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You are now Jade Harley and you are wondering why it's so cold.

You know this cold anywhere!... Or at least you should.

It's the cold vast expanse of the velvety white snow splayed about LOFAF. This cold air is a nice, nostalgic, change from the almost over bearing warmth of Dave's apartment.

You walk about the plains of snow, cold and playful. Feeling the snow in your hands as If it were the sand on a beach. You wander for what seems like hours, until you come across the familiar flash of red.

It's Dave! Thirteen year old Dave to be exact! He had such a round face, and very lanky in comparison of how he looks now. Ohh how you wish you could take a picture to show older Dave!

Look it's you! You didn't know you were about the same height as Dave back then. What are you guys doing? Frogs? You guys are frog hunting! That is just so cute! Now you really wish you had a camera!

You watch your teen-self and teen Dave run about LOFAF collecting frogs and bringing them back to your place where they can thaw. This is such a happy sight for you. These are some of the most happiest times for you. But you feel like something is going to go wrong... oh no...

Before you could even blink you saw it play before your own eyes. You, plain as day killed Dave Strider. Before you knew it, he was riddled with holes and covered with so much blood... his blood, that you spilt.

"No Dave!" you say in desperate attempts to keep him with you. Before you know it, it's the current you holding Dave. Tears fall from your eyes onto his shades, only to slide from those too, "No Dave! I'm so so sorry. I'm sorry, Dave," He was gasping for air, trying to tell you something.

"Jade," wow that really got you going.

"Dave, you'll be okay. Please stay with me!" you pleaded him tears falling from your eyes faster. He smirked his infamous cool guy smirk and used everything had to say something with one more breath.

"Jade... I'm sorry...," His smile dropped and he was dead still. No more warm breath coming from his mouth and his skin suddenly became cold.

"Dave?" You looked at him, "Dave... Dave... NO!" You screamed at his dead body trying to illicit some type of response, "Dave... I'm sorry," you are no longer sure if your body is shivering from The coldness around you, or the fact that you just killed your best friend.

"Jade," You looked up to see older Dave in front of you.

"D-Dave?" you say in the short hope that everything is alright.

"Why'd you do it, Harls?"

"I didn't mean too-... I-I'm sorr-"

"Sorry isn't going to cut it Jade!" he yelled at you. You look down to see younger Dave still in your arms and still riddled with gun wounds.

"I'm sorry, Dave..."

"It's a little to late for sorry, Ja-" You look up as soon as his voice cut off with a gruesome groan. You see Dave getting stabbed with one of his many shitty swords.

"DAVE!" his body fell to the ground and there you were, standing right behind him with a bloodied sword in hand.

"This was all. Your. Fault."

You are now Dave Strider and you currently in the staring your naked self down in the bathroom mirror.

What in the ironic use of god's name did you do to deserve this. Please someone enlighten you. Honestly that isn't even the worst of your problems right now, because even after all that intense handy work you, good sir, are still fucking hard as a brick.

Dead puppies and grandma, dead puppies and grandma, dead puppies and- WILL YOU CUT THAT ALREADY! Everyone already knows that shit ain't gunna work for your problem. The only thing that is going to help your problem is Jade, and you know that for a fact.

That's it! This is where you draw the line! You are going to march in there and... who are you kidding? There is no way you could do that to such a sweet girl like Jade. You think you'd rather never be able to stand erect again then to even get close to doing what you only briefly thought about doing. You mentally apologize to Jade and continue staring at yourself in the mirror.

"DAAVE!" You can hear Jade scream from the room. You quickly wrap a towel around your waist and make your way out of the bathroom and over to the bedroom with that fancy flash step your older brother taught you.

"Jade! JADE! Are you alright?" You yelled into the door. No response. Shit. You tried turning the door knob. Crap its locked. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. You thought to yourself. This is a fucking emergency, fucking do something you insufferable prick. You flash step over to the fridge and grabbed one of your shitty swords and flashed stepped back. Too bad you're not a hero like Bro, because if you were you could have flashed step into the room. But fuck it, you have to try something. Now stop stalling, asshole! A serial killer could be killing your girlfriend right now!

"I'm coming for you Jade!" You cried as you ran and broke down the door right off it's hinges with your crappy samurai sword in hand with only a towel on. emphasis on only. You look around the room. Okay, no serial killer. You see Jade sleeping. Struggling in the sheets and panting. She's fine. She's just having a nightmare, that's fantastic. A wash of relief flooded over your body. You though it was some serious trouble. You let a simple sigh of relief out, and walk over to the bed and climbed in with her. You cradled her in your arms and combed your fingers through your hair.

"It's okay Jade," You cooed in her ear, "You're going to be alright. Your Knight of Time is here to protect you," Her breath evened out. Thank the ironic existence of god she's alright, "I got you, Jade. Everything is fine."

"Dave, why are you so cold?"

You are now Jade Harley and you are now awake, and also being embraced by a very cold Dave.

"I Just got out of the shower," he replied. You looked at his face. His eyes no longer shielded by his glasses. His deep red eyes looked very comforting as they looked into yours.

"Where are your shades?"

"Must have left them in the bathroom."

"Why is the door knocked down?"

"Um... That's a long story..."

"And why are you naked?" Ohh god... he's naked.

"My pants were wet..." He blushed.

"I'm not even going to ask why your pants are wet," You teased him.

"Okay, I got into the shower in a hurry and forgot to take off my pants, it's not what you are thinking."

"Well alright, cool kid. What ever you say," You smiled up at him. The memory of your dream completely dissipated with the sight of Mr. Cool- Kid himself, "Dave, you're so cold! You're making me cold."

"Then take of your clothes."


"For body heat! It'll get warmer faster if we are both naked," you looked at him with an unconvinced face, "I promise I wont do anything to you."

"... Well alright cool kid, I trust you," You started taking off your clothes, until you are completely naked, and Dave is staring at you, "You said no funny business!"

"Yeah, but I did say no staring," he smirked at you. You simply giggled and pressed yourself against his chest.



"Your wearing a towel!" you said accusingly.

"Fine," He pulled it off and threw it to the ground with the rest of my clothes. You can immediately feel it heating up as he wraps his arms around you.

"Do you have work today?"


"Good," You snuggle into his chest and feel yourself drifting back to sleep, but this time without nightmares.

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