Gog fucking damn it.

You are Dave Strider, and you seem to be stuck in the middle of one of this crazy girls shenanigans. Again. You currently live with Jade Harley, because she was evicted from her home, and she's been reeking all types of havoc in your tiny 1 bedroom apartment that she insists on sharing your one tiny bedroom.

She some how ironically talked you into playing a few games of strip chess, and the amount of clothes you both are wearing is making you slightly uncomfortable. No. Not slightly uncomfortable, but very uncomfortable. you never really noticed how big Harley's breasts were, and what nice curves she hid underneath her light blue hoodie she wore all the time. You never noticed how nicely toned and fit her legs were and how very attractive her-

Stop. For fucks sake stop it, because your lower member couldn't bare anymore if it tried. you sat there and watched Jade carefully choose her move. All her concentration is on winning, on seeing you naked. You were only wearing pants and your underwear, and it would not help your raging boner if you took off your ever tightening black skinny jeans.

"Ha! Checkmate!" you stared at the board, and indeed, it was Checkmate.

"Nice one Harley," you stand up and gather your disembodied pieces of clothes laying promptly on the floor disorderly, "but I'm done playing these silly games," you frantically search for a clock to check the time and, to your luck, see that its just about time you head to work, "It's just about time for me to head to the club."

Jade looked at you with the cutest, but ever so painful, sad expression you had ever seen ever, "Oh, okay. I'll just be at home alone, I guess," she said gathering her clothes just as you id, and headed towards our room.

You sighed, the guilt trip, "Jade, if you want, you can tag along and help me mix some beats I guess," you said rubbing the back of my head, "It would be more interesting then sitting here alone, ya'know," Her face lit up in excitement.

"Really? Won't I get in the way?" you could imagine her with dog ears with a wagging tail at this point.

"Not at all the DJ gets his own room where he can mix from above the crowd. You can just sit back relax and enjoy the music."

"I'll get changed right now," She scurried off to the room, picked a few clothes, and scurried off to the bathroom to change. You wonder, if she wanted to play a strip game with me, then what's the harm of changing in the same room? You feel that you will never understand this girl.

You are Jade Harley, and you can't believe the coolest guy in the world has invited you to go with him to work. You have to put up a good show tonight or he won't let you tag along again.

You actually have had quite a crush on the cool kid for some time now, and your attempt to see him naked was foiled by the fact he had to go to work at night. But it doesn't matter anymore because that cool guy out there is taking you to a club. You put on the black strapless dress, and wrapped yourself in a glittery shall. You also put some eye defining make-up on and curled your long, black, messy, hair into neat, elaborate, ringlets. You walk out side confident in your looks too see that no one was there.

You are Dave Strider and you have no fucking idea where your black suit is. You swear to god it was in your closet, but it wasn't there. You go outside of the room to see jade pouting on the couch. She looked up at you in surprise.

"Dave! I thought you left without me!" She suddenly started to blush.

"No, I'm not even fucking ready yet. Have you seen my black suit? I can't find that shit anywhere,"


You are now Jade Harley, and WHY ISN'T HE WEARING ANY PANTS! You stare at him, dumb founded by the sight.

"Harley?" you snap out of the trance.

"Uh yeah I think it's in the top cabinet in the room," he goes back into the room to check.

"Thanks" you assume he found it. Now all you have to do is wait for him to finish getting ready.