Finnick: hey Johanna ;)

Johanna: what the hell do u want? u little fucker…

Finnick: i have a question

Johanna: ...

Finnick: okay, if u were a man when we first met, would u be sexually frustrated? ;)

Johanna: i think President Snow is right now…have u seen his outfits lately? he's starting to take after you...0.o…meaning his Facebook pic is him in a speedo…

Finnick: i can't help the fact that my sexyiness spreads on and inspires ppl ;)

Johanna: go fuck urself Odair

Finnick: how hard?

Johanna: u r so fucking annoying

Finnick: i know ;) i have 1 more question, what should i do when i see someone extremely gorgeous?

Johanna: awww ur talking about Annie that's sooo sweet :3

It annoys me.

Finnick: no u selfish bitch i'm talking about myself, who else?

oh course…i stare, i smile, and when i get tired…i put the mirror down ;)

Johanna: i fucking hate you.

Finnick: thank god. I thought you loved me.

Johanna: your an idiot

Finnick: *you're

Johanna: i'm gonna kill you

Finnick: fiesty today aren't we?

Johanna: u know i live right next door 2 u right?

Finnick: i got to go visit Annie…yeah…we r going to talk about…some things…that i can't think of..bye…

Johanna: be right over you little fucker. i'll bring my knife.

Finnick: X _ X

I hope you enjoyed! xP

"Thing" of the chapter:

Friend: hi

Stanger: hi

Friend: name?

Stranger: chun wu at your service

Friend: alexander goldberg

Stranger: sup

Friend: u kno I never forgave u koreans for attacking pearl harbor

Stranger: uhh. im chinese…and that was japanese who attacked it

Friend: chinese, japanese, korean…whats the difference

Stranger: …

Stranger: u serious?

Friend: yeah

Stranger: u kno i never forgave u jews for sinking the titanic

Friend: that was an iceberg

Stranger: goldberg, greenberg, iceberg. whats the difference

LOL next chapter will be another random "thing" of the chapter! :)

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