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"Hey, you can't go in there!" an angry voice shouted as a short, blonde haired, ocean blue-eyed boy stormed past the secretary's desk and threw open the doors to the Hokage's office.

"Old man, when were you going to tell me?" Naruto yelled, glaring at the elderly man sitting behind the desk and a mountain of paperwork.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing?" Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandiame Hokage of Konoha, the Village hidden in the Leaves, said, hiding a smile at the boy who he thought of as a second grandson. 'Note to self: don't let Konohamaru and Naruto meet, it could spell the end of us all.'

"I want to know why you never told me about…" Naruto pointed at his stomach. "And why you never told me about my father?"

The Hokage froze. "Close the doors and leave us," the Hokage said sharply. The secretary nodded numbly and quickly left the office, closing the doors behind her. Hiruzen made some hands seals and the doors and windows glowed.

"Naruto, you know that what you carry is classified an SS-secret," the Hokage said. "You can't go yelling about it. And what's this about your father?"

"Sorry sir," Naruto said, chagrined by the older man's glare. "Its just why didn't you tell me that my father was the Yondaime Hokage."

Hiruzen sat stunned. "What are you talking about Naruto?"

"Come on Old Man, it's not that hard to figure out," the boy said. "The fox attacked on my birthday, it was sealed by the Yondaime Hokage, who died as a result. And I look just like him, at least from the pictures I've seen. The only other clan that has blonde hair is the Yamanaka's, though it's not like mine and they don't have the same eyes as me. So why didn't you tell me?"

Hiruzen fell back into his chair, stunned. Taking a deep breath, he took the plunge. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun, you are right. Your father was the Yondaime Hokage and his name was Namikaze Minato. I didn't tell you because your father said to wait until you became a jounin or you turned twenty-one."

"Why?" Naruto asked. "Why didn't he want me to know?"

"It wasn't just you Naruto," Hiruzen said. "Your father had many enemies and if they knew that he had a son, you would be a very tempting target."

"Not that that changes much," Naruto grumbled.

Hiruzen sighed; he knew that Naruto was treated horribly by a majority of the villagers, since they saw the boy as the Kyuubi rather than as Naruto. The Third remembered that just before the Fourth had died, he had hoped that the village would see Naruto as a hero for containing the demon.

"Naruto, I am sorry that this was kept from you," Hiruzen said. "But I believe its time for you to receive your inheritance."

The Hokage stood up and walked around his desk to the pictures of the former Hokages. He stopped at the photo of the Yondaime Hokage.

"Naruto, come over here," Hiruzen said. Naruto stood up and walked over to the Third. "Now, your father sealed some things for you behind his portrait but you need to swipe some blood against the seal."

Naruto nodded and bit his thumb, drawing some blood. He pressed the bloody finger against the bottom of the portrait where a whirlpool was showing. The seal glowed blue and the picture broke out of the wall and drew up, reveling a sunken compartment. The hidden compartment had three scrolls inside. The Third Hokage took the three scrolls and handed them to Naruto.

Each of those scrolls are priceless Naruto, the blue one has your father's jutsu scrolls, his notes on them and his ideas for improving them. The green one contains information on your mother's jutsus as well as her journals. And the red one contains letters from your parents and some other personal effects."

Naruto looked down at the scrolls in his arms, cradling them as if they were the most precious things in the world.

"Hokage-sama, do you know where my parents are buried? I mean, I don't know my mother's name and only found out my father's today," Naruto said.

Hiruzen immediately noticed the 'sama' suffix that Naruto used. "Of course Naruto, I can take you there," he said. "And your mother's name was Uzumaki Kushina."

Naruto gave the Hokage a watery smile as he tenderly put the scrolls in his kunai pouch at his side. Hiruzen unsealed the room and followed Naruto out of the office.

"Hokage-sama," the secretary said. "I'm sorry that 'that boy' disturbed you."

Hiruzen noticed the venom aimed at Naruto, who was glaring at the woman. "It's fine," he said sharply. "I'm going for a walk with Naruto, I don't know when I'll be back but it shouldn't be too long."

"Hai Hokage-sama," the secretary said.

"I'm sorry you had to deal with her Naruto," Hiruzen said when he and Naruto left the Hokage tower.

"It's ok old man, I'm used to it. And at least now, I know why the villagers act like they do," Naruto said. "Before, I thought that I had done something wrong. Now I realize that it's their fear stemming from the Kyuubi attack, I'm the visible reminder of their pain and loss. Fear makes people do many things. But I do have a question to ask; how do people know that I carry the fox?"

The Hokage was stunned. "Naruto, I am truly sorry that you have had to go through all this. You are truly your mother's son. And as for why people know what you carry, it is because there were so many witnesses to the attack, and when I returned with you in my arms and with that seal still glowing on your stomach, people surmised that the Fourth somehow changed the fox into human form, namely you."

"What were my parent's like? I mean everyone knows my father, the ninja, but what was he actually like?" Naruto asked, his voice soft and child-like. Hiruzen looked down at the boy, 'No, young man,' he thought. Naruto seemed to have drawn in on himself, like a child would if they were afraid that they had asked about something they shouldn't have.

"Naruto, your parents were two of the best people I ever had the fortune to meet. Your father, while a feared and respected ninja, was also a loving and caring man, who always looked to find the best in a person," Hiruzen said. "Your mother was very much like you; loud, boisterous and confident. But she also was very protective of her loved ones. Both your parents would lay down their lives for what they believed in, or for their son. And they did just that, they gave their lives to protect you, Naruto, and the village."

Naruto looked away, discreetly wiping his eyes, Hiruzen was silent as he let the young man compose himself.

"Where are we going jiji?" Naruto asked. "Wouldn't my parents names be on the Memorial Stone?"

"Yes," the Hokage said. "But their graves are somewhere else. Now Naruto, this is an S-class secret. Only myself knows the exact location because like I said, your father had many enemies, so I made sure that few people know about the site so no one would try and vandalize it."

Naruto nodded.

Soon the duo found themselves on top of the Hokage monument. Hiruzen led Naruto into the forest behind the monument. They had been walking down a path for roughly a mile before they came upon a clearing. In the middle were two grave markers, simple but elegant in their design.

Naruto walked over and knelt down in front of the markers. "Tou-san, Kaa-san," he whispered, laying a hand on each of the markers. "I'm sorry I've never been to visit but I hope you're proud of me. I dreamt that I was the son of the Fourth Hokage, not really believing it. So to find out that I truly was the son of the Fourth was…indescribable. I understand why you decided to seal the fox in me, you were the Hokage and you couldn't ask someone else to sacrifice their child if you weren't willing to do the same. I promise I'll make you both proud."

A soft, warm breeze went through the clearing. Naruto's hair shifted, almost as if someone's hand was ruffling it. Naruto smiled and inclined his head, letting his tears flow freely. Another gust of wind flew through the clearing, it seemed to wrap around Naruto, like a hug.

"Thank you," Naruto whispered. "I'll come back and visit sometime soon."

With that, Naruto rose from the ground and walked back to the Hokage. "Thank you Hokage-sama," Naruto said formally.

"You're very welcome Naruto-kun, I just wish that you hadn't needed to come here," Hiruzen said. "Since you know your lineage, would you like to see your family's home?"

"I'd like that very much," Naruto said. The Hokage smiled and led Naruto back into the forest.

They walked for roughly a half-mile before coming upon a large compound-like house. Above the door there was an emblem; two blue waves on a sea of yellow.

"This was my father's house?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, Minato bought this house after he became Hokage," the Third said. "He said he wanted a place away from the village somewhere he and his family could have some privacy."

"Could I live here?" Naruto asked, once again in that small child-like voice. The Third smiled.

"Of course, it is your house now. I believe that the door is sealed with another blood seal, like the one in my office."

Naruto nodded and stepped up to the door, pulling a kunai from his holster. He opened a cut on his palm and swiped it across the door. The door glowed before the lock clicked and the door swung open noiselessly. Naruto entered the front hall and looked around. The hall looked immaculate, like it had been just cleaned yesterday.

"It seems that Minato used his sealing talents to keep this place clean," the Third said. Naruto looked intrigued.

"You can do that with seals?" he asked.

"You can do almost anything with Fuinjutsu," Hiruzen said. "I'm sure your father left you some notes in his scroll. Maybe you should take a look at it."

Naruto nodded. He made a hand sign, a cross in front of his chest, and said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two clones appeared on either side of Naruto. "Go back to the apartment and gather everything. We're leaving that…place and moving in here."

"Ossu!" the clones said before rushing out the door.

"Well then Naruto-kun, I better be getting back to the village. And I'm sure you'd like sometime alone to take a look around." Naruto nodded his thanks. "Ok, good night Naruto-kun, and remember that you have to go to the Academy tomorrow for team selections."

"I'll be there and thank you Ojii-sama," Naruto said. Hiruzen smiled and left Naruto, who was still gazing around the house.

Naruto's clones returned to the house just over an hour later, laden with all of his worldly possessions. "Thanks, go find a room to put that stuff away," Naruto said, not looking up from his father's scroll.

Minato truly had been a genius amongst geniuses, but his true brilliance was his ability to break things down into their most basic forms. There were notes on all Minato's jutsus; the Rasengan, the Flying Thunder God, as well as his notes on improving some of the more basic jutsus, plus all his sealing notes. But what caught Naruto's eye was his father's notes on the Shadow Clone Jutsu. The notes said only ninja with extremely large chakra reserves could use the technique, since it spilt the chakra evenly amongst the clones. Also, the user would gain any knowledge that the clones amassed before being dispelled, making them ideal for scouting ahead.

Naruto was amazed that his father had only been able to create fifty clones at most. Naruto had no idea how many clones he had made against Mizuki the previous night but it had been more than fifty.

'Wait, if shadow clones send their memories back to the original when they vanish, does that mean if two clones are learning the same thing, I'll learn it twice as fast,' Naruto thought.

Everyone in the village and at the Academy thought that Naruto was an idiot, his grades certainly showed it, but it didn't help that Naruto was given Chunnin-level exams or even higher. Naruto knew now why his instructors hated him, well except for Iruka-sensei, they hated him.

But Naruto didn't learn well by reading or studying, he learned best by doing things, through actually experiencing the process.

'I'll have to look into that later,' he thought as a clock chimed. He looked up, it was nearly three in the morning. 'Crap, I have to be at the Academy in six hours.'

Naruto grudgingly got to his feet and staggered up the stairs to the bedroom that his clones had dumped his stuff in. It was the master bedroom. A king-sized bed dominated the room with blue sheets and the Namikaze seal on display. It barely registered in Naruto's mind that the last people to sleep in this room were his parents, most likely the night before the Kyuubi attack, he only had enough mental strength to remember to change into his pajamas before collapsing onto the bed.

"Naruto, always remember that we love you and we always will," a soft female voice filled with warmth and affection, said. Naruto shot upright in bed as he heard a hawk's cry come through the window. Looking around wildly, Naruto realized that he wasn't in his apartment, he was in his father's house, in the master bedroom of the Namikaze compound. The previous day's events quickly came back to him.

He was the son of the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, and Uzumaki Kushina, a formidable kunoichi in her own right. However, no one knew this aside from the Sandaime Hokage and himself, though Naruto suspected that there were others that knew as well.

"Crap! I'm going to be late," Naruto exclaimed. He leapt out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. After a quick shower, Naruto reentered the bedroom, rubbing a towel against his hair. He looked at his discarded clothes, the orange jumpsuit that had made him stand out. Frowning, he realized that a new wardrobe was in order. Naruto went to the drawers and found some of his father's clothes from when he was younger. He now looked like a ninja rather than a human-shaped pumpkin. Naruto had on dark blue plants, black undershirt and a dark red long sleeved shirt. He tied his headband across his forehead and tied his kunai holster onto his right thigh.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto left the house, resealing it and dashed off to the Academy. He reached the Academy at just after nine and found a seat in the second to last row of the classroom.

Slowly the classroom filled up around him, but Naruto kept his head down. His mind was still on the previous day's revelations and he was also thinking about getting back to his house and start training, and learning some of his father's jutsus.

"Who the hell are you?" a loud, obnoxious voice barked from behind him. Naruto looked up. It was Inuzuka Kiba, his dog partner, Akamaru, on his head.

"What do you want Kiba?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto!" Kiba exclaimed. "Why are you here? Only people who passed the exam are supposed to be here."

"Can't you see the forehead protector I'm wearing?" Naruto growled, jabbing his thumb at the metal plate on his head.

"How did you get that?" another boy snapped.

"It's a secret, very hush, hush. You know, have to kill you if I told you," Naruto said, with an amused smile at the others' faces.

"All right, settle down you all," a sharp voice called out from the front of the room. It was Iruka, the class quickly settled down and found their seats.

"Now then, you are all here because you have passed the graduation exam," a cheer went up. "Yes, congratulations, however you are all still genin, so you must continue to work hard if you want to advance. Now for the team assignments, you will be put in teams of three and placed under a jonin-sensei. After your teams are called, wait here for your sensei to come and get you."

Iruka began calling out names, Naruto tuned him out by looking around at the other new graduates. Two rows down and at the far end of the row sat Uchiha Sasuke, the sole survivor of the Uchiha Massacre of four years previous. Sasuke's older brother, Itachi, had carried out the Massacre, killing all the Uchiha except for Sasuke and since then Sasuke had been treated like royalty by the villagers. And because of that, Sasuke had become arrogant and believed that he was better than everyone else.

Naruto knew that Sasuke was a very talented ninja. He was easily the best in the class, however Sasuke also seemed to feel that no one would ever measure up to him. Naruto had spied the Uchiha training but without anyone to push him past his limits, Sasuke would never really advance. The problem with that was, Sasuke felt that because he was an Uchiha, that no one was as good as he was, and it didn't help that the Village council would do anything to make the boy happy.

"Team Seven, Uzumaki Naruto…" Iruka's voice cut through Naruto's thought. "Haruno Sakura…" Naruto perked up at this.

It was no secret that he harbored a major crush on the pink haired girl. Sakura was the smartest one in the class, she got perfect scores on all their exams, though she was the worst at Taijutsu and pretty lousy at ninjutsu as well, though this stemmed from her meager chakra reserves.

Naruto thought back to before he had started the Academy, he and Sakura had been on friendly terms, she was one of the few children that he had been able to hang out with. Though once they entered the Academy, Sakura was drawn into the world of a Sasuke-fan girl, along with Yamanaka Ino and every other girl in their class.

"And Uchiha Sasuke," Iruka finished. Naruto groaned as Sakura cried excitedly and turned to Ino, who was sitting next to her and stuck out her tongue. Naruto rolled his eyes at the behavior. The remaining three teams were called out and soon left with their jonin senseis, leaving Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke alone in the room.

Naruto pulled out a scroll and began reading it. It was full of exercises aimed to improve one's chakra control. Naruto was pants at chakra control, and after reading his father's scrolls, Naruto was going to need to learn at least decent chakra control.

"Grrr, where's out sensei?" Sakura growled after nearly two hours of silence. Naruto looked up and saw that Sakura was pacing back and forth at the front of the room. Smirking, Naruto spied an eraser on the blackboard and a quick prank popped into his head.

The door slid open to revel a silver haired man wearing a jonin vest, his forehead protector covering his left eye.


An eraser fell onto the man's head, releasing a cloud of chalk that sprinkled the man's already silvery hair.

"What the!" Sakura and Sasuke said. "Where did that come from?"

"Well my first impression of you guys is… that I hate you," the jonin said. Sakura and Sasuke sweat dropped while Naruto chuckled. "Something funny blondie?" the jonin asked.

Naruto looked up at the jonin, his ocean blue eyes stormy. "Well my first impression of you isn't very high considering you couldn't even dodge an eraser Kakashi-sensei."

The jonin's one visible eye widened, "Well then blondie, you know my name, what's yours?"

"You're supposed to be our sensei, and you don't even know our names? Wow!"

"Naruto-baka, SHUT UP!" Sakura cried, her fist rose to strike the back of Naruto's head. She brought it down, but Naruto easily leaned out of the way, making Sakura to lose her balance and nearly fall over. She blinked at the feeling of a pair of strong arms holding her up and her back against a firm chest. She looked up and saw the ocean blue eyes of Naruto starring down at her.

"You should be more careful Sakura-chan," he said with a small smile.

Sakura was surprised to find she was blushing. Sasuke was stunned, he didn't even see Naruto move. Sasuke's onyx eyes narrowed. 'Is that Naruto? He usually can't take more than four steps without falling over. And where's the orange?'

'So that's Uzumaki?' Kakashi thought. 'His file said that he was obnoxious, loud and brash. But this kid seems to be calm and alert. I could barely see him move. Though he does have quite the mouth.'

"All right you three, meet on top of the Academy in ten minutes," Kakashi said before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Naruto released Sakura and put his arms behind his head. "Sorry Sakura-chan, but I couldn't let you fall," he said, with a bright smile. He left the classroom without another word, Sakura exchanged a look with Sasuke, who looked just as confused, before the pair left the classroom.

"Now then, why don't we get this over with," Kakashi said. "We'll go around and introduce ourselves. Your likes, dislikes, ambitions, you know. Blondie, you're up first."

Naruto glared at Kakashi. "Fine, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I love ramen and training. I dislike anyone who thinks they can coast through life on their name," Sasuke glared daggers at Naruto, who ignored it. "Also I dislike those who put others down to make themselves feel stronger. And my dream is to become Hokage in order to protect my home and to be recognized as a shinobi of the Leaf." 'And to surpass my father' Naruto finished silently.

Kakashi grinned behind his mask. 'Kid's got spunk. He insulted the both of them, without coming out and saying it.'

"All right pinkie, your turn…"

"Hai. My name is Haruno Sakura. I like…" she trailed off when she glanced at Sasuke. "I dislike Naruto and my dream is to…" against Sakura trailed off as her face went red.

Naruto rolled his eyes as Sasuke blatantly ignored Sakura. He also noticed that Sakura hadn't reacted to his thinly veiled jab at how she would always try to put him down when he would try and impress her.

'So I'm stuck with a ninja whose more concerned about love then being an actual ninja,' Kakashi thought. "All right, let's see what Mr. Sunshine has to say."

"Name's Uchiha Sasuke. I don't like anything, and I dislike Naruto and those who are weak. My ambition is to kill a certain man and revive my clan," Sasuke said, his fingers steepled in front of his face. Sakura looked like she was going to faint, Naruto shrugged.

'I figured as much,' Kakashi thought. "Well then, that's all for today…"

"Wait sensei, what about you?" Sakura asked.

"Ah me…well as blondie said earlier, my name is Hayate Kakashi. I have many likes and dislikes but I'm not going to share them with you, and I don't have many ambitions. Now then I expect you three to meet me at Training Ground 7 at seven am tomorrow morning for the genin acceptance test. Oh and don't bother eating breakfast, it won't be staying down very long."

"Wait, genin acceptance test, what are you talking about? I thought we already graduated," Sakura said.

"That's true but this test is to make sure that you three have what it takes to be a ninja. I should tell you though that this test has a 66% failure rate, and if you fail, you'll be sent back to the Academy."

Sakura and Sasuke sweat dropped while Naruto nodded. "Well then, we won't fail Kakashi-sensei, cause I'm not going back to the Academy," Naruto said confidently. "See you tomorrow, sensei, Sakura-chan, teme," he added before vanishing in a streak of yellow light.