

She stepped forward and both of her parents hugged her tightly. She liked that, too. Their hugs were warm and reassuring. She kissed first her daddy and then her mommy on the cheek before retreating back to her room. As she settled into her bed, she could hear them talking in low tones.

"…oughta go down there and skin the little punk alive!"

"Sheldon, he's just a stupid 7 year old boy, not public enemy number one."

"I don't care if he's a stupid 7 year old boy. He made our offspring feel as if she is inadequate, which she is not and I will not let her be bullied like I was just because she's smart...aren't you angry too, Penelope? You seem to be remarkably calm..."

"Oh, I'm pissed too, sweetheart. Believe me but going Junior Rodeo and skinning the little bastard alive, no matter how awesome it would be, won't solve the problem. I think we need to talk to 'Meda's teacher and the headmaster about this."

"Agreed…I'm going to make her a hot beverage. She's obviously upset…"

Slowly, a smile curved her lips and she held her stuffed bunny close to her.

Even when everyone else didn't understand, her mommy and daddy did and loved her.

It was very comforting.