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Can't stop texting 5

(Extremely rated T for bad thoughts…NO CHILDREN ALOUD)

Peeta Gets Dirty

Peeta: I just took my buns apart because my mom keeps pasting them together! It's ruining everything, now I can't give Katniss them! :(

Finnick: the boys taking after me (;

Peeta: ...what? I dont get it...My mom keeps playing with my loaves! I hate it!

Johanna: oh god...finnick...

Haymitch: she's...playing with your loaves...in public? 7-*

Johanna: shut it Hay-man

Marvel: Your loaves are sexy Peetaaaaa (;(;

Peeta: Thanks...I do make my big bread taste good! :D

Johanna: *face palm*

cato: I don't know...

I didn't even know Marvel was gay 'til recently. ^^^^^^^^see above...

Clove: Marvel...

I don't understand why throwing a heavy ball would seem so attractive. I mean… ITS A HEAVY CIRCLE-SPHERE THING.

Marvel: its not just that...He has nice buns...

Peeta: What are you guys talking about? This is more serious! I'm just having trouble making more bread come out of the oven! And thank you Marvel! :D

Annie: 0.9

Foxface: 0.0 I agree Annie...

Finnick: ...the boys taking after me! Let's celebrate! Free lap dance for everyone!

Annie: what's a lap dance fin?

Finnick: I'll show you later (;

Haymitch: Peeta... you shouldn't have trouble with that, your half my age...

Peeta: I don't get it! You guys are making no sense!

Finnick: ohhhhh...we're making so much sense (;

Peeta: whatever. I can't fit this piece of bread in the oven! It's too small!

Cato: must be Glimmers oven...

Clove: I hate you Cato.

Glimmer: my oven is not small *~*

Marvel: why do u think I'm after Peeta then...

Glimmer: I hate you.

haymitch: everyone does Glimmer (;

Rue: I agree..Glimmers oven is small! :-)

Annie: 0.9

Fox face: 0.0 rue..you and Glimmer...0.0

Thresh: what!

Finnick: *o*

Snow: 0.0 I own Finnick and even I'm shocked...

Johanna: god..I feel like I'm choking on vomit -O-

Haymitch: drink more liquor then you will everyday sweety (;

Peeta: hey guys! Katniss let me borrow her oven instead!

Effie: Pi-ta you need to keep those comments to yourself! They are very distasteful! Humph!

Haymitch: oh your just jealous because no ones visited your oven in years..and the only thing you've made In your oven is blue waffles...

Snow: yummy! I love blue waffles! :D

Johanna: oh god...

Effie: how dare you!

Haymitch: well it is true darling...

Johanna: I'm surprised Glimmer doesn't have that...

Glimmer: I don't have that, I have aids :-)

Katniss: what is going on here! PEETA!

Peeta: what?

Katniss: reread all your messages.

Peeta: ohhhhhh...OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Rue: EEWWW! I meant that Glimmers OVEN is small! Not THAT oven! The cooking kind!

Marvel: looks like Peeta got dirty (;

Katniss: shut up Marvel don't make me spear u again .

*Marvel has blocked Katpiss*

Marvel: so where were we Peeta? (;


And I'll continue! ;D